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Soft Whispers

by Assessor

Tensions Ignite

James approached his girlfriend with a warm greeting, “Hey love,” he said, planting a kiss on her cheek. His arm encircled her waist affectionately.

Suddenly, Aaron, Alexia’s twin brother, sprinted towards them with a red face. He stormed up to James and grabbed him by the collar, delivering a forceful punch to his face.

Shocked, Alexia shouted, “What on earth are you doing, Aaron? Why would you do that?” Her voice echoed loudly.

Ignoring his sister’s protests, Aaron shoved James to the ground and continued to rain blows upon him.

“You have no right to cheat on my sister! Who the hell gave you that authority?” Aaron seethed with anger, his fists connecting with James’s face relentlessly.

James, unable to speak, only coughed up blood from his mouth. Aaron growled, demanding an answer, “Answer me, damn it!”

Despite Alexia’s best efforts to intervene and separate the two, she only succeeded after Aaron had thoroughly battered James’s face. She glared at her brother, then lifted her boyfriend and led him to the school clinic.

Unraveling the Truth

Alexia chased after her furious brother, desperately calling out, “You shouldn’t have done that, Aaron!”

“Stop defending him, Alexia!” Aaron yelled back, turning to face her.

“Why wouldn’t I defend him, Aaron? Can’t you see how much he’s been hurt? Instead of standing there spewing nonsense, you should question your own actions. Who gave you the right to brutalize him like that?” Alexia’s chest heaved as she glared at her brother.

Aaron attempted to explain himself, but Alexia raised her hand, silencing him. “Don’t even say a word, Aaron. That girl is James’s cousin, and I know her well. So, kindly refrain from interfering in my relationship. I trust him, and most importantly, I love him.”

Aaron’s heart ached at those three simple words, “I love him.” He despised seeing her love someone else. It should be him receiving her affection, not some unworthy fool.

“Cousin? Do you genuinely believe she is just his cousin? Come on, Alexia, stop being so naïve. James is cheating on you, and that girl is definitely not his cousin,” Aaron argued, rubbing his tired forehead.

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“Aaron, I don’t care about your doubts. I never asked for your opinion, so please, stop meddling in my affairs,” Alexia scolded as she walked away, seething with anger.

Aaron repeatedly punched a tree beside him, fuming with frustration. He had acted out of concern when he heard rumors of James being spotted at a nightclub with another girl. He had lost control and unleashed his fury upon him. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time he had assaulted his sister’s boyfriend, and it wouldn’t be the last.

Regret and Apologies

“Babe, I’m so sorry about what my brother did to you. I truly apologize,” Alexia cried, entering James’s room.

“I don’t think an apology can heal my broken face, Alexia,” James replied angrily.

Alexia felt a pang of guilt, knowing her brother would never apologize, let alone ask her to do it on his behalf. She had to fabricate a lie to ease the tension.

“You have to believe me, James. Aaron didn’t know that Katrina is your cousin. That’s why he acted that way. He genuinely wants me to apologize,” she lied, hoping he would trust her.

Seeing through her deceit, James scoffed, realizing that Aaron would never apologize, especially not of his own accord. He knew Aaron’s reputation as the hottest and most popular guy, not to mention the star football player at Weston High School.

“You really expect me to believe that? It seems the rumors circulating about your brother could be true,” James commented, watching Alexia’s shocked expression. “Do you mean to tell me that you believe your own twin brother is in love with you?” she gasped in disbelief.

“Well, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was, considering your own feelings,” James stated bluntly, maintaining eye contact.

“What? Where is this coming from? How can you accuse me of such a thing?” Alexia yelled, wide-eyed with astonishment.

“Oh, please! Don’t act like I don’t know about your desire for your brother. And don’t think I’m unaware that he’s the reason you’ve denied me intimacy,” James accused her.

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Alexia opened her mouth to protest but quickly closed it. He was right. She had been in love with her twin brother, but it wasn’t a typical sibling kind of love. It was something deeper, something she couldn’t fully comprehend. She had fantasized about him, longing for their bodies to intertwine.

James let out a dry chuckle, crossing his arms over his chest. “I knew it. I wasn’t wrong after all. Look at you, unable to deny it,” he exclaimed.

“I didn’t deny it because I find your accusation baseless and senseless. How could you suggest I’m in love with my own twin brother, someone I shared my mother’s womb with? I can’t believe you would even think I’m capable of such a thing,” she denied vehemently.

“Okay then, prove it,” James challenged, a smirk playing on his lips as he rose from the bed. Alexia regarded him suspiciously. “Prove what? And how?” she asked, thoroughly bewildered.

“Prove to me that you’re not in love with your twin brother. Prove to me that you don’t lust after him,” he stated, tracing his fingers along her bare shoulders.

“Hush, don’t say a word. I’m not finished yet,” he whispered huskily, placing a finger on her lips to silence her.

“You must be wondering how you can prove that you’re not in love with or lusting after your twin brother. Well, it’s quite simple. Let me take your virginity. Let me be the one to pop your cherry tonight,” he blurted out, leaving Alexia wide-eyed with shock. She wasn’t entirely taken aback; she had a hunch that he would make such a request.

“You wouldn’t actually do it, right?” James asked, smirking.

“I will, James. If that’s what it takes to prove that I don’t lust after my twin brother, then fine! I’ll do it,” she replied with determination.

“Okay…” James drawled, his finger gliding down the curve of her back as his lips trailed kisses on her neck. However, she felt uneasy—uncomfortable when intimately close to her own boyfriend.

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James reached for her zipper, ready to unzip her dress. But Alexia intercepted him, grabbing his hand to halt his progress.

“I knew it! I knew you were lusting after your brother,” James exclaimed, repulsed, as he distanced himself from her.

“Say whatever you want, but I’m not in love with my twin brother. I’m simply not ready for this,” Alexia retorted, glaring at him before storming out of his room.

A Plea for Change

“Someone looks rather unhappy. Care to share who has upset you so I can beat the living daylight out of them?” Aaron teased, grinning at his sister.

“This has to stop, Aaron. You need to put an end to this constant violence towards anyone who makes me sad. I know you’re only trying to protect me as my elder twin brother, but it has to stop,” Alexia exclaimed angrily, her face turning an even darker shade of red.

“I can’t just sit idly by while some moron hurts your feelings,” Aaron replied, rising from the couch.

“I don’t want your defense, Aaron. I don’t need your protection. Your behavior is causing everyone to suspect that you love me, and I’m not talking about brotherly love; I mean lust. You have to stop all of this, so the unfounded rumors can finally cease,” Alexia pleaded, hoping to get through to her stubborn brother.

“And why do you assume they’re unfounded?” he asked solemnly.

“What? I don’t understand,” Alexia responded, bewildered by his words.

Was he implying what she thought he was implying? It couldn’t be possible, right?

“I’m saying, did I ever deny these rumors? Who knows, they might just be true. It’s possible that I’m lusting after my own twin sister, that I’m developing feelings for you,” Aaron stated, moving closer to her. Alexia’s eyes widened in shock.

“He couldn’t have said that,” she thought, struggling to believe his words.

Could her brother really be in love with her? She stared into his eyes and noticed a mix of pure desire and perhaps a hint of love. Her heart skipped a beat.

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