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15 DIY Kayak Seat Ideas For Maximum Comfort: Do It Yourself

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Kayak usually comes with a seat, but most times, the chair is not convenient for the person on the kayak; that is where the need for a kayak seat modification comes in.

Upgrade your kayak seat to something comfortable and relaxing for you to sit in all day long. You can do this by yourself simply by following some guides. Below are 15 different ways of modifying a kayak seat.

1. $20 Kayak Seat

This cheap kayak seat is pretty comfortable and suitable for summer. With a stadium seat and a contour gauge, you’re good to go. You can get the stadium seat for $15 at Walmart and the contour gauge for $10. To make the chair fit nicely on the kayak, you need something to duplicate the contour gauge. A piece of wood is acceptable for the duplicate.

2. DIY Kayak Seat Without Drilling

This kayak seat is super comfortable and can be set up in less than 24 hours. All you need is a stadium seat, a wooden dowel, and zip ties. You can modify your broken rake for the wooden dowel. Cut the dowel down to the width of the kayak. Then drill a hole through the stadium seat and the dowel.

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3. DIY Kayak Seat Upgrade

See how to modify a kayak seat into a stadium seat using pool noodles and cheap stadium seats. One essential thing is understanding the shape of each part of the kayak seat and how to cut the pool noodles to fit each angle.

4. How To Make A DIY Kayak Seat

All you need for this kayak seat is a stadium seat and aluminum tubing. The aluminum tubing is required for the support of the stadium seat on the kayak. Cut off some portion from each side of the aluminum tubing leaving only a slit on both sides. The slits will be the one sitting on the kayak’s width, while the stadium seat rests on the remaining body of the aluminum tubing.

5. DIY Kayak Seat Upgrade

Stadium seats are excellent for kayak seat upgrades, but most times, the stadium seat is wider than the kayak seat; you need something to raise the stadium seat to the width of if the kayak. However, if you don’t want to go through all that, you can raise your original kayak seat with some pool noodles.

6. Kayak Seat Mod DIY

If you have a kayak and you’re uncomfortable sitting in it all day, here is a way out for you. You can fix a stadium seat on your kayak the way the original kayak seat will fit in. This is done with PVC pipes and their accessories; elbow and tees.

7. DIY Shower Chair Kayak Seat

See here how to turn a bath and shower chair into a kayak seat. One thing about the chair is that it is waterproof. However, you only need some part of the chair; the back braces, the backrest, and the base seat. Once you have all these parts out, attach them as seen in this video, and you’re good to go.

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8. How To Make A Custom Kayak Seat

This custom kayak seat is carved from high-density closed-cell foam. Cut an 18″ block out of the foam and mark the center. Trace out the seat and front lines, then use a grinder to carve them out. After carving the seat and the front, fine-tune the foam with fine sandpaper. Once that’s done, proceed to the backrest and support block.

9. How To Build A Kayak Seat

All you need for this is Pool noodles, PVC pipe, and PVC tee connector. Once you have all these three materials, the kayak seat is straightforward to put together. Please start with the backrest, cut the PVC to size, and insert it into a pool noodle. Add a tee connector to one end of the pipe; you can use a hammer on it to fit in very well.

10. Best Kayak Seat Modification

If you want to modify your kayak seat, you can get a padded seat from the store and fix it on the kayak. To fix the seat properly, you need an aluminum bar to serve as support for the seat on the kayak and a PVC piece with a zip tie to hold the back firmly.

11. DIY Kayak Seat Upgrade

See here how to upgrade your kayak seat! All you need to complete this kayak seat modification is some cloth tape to adjust some parts of the seats. The change allows you to sit comfortably in the kayak.

12. How To Make A Foam Kayak Seat

Here is another tutorial on how to make a foam seat for kayaking. It is very straightforward and not time-consuming. All you need to do is get a high-density foam, cut it to size and map out the seat element on it. Use the grinder to shape the seat, and you’re good to go.

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13. Raised Custom Kayak Seat

If you want a stable and raised kayak seat, this PVC pipe seat is for you. Assemble the PVC seat frame and place it on the kayak. Screw it to the kayak to make it stable, then bring out the seat and attach it to the edge.

14. DIY Kayak Stadium Seat

To make this kayak stadium seat yourself from scratch, you need a seat, aluminum bars, wood pieces, and screws. Predrill holes on the aluminum bars and the wood. After that, set up the seat frame and attach the seat to the rack. It is pretty simple.

15. How To Make Kayak Seat Cushions

See here how to make a seat cushion. Sometimes, kayak seats are not very convenient because of the thin layer of cushion in them. So, to do away with the inconvenience, a kayak seat cushion is the way to go. All you need is waterproof fabrics for outdoor furniture, a piece of yoga mat, and foam.


Here are 15 ways to upgrade your kayak seat to be comfortable for you to sit in all day. Most of the projects listed above are cheap to make, you might not have to spend much. Feel free to go through the list again until you find a suitable DIY kayak seat project.

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