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Sid : You need subversion on a large degree. You understand what one of many best fucking scripts ever written within the historical past of Hollywood is? Prime Gun.

Duane : Oh, come on.

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Sid : Prime Gun is fucking nice. What’s Prime Gun? You assume it is a story a couple of bunch of fighter pilots.

Duane : It is a couple of bunch of fellows waving their dicks round.

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Sid : It’s a story a couple of man’s battle along with his personal homosexuality. It’s! That’s what Prime Gun is about, man. You have bought Maverick, all proper? He is on the sting, man. He is proper on the fucking line, all proper? And you have got Iceman, and all his crew. They’re homosexual, they characterize the homosexual man, all proper? They usually’re saying, go, go the homosexual method, go the homosexual method. He might go each methods.

Duane : What about Kelly McGillis?

Sid : Kelly McGillis, she’s heterosexuality. She’s saying: no, no, no, no, no, no, go the conventional method, play by the foundations, go the conventional method. They’re saying no, go the homosexual method, be the homosexual method, go for the homosexual method, all proper? That’s what’s occurring all through that entire film… He goes to her home, all proper? It appears to be like like they’ll have intercourse, you understand, they’re simply sort of sitting again, he is takin’ a bathe and every thing. They do not have intercourse. He will get on the motorbike, drives away. She’s like, “What the fuck, what the fuck is occurring right here?” Subsequent scene, subsequent scene you see her, she’s within the elevator, she is dressed like a man. She’s bought the cap on, she’s bought the aviator glasses, she’s sporting the identical jacket that the Iceman wears. She is, okay, that is how I gotta get this man, this man’s going in the direction of the homosexual method, I gotta convey him again, I gotta convey him again from the homosexual method, so I will try this by means of subterfuge, I am gonna gown like a person. All proper? That’s how she approaches it. Okay, now let me simply ask you – I am gonna digress for 2 seconds right here. I met this lady Amy right here, she’s like floating round right here and every thing. Now, she simply bought divorced, proper? All proper, however the REAL ending of the film is once they combat the MIGs on the finish, all proper? As a result of he has handed over into the homosexual method. They’re this homosexual preventing fucking power, all proper? They usually’re beating the Russians, the gays are beating the Russians. And it is over, they usually fucking land, and Iceman’s been attempting to get Maverick the whole time, and at last, he is bought him, all proper? And what’s the final fucking line that they’ve collectively? They’re all hugging and kissing and pleased with one another, and Ice comes as much as Maverick, and he says, “Man, you may journey my tail, anytime!” And what does Maverick say? “You may journey mine!” Swordfight! Swordfight! Fuckin’ A, man!

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