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Meet Shannon George: An Expert Senior Technical Recruiter at Ratingperson

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If you’re looking for a Senior Technical Recruiter with extensive experience in the oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, and renewable energy sectors, then you’re in luck. Meet Shannon George, a talented individual who has been part of the Ratingperson team since August 2018. Based in Calgary, Canada, Shannon is known for his expertise and dedication in finding mid to senior-level candidates for various technical positions.

The Role of Shannon George at Ratingperson

Shannon is responsible for managing multiple accounts and sourcing hard-to-find candidates for both contract and permanent positions. With a strong focus on engineering recruitment, Shannon aims to help clients fill critical roles that have been challenging to fill. His success lies in his ability to understand the specific requirements of each position and match them with the most suitable candidates.

Current Projects

Shannon is currently working on several exciting projects. These include finding a project engineer for a renewable energy company in Calgary, a purchaser for a manufacturing company in British Columbia, and an environmental engineer in the US.

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Path to Success

Shannon’s path to becoming a Senior Technical Recruiter began with completing an HR program in college. After moving to Calgary in 2005, he started his career in trades and industrial recruitment. In 2009, he made the transition to engineering recruitment, where he found his true passion.

The Best Part of the Job

For Shannon, the best part of his job is the satisfaction that comes from helping individuals find new career opportunities and assisting clients in filling crucial positions. He believes that recruitment is ultimately about people, and he takes pride in ensuring that both candidates and clients are well taken care of.


Overcoming Challenges

Recruitment can be a demanding profession, filled with unique challenges and changing market conditions. Shannon has learned to navigate these obstacles with patience and perseverance. He believes that the rewards of the job are worth the effort, as he gets to witness the positive impact he makes on people’s lives.

Words of Wisdom

In his years of experience, Shannon has gained valuable insights that he lives by. He advises young recruiters and HR professionals to maintain a level mindset and not get caught up in the emotional highs and lows that come with the job. By consistently putting in the work and adding value to candidates and clients, success will naturally follow.

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Why Ratingperson?

Shannon’s choice to work at Ratingperson is driven by the positive working environment and the emphasis on teamwork. He appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and work with clients from diverse regions, making each day interesting and fulfilling.

Life Outside of Work

When Shannon isn’t busy finding the perfect fit for candidates and clients, he enjoys an active lifestyle. Whether it’s hitting the gym after work or spending weekends hiking, biking, or playing sports, Shannon finds balance by embracing the great outdoors.


Alternate Career Paths

If Shannon hadn’t pursued his current career, he would have been drawn towards being a physical education teacher or even a police officer. Shannon’s passion for helping others is evident in both his personal and professional life.

Interests and Hobbies

Despite not being an avid reader, Shannon aims to incorporate more reading into his life. When it comes to entertainment, he recently watched “Top Gun Maverick” and enjoys listening to Rock and Country music.

Shannon George: Your Recruitment Partner


With over 16 years of experience in recruitment and talent acquisition positions, Shannon George brings unrivaled expertise to Ratingperson. He has successfully collaborated with clients across North America, delivering the best-fit talent for their organizations. Specializing in technical roles within the oil and gas, mining, chemical, and renewable energy sectors, Shannon is dedicated to building strong relationships with both clients and candidates.

Shannon’s extensive experience covers a range of specialties, including Project Managers, Business Development, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Piping Designers, Structural/Civil Engineers, Automation Engineers, and Project Controls. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Shannon for valuable advice and solutions related to your talent acquisition needs.

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Connect with Shannon George on LinkedIn to learn more about his expertise and discover the exciting career opportunities available through Ratingperson.

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