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Adventure Missoula

Montana Kayak Trip: 4 Hours (approximate depending on river levels) with Lunch

10:30am-2:30pm July – October

Fully guided and catered with all gear provided, custom tailored to experience level

$160 singles

$320 tandems


All trips include: Life Jackets (pfd’s), wetsuits if needed for comfort, splash jackets, helmet, water shoes, guide, kayak, paddle, dry bag, transportation from river and back to our private parking lot. This kayak adventure includes a locally sourced, homemade lunch featuring fresh garden grown produce grown on site when possible.


Whether as a solo adventurer or with the expedition partner of your choice, individual (single person) or tandem (2 people) inflatable sit-on-top kayaks are a great way to get up close and personal independently with nature. You get to guide your own craft while following one of our guides down the river for this Montana kayak trip.

This trip is about wildlife viewing and relaxing. We view bald eagles, herons, and osprey on a daily basis and recommend bringing binoculars. Paddlers will see a mostly ponderosa pine environment in Lolo National Forest with potential to see moose, deer, river otters, ducks, and fish. Paddling new technology commercial grade inflatable kayaks is a great option for people wanting to be in charge of their own craft. Our guides provide the equipment, risk management and guidance to make it a wonderful river experience. We have both one and two person kayaks and can select from a variety of sections of river depending on flows. If you are a beginner, try something new and experience the sounds and smells of a river trip close up on a kayak. Kayaking is a unique and exciting way of traversing a river. There is no previous experience necessary and it makes an awesome family activity. Inflatable kayaking is a freeing experience, allowing you to not just go down the river but truly explore it. Safe, fun, and suitable for anyone!

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Imagine your perfect summer afternoon… Would it include healthy doses of fresh mountain air mixed with gorgeous vistas? Would it include an invigorating swim in one of the cleanest rivers in the world? How about a good ol’ fashioned light workout thrown in for good measure? Then, when you’ve worked up an appetite worthy of this epic day, throw in an impeccable riverside deli lunch accompanied by fresh fruit sides, salads, and dessert. If that sounds like your perfect day, then this Montana kayak trip is the one for you!

Check in at Adventure Missoula’s headquarters 30 minutes west of Missoula ½ hour prior to trip departure to meet up with your guide and change into your gear. We paddle 2.5 miles, have lunch, take a break and swim, and then paddle the other 2.5 miles to the take out. Then you will be shuttled back to our shop and changing rooms where you will regain your land legs, head to your car and have a chance to purchase souvenirs!

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What is it like? These maneuverable, resilient inflatable kayaks offer one of the most exciting ways to ride and float on the river. Inflatable kayaks ride low in the water making even small waves fun. They are easier to navigate than pack rafts. Unlike hard-shell kayaks, participants need no training or rolling skills.

Our experienced instructors will take you through an equipment check, river safety talk, and instruct you on the fine art of paddling an inflatable kayak. They will be your lead as you head down through the beautiful mountain scenery of the legendary Clark Fork River.

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If you’re not ready for the over, under, and upside down that a whitewater kayak provides, but are tired of lumbering along in a large raft, then inflatable kayaks are the way to go! You don’t need huge waves to have fun on an inflatable kayak, you will enjoy every little eddy, little wave, or riffle in the river. As you travel downstream you will get to practice your skills, see wildlife and just enjoy the ride.

Family Flotilla Trip

Have a large family or children under age 5? Like the idea of adding a raft and/or stand up paddleboards? The Family Flotilla is the trip for you!

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