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YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Stay The Same: Unchanging Lyrics

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Stay The Same Lyrics 


In this article, we will delve into the profound lyrics of YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s hit song “Stay The Same.” YoungBoy’s powerful words capture his determination to stay true to himself despite the challenges he faces. Let’s explore the emotional depth behind these lyrics.

Embracing Resilience

YoungBoy expresses his refusal to let others harm him or bring him down. He stands strong, unwavering in his resolve. The negativity thrown his way doesn’t faze him; he remains indifferent to what others think. Their lack of support doesn’t deter him from his path.

Staying True to His Roots

Despite accusations of changing, YoungBoy proclaims his loyalty to his crew. He refuses to abandon his gang and stays unwaveringly committed to his roots. Regardless of the situation, he will remain unchanged, steadfast in his principles.

Overcoming Adversity

Facing adversity head-on, YoungBoy acknowledges the fire burning within him. He anticipates challenges and prepares to face them, unfazed by any obstacles. His resilience shines through as he sips on his cup, finding solace in controlled substances. YoungBoy confidently affirms his possession of a significant amount of wealth.

Embracing His Unique Lifestyle

YoungBoy makes it clear that he won’t shy away from confrontation or violence. He boldly asserts that law enforcement cannot stop him from dealing with those who cross his path. He references his tiger being taken away, but he plans to replace it with a lion, eager to maintain his fierce nature. YoungBoy doesn’t trust anyone, well-aware of the lies people tell.

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Grateful for Support

YoungBoy expresses gratitude to his dedicated fans who send him letters. He values their unwavering support and recognizes their importance in his life. As he cruises through the streets with confidence, he acknowledges his status as a high-ranking figure in his neighborhood.

Unyielding to External Influences

Refusing to be manipulated by others, YoungBoy stands firm in his determination to protect himself. He won’t allow anyone to hurt him or step on him. Their lack of love or support means nothing to him. He won’t let their negative opinions affect him or change his course.

Love and Loyalty

YoungBoy reflects on his complicated relationship, acknowledging the ups and downs. Despite the turbulence, he refuses to let it affect him. He affirms his commitment to his partner, pledging to take them on a journey around the world. However, he warns against playing with his emotions, as he won’t hesitate to distance himself.


YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s lyrics in “Stay The Same” encapsulate his unwavering commitment to himself and his gang. With an unyielding attitude, he refuses to let negativity or external influences sway his path. YoungBoy’s raw and heartfelt words resonate with his audience, showcasing his resilience and unchanging spirit.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Stay The Same

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