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Iskra Revolutionizes Game Publishing in the Era of Web3

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Introducing Iskra at Korea Blockchain Week

Iskra at Korea Blockchain Week

Iskra, a game publishing platform, made a captivating debut at Korea Blockchain Week, sharing their vision for the future of game publishing in the Web3 era. Ben Colayco, Iskra’s Global Managing Director, expressed excitement about leveraging available technology to establish an ecosystem that benefits players, game developers, and the platform itself. Iskra aims to enable stakeholders, especially players, to share in the overall value generated by the game experience. This includes digital asset ownership, fandom development, and community participation.

A New Paradigm: Game Publishing for Web3

Iskra plans to distribute up to 100% of platform fees among all stakeholders based on their level of involvement. Iskra’s Community Ranking System measures various factors, such as running an Iskra network node (Pioneer NFT), staking Iskra’s native token (ISK), and utilizing platform services. By incorporating players as stakeholders from the beginning, Iskra aims to create a dynamic where players are no longer the sole revenue source. Instead, they actively contribute to and benefit from the overall value created by the game experience. This alignment fosters a virtuous cycle where an engaged user base attracts high-quality content, which, in turn, further grows the engaged user base, benefiting all involved.

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Collaborating for Success

To execute their game partnership strategy, Iskra focuses on studios with game development expertise and specific potential for Web3 integration. Recently, Iskra announced its partnership with HDLABS, a blockchain game studio known for their Move to Earn (M2E) title, “Stepwatch.” HDLABS is actively transitioning around 30 titles from Web2 to Web3. Together, HDLABS and Iskra will launch a turn-based RPG called “Three Kingdoms Multiverse” in Q4 of 2022. This new partnership brings the Iskra game lineup to four confirmed titles, including Grampus’ popular restaurant simulation game “Cooking Adventure,” Rich Alien’s 3-match puzzle game “Cascade Kings,” and Iskra’s own in-house collectible RPG “Klaymon.” Stay tuned for more game and partner announcements from Iskra by the end of 2022.

According to Mr. Seok-ju LEE, CEO of HDLABS, the collaboration between HDLABS’ game expertise, Iskra’s blockchain knowledge, and their engaged community will pave the way for enjoyable and sustainable game experiences in Web3.

Mr. Ji-in KIM, CEO of GRAMPUS, also shares Iskra’s philosophy of “Play AND Earn,” emphasizing the importance of genuine enjoyment and sustainability.

Embracing Web3 with Iskra

Iskra, hailed as the Future of Play, is supported by prominent technology and game companies in Korea. Their community-driven system ensures stakeholders are rewarded based on their active participation, while also providing sustainable tokenomic solutions for game developers on their platform. Iskra aims to bridge the gap between early adopters and the mainstream in Web3 adoption by combining enjoyment, sustainability, and the latest blockchain technology.

About Korea Blockchain Week

FactBlock and Hashed co-host the prestigious Korea Blockchain Week, a premier event that brings together industry experts to discuss, redefine, and celebrate the future of finance and Web3.

Introducing HDLABS

HDLABS strives to be the central force in the rapidly evolving metaverse industry. With a shared vision among global companies, HDLABS aims to create a fair and valuable future for blockchain by fostering collaboration between developers, investors, and users. They provide innovative blockchain services and solutions for game development, focusing on continuous research and development of technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, and GAMEFI. HDLABS envisions a healthy and infinite ecosystem that can thrive in any variable system, surpassing expectations.

GRAMPUS CWC: Empowering Digital Asset Ownership

GRAMPUS CWC, a subsidiary of GRAMPUS, specializes in developing blockchain games. GRAMPUS is a renowned developer and publisher of casual simulation and metaverse platforms, with popular games like “Bingo Adventure,” “My Little Chef,” and “Cooking Adventure.” GRAMPUS CWC enables players to own, earn, and trade digital assets through blockchain games, decentralized finance, and intuitive distribution platforms. Their ultimate goal is to create a fair and secure digital media ecosystem where everyone can enjoy casual games.

Rich Alien: Journey into Mid-Core Gaming

Rich Alien, a subsidiary of the acclaimed gaming company 111%, is known for producing high-quality 2D mid-core games. With titles like “Random Dice Defense” already making waves globally, Rich Alien prioritizes game design and metrics before integrating “to-earn” components. By focusing on game balance and in-game metrics, they ensure a seamless user experience. Rich Alien has garnered tremendous support from top gaming companies and professionals in Korea. Their latest creation, “Cascade Kings,” offers addictive match-3 puzzle gameplay, base building, saga progression, and engaging PvP interactions.

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