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Seiya and Usagi: A Tale of Love and Friendship

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Seiya and Usagi
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Their fateful encounter took place at the airport, a moment marked by bittersweet emotions. Mamoru, Usagi’s beloved, was about to embark on a journey abroad, and he had just proposed to her. Seiya, on the other hand, had just landed at the airport, trying to escape the frenzy of screaming fans. As he walked past Usagi, he couldn’t help but feel a powerful aura surrounding her, shrouded in mystery.

A Chance Meeting

The following day, Seiya found himself in the same park as Usagi, who didn’t recognize him despite his fame as the lead singer of the idol group “Three Lights.” Interestingly, fate brought them together again when Seiya and the other Three Lights enrolled in Usagi’s school. Seiya couldn’t resist teasing Usagi, calling her “odango-atama” just like Mamoru did. Although annoyed at first, Usagi gradually developed a deep friendship with Seiya as they spent more time together.

Usagi and Seiya

A Playful Date

In episode 181, Seiya mustered the courage to ask Usagi out on a date without revealing his intentions. They spent a delightful day at the zoo, sharing playful moments and even accidentally hugging each other. Usagi’s heart raced with excitement, and she began to wonder if Seiya had feelings for her. However, when Seiya finally made his move, inviting her to dance at a disco, Usagi overthought the situation, feeling slightly embarrassed. As the lights suddenly went out due to a power outage, Seiya took Usagi in his arms, reassuring her that everything would be all right.

Usagi: This warmth is like Mamo-chan’s, but it’s different. It’s a different kindness from Mamo-chan.

This power outage, unbeknownst to them, was orchestrated by Sailor Iron Mouse, whose target happened to be Kou Seiya. In the midst of the ensuing battle, Seiya transformed into Sailor Star Fighter, a secret unknown to Usagi. It was in this form that Seiya realized that Eternal Sailor Moon, not Usagi, knew who he truly was. Complications arose, but Seiya convinced himself that Usagi couldn’t possibly be Sailor Moon. As a token of his gratitude for spending the day with him, Seiya gifted Usagi a small bear keychain.

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The Test of Closeness

Episode 187 presented a challenge for Seiya and Usagi’s growing bond. The girls from Usagi’s school, members of the Seiya Fan Club, disapproved of their closeness. The fan club’s leader decided to settle the matter with a softball match, announcing that if Usagi and Seiya’s team lost, they would have to “break up.” Despite Usagi’s denial of their relationship, her words fell on deaf ears. Usagi’s softball skills were rather lacking, but Seiya patiently trained her throughout the afternoon. As night fell and the stars emerged, they took a break and gazed at the sky. Seiya expressed his belief in Usagi, confessing that he didn’t want to lose the game. Deep down, Usagi didn’t want to lose either, so she gave it her all and led her team to victory.

A Test of Allegiances

Episode 188 marked a turning point in Seiya and Usagi’s journey when Aluminum Siren set a trap for Sailor Moon, revealing Usagi’s true identity. To protect her, Seiya transformed in front of her, exposing his own secret identity. The shock of this revelation left Usagi with no choice but to transform herself. Confusion, anger, and sadness filled the air as the Sailor Starlights clashed with the Senshi of the Solar System. Despite their differences, Seiya couldn’t stop thinking about Usagi and continued to believe in her. Usagi, too, felt a pang of sadness at the possibility of losing their friendship.

Seiya realized just how important Usagi was to him, surpassing even his mission to find Princess Kakyuu. This conviction often led to quarrels among the Three Lights since Seiya was the only one who wholeheartedly trusted Usagi and defended her.

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In a later episode, Seiya demonstrated his willingness to sacrifice himself for Sailor Moon. He shielded her from Tin Nyanko’s bazooka blast, sustaining severe injuries and losing consciousness. Sailor Moon was horrified, desperate to help him. However, the other Starlights appeared and angrily whisked him away, warning Sailor Moon to stay away from them. Their view of Sailor Moon turned to hatred as they blamed her for Seiya’s predicament. The chances of their paths crossing grew slimmer. Haruka and Michiru echoed this sentiment, urging Usagi to sever all ties with Seiya.

Yet, despite the obstacles, Seiya and Usagi desperately longed to see each other. Usagi yearned to apologize for Seiya’s injury, while Seiya yearned to share the details of his mission. Seiya called Usagi and invited her to one of his concerts, held at an Amusement Park. Tickets were sold out, but Usagi noticed a Ferris wheel and hopped on. From the great height, she could see Seiya clearly on stage. Through his performance, he communicated his story, unveiling the truth about Sailor Galaxia and his mission to find his Princess. A mutual understanding began to blossom between them.

The Pain of Longing

As time went on, Usagi couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness without Mamoru by her side. She discovered that Mamoru hadn’t responded to any of her letters. After a battle against Tin Nyanko, the rain started to fall. On the school rooftop, Usagi’s tears began to flow as she poured her heart out. The ache of missing Mamoru and the fear of being alone had become unbearable. Seiya’s anger surfaced, not directed at Usagi but at himself. He knelt down, placing his hands on her shoulders, and looked deep into her eyes, questioning, “Aren’t I good enough?”

In that moment, Usagi truly understood what she meant to Seiya…

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Seiya and Usagi

Farewell, But Not Forgotten

Before the Three Lights had their final concert, Seiya and Usagi met backstage. Seiya expressed his intention to leave her after the concert, confessing his deep affection for her and admitting that he thought about her constantly. Usagi was left at a loss for words. Seiya assured her that it was fine if she didn’t feel the same way and leaned forward, planting a farewell kiss on her cheek as tears streamed down her face.

During the final battle, Sailor Star Fighter consistently placed Sailor Moon’s life above her own. She meant everything to Seiya.

After the battle, the Sailor Starlights and Princess Kakyuu departed Earth, returning to their home planet. Seiya bid Usagi farewell, saying that he would never forget her. Usagi concealed her true feelings, pretending to be oblivious. Seiya entrusted Mamoru with taking care of Usagi, and they departed. Usagi gazed up at the stars, bidding farewell to Seiya and thanking him for everything.

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