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Are you a fan of Turkish series? Look no further! is here to bring you over 300 Turkish series online, with complete episodes in Spanish or with subtitles. Get ready for the best Turkish series of all time!

How to Watch the Best Turkish Series in Spanish in 2023

At our website, you can find more than 300 Turkish series available in Spanish, with complete episodes. Whether you prefer watching in Spanish or with subtitles, we’ve got you covered. These are the best Turkish series of all time!

Episodes in Spanish

We understand how challenging it can be to find complete episodes of Turkish telenovelas in Spanish for free. That’s why we offer a vast collection of more than 300 Turkish telenovelas with Spanish subtitles or dubbing, all available for free. Check them out!

Choose according to your preference:

More Turkish Novelas in Spanish:

As fans ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to find complete episodes of Turkish telenovelas in Spanish for free. That’s why we’ve categorized them by themes, making it easier for you to choose according to your taste:

You can also choose based on your favorite actor or actress:

No matter the genre, whether it’s a Turkish drama or comedy, they all include a love story, sometimes tragic, portrayed by excellent actresses and handsome actors.

Turkish love series have become a real media sensation in recent years. Their success in the Middle East has multiplied in Latin American countries. Despite the vast geographical distance, Turkish novel plots have managed to touch the hearts of female audiences who seek these audiovisual materials and want to know everything about Turkish novels, actresses, and actors.

Previously, Brazilian, Mexican, and Argentinean novels were the most watched in Latin America. However, Turkish dramas and comedies have achieved extraordinary ratings, starting with the airing of ‘Las Mil y una Noches’, Ezel, and Fatmagul.

They have gained thousands of fans among Spanish-speaking women who admire the actors, as well as the expensive productions and beautiful scenery set in Turkish landscapes.

The Top 10 Turkish Novelas of All Time

Las Mil y Una Noches

dirilis-ertugrul serie

‘Las Mil y Una Noches’ was one of the pioneers to reach the Latin American market, opening doors to the Turkish TV industry. Based on the universal literature classic of the same name, it has captured the hearts of viewers. See more

El Sultán

‘El Sultán’ is a historical series based on the life of Sultan Suleiman, who had the longest reign in Ottoman Empire history, and his wife, Hürrem, the most influential sultana in Turkish history. See more

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El Secreto de Feriha

kara para ask novela turca

‘El Secreto de Feriha’ tells the story of a bold and ambitious young woman. With charismatic actors Hazal Kaya and Cagatay Ulusoy, it has captivated Turkish and Latin American audiences. See more

Kara Sevda – Amor Eterno

la novia de estambul

‘Kara Sevda, Amor Eterno’ has been a winner of multiple awards, including its lead actors. It’s a romantic thriller filled with suspense and action. This Turkish production will leave you stunned with its unexpected twists. See more

Dirilis Ertugrul, Resurrección

amor prohibido novela turca

‘Dirilis Ertugrul’ is a historical Turkish novel based on the foundation of the Ottoman Empire during the time of the crusades. It is a grand production with stunning locations, costumes, and settings. See more

Kara Para Ask, Amor de Contrabando

sila en español

‘Kara Para Ask’, also known as ‘Dinero Sucio Amor’ or ‘Amor de Contrabando’, combines action, suspense, intrigue, and romance. This Turkish success story has won numerous national and international awards. With explosive lead characters, it’s a must-watch. See more

La Novia de Estambul

actores de novelas turcas

‘La Novia de Estambul’ combines romance, action, and drama. It once again reflects the traditional Turkish customs that both attract and surprise Spanish-speaking audiences. This series has broken records in all countries where it has been aired. See more

¿Qué culpa tiene Fatmagul?

actrices de novelas turcas

‘¿Qué culpa tiene Fatmagul?’ is a romantic novel that achieved enormous success in its Latin version, making it the first Turkish series to air in Spain. The topic of gender violence has had a significant impact. See more

Ezel – Eternidad - Series Turcas en español

‘Ezel’ is a thrilling suspense series set in the intricate world of Turkish mafias. Loyalties and betrayals surround the lovers, where nobody can be trusted. See more

Amor Prohibido - Series Turcas en español

‘Amor Prohibido’ is a love and romance story that catapulted its lead actors, Kivanc Tatlitug and Beren Saat, to fame. It’s a classic that fans love to watch over and over again. It has achieved the highest audience ratings. See more

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Sila, Cautiva por Amor - Series Turcas en español

‘Sila’ takes place in the ancient city of Mardin, where the most ancient traditions of Turkish culture are portrayed with great realism. Past and present intertwine, keeping Sila in a cruel captivity. See more

Your Favorite Turkish Series and Novelas - Series Turcas en español

These dramas and comedies have caused a sensation even in the most conservative societies, especially in the Middle East, where people are less tolerant of passionate displays of affection.

Why Are Turkish Stories So Captivating?

One reason may be that Turkish series prioritize romance over sexual encounters. This quality has appealed to viewers, who eagerly anticipate the first kiss of the protagonists in each episode.

On the other hand, the audience seems tired of the usual and familiar plots of traditional novels. Some experts claim that Turkey and Latin America share common cultural traits that bring us together. Our shared ethnic and population mixture is another essential element that ensures the success of Turkish series in Spanish-speaking countries.

What sets these series apart is the inclusion of stunning outdoor scenes. The productions go beyond the confines of a studio, increasing the production costs but also enhancing their value in the market as high-quality audiovisual works.

In our continent, the episodes have been condensed to resemble the format of the telenovelas we are used to watching. However, they still possess numerous qualities that make them favorites among many viewers. The romance, intrigue, body language, settings, and attractive actors will continue to captivate Latin American audiences.

Turkish Novelas in Spanish – A Huge Success - Series Turcas en español

The export of Turkish series has been greatly beneficial for the Middle Eastern country. Selling the rights to over 100 TV productions has generated around $200 million in various markets. It’s a lucrative business that the industry will explore to the fullest.

The economic impact of these TV successes goes beyond the export of audiovisual content. The number of tourists visiting Turkey has increased significantly, and much of it is due to the consumption of these productions. Regions like Istanbul, Goreme, and Cappadocia have benefited greatly from this influx of visitors.

Most tourists are attracted by the country’s culture and the idiosyncrasies of its people. These qualities are portrayed in Turkish productions in a romantic and artistic way.

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