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Stabila Emerges as the Leading Blockchain for Bank-Grade Stablecoins

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Stabila, a Proof of Stake (POS) blockchain, has established itself as the top choice for bank-grade stablecoins and digital assets. The blockchain’s latest breakthrough allows counterparties to exchange digital crypto assets, eliminating the need for traditional fiat currencies. Notably, Stabila facilitates seamless payments in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CNY, and CHF, settling transactions within an impressive timeframe of less than 50 seconds.

The Advantages of Blockchain Banking and DAM

One of the key advantages of Stabila’s blockchain is its distributed nature, providing transparency and immutability. The platform estimates that it can potentially save up to $2 billion per year on cross-border payments. To streamline the banking process, Stabila recently launched its new blockchain banking services and digital asset management services. These services cater to prominent players in the industry, offering personalized solutions that optimize resources and time.

Contactless Blockchain Banking with SDAMS

Stabila blockchain has successfully implemented stablecoins representing all fiat currencies worldwide. Users from any country can transact with any fiat currency at an incredibly low cost of less than $0.02. Stabila’s blockchain-based payment solutions relieve clients and banks of the burdens associated with traditional banking methods, making local and international payments indistinguishable. Banks can now rely on Stabila for an efficient and secure payment system.

Stabila’s cutting-edge blockchain technology is particularly ideal for bank-grade stablecoins, gaining traction as the preferred platform for blockchain banking. To ensure a fraud- and scam-free environment, Stabila smart contracts are licensed and limited to select entities.

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Blockchain Technology for Bank-Grade Stablecoins

In addition to its banking services, Stabila has developed digital asset management software specifically for banks and financial institutions. This software seamlessly connects these institutions to blockchain services. Businesses of all sizes can invest in Stabila’s digital asset management software, offering various functions that facilitate efficient digital asset management within banking ecosystems.

Stabila’s software provides businesses with centralized control over their digital assets, allowing employees and clients direct access and control. It also enables organizations to audit and manage their digital assets, ensuring up-to-date information and maintaining security with role-based permissions. Thanks to rules-based automation, administrative tasks are simplified.

Moreover, the smart contracts on Stabila’s blockchain are licensed and audited, eliminating any potential risks. The ecosystem’s robust use cases drive the current growth of stablecoins in various forms. With Stabila’s DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) payment systems tied to custodial holdings, stablecoins offer instant access and a positive trading experience. The process of swapping cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies is made easier as a last resort.

About Stabila Stablecoins

Stabila stablecoins are digital currencies that operate on top of the Stabila blockchain, pegged to a reference value. While Stabila collaborates with banks, stablecoins are predominantly minted by these institutions through internal processes. These stablecoins serve as a reliable store of value, enabling banks and financial institutions to easily exchange them. Additionally, the Stabila blockchain allows for 24/7/365 transactions, ensuring constant availability.

Stabila stablecoins function as self-contained assets on the blockchain and can interact with smart contracts to provide payment and other financial services. Currently, the Stabila chain has already deployed 42 bank-grade stablecoins, each pegged to different fiat currencies, simplifying the process of cryptocurrency trading.

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