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The Best Troops in Clash of Clans – Gamepur

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In a battle in Conflict of Clans, you’re solely pretty much as good because the troops you command. When you can outfox an enemy with crafty ways and good technique, in case your numbers will not be in your favor, or you’re working many items which might be underpowered for the present meta, you face dropping out to even essentially the most primary of village defenses. It’s difficult to show the tide in your favor when you’re selecting a set of weak troops towards a mortar, for instance.

Fortunately, it helps to know what troops are the strongest for specific conditions. Whereas virtually all the kinds of troops have their makes use of, some merely stand out as being one of the best on the supposed position or have sturdy all-round attributes that can work in most compositions.

With a mixture of one of the best troops that the sport has to supply, you could be extra certain that you simply’ll decide up these elusive stars in even the hardest of defenses.

Listed here are one of the best troops in Conflict of Clans.

Electro Dragon

The mortal enemy of high-level City Halls in every single place, the Electro Dragon offers monumental injury. Throughout an assault, it can cost up a lightning bolt that can chain into different buildings, which means that it may possibly take out a number of buildings directly. They’re costly, and it’s best to keep away from Air Sweepers in any respect prices when deploying them as it may possibly stall an Electro Dragon assault completely if caught in a single, however they’re unbelievably sturdy and any military of them with the correct spells can three-star even a few of the finest bases.


If the Electro Dragon is the bane of defenses at a better degree, the common dragon strikes concern on the coronary heart of lower-midrange bases. They grow to be much less efficient as air defenses grow to be stronger, and they are often very costly when used to fill your entire military. Nonetheless, they’re nonetheless very highly effective with big single goal injury and excessive well being for an Elixir troop at City Corridor degree 7. Mixed with the correct floor troops to take out the air defenses, Dragons make wonderful attackers.


Conflict of Clans’ premier meat defend, the Golem is one of the best tank troop within the recreation for a few causes. Firstly, they’re floor troops, and so will not be inclined to highly effective air defenses. Whereas its aerial brother, the Lava Hound, can also be very highly effective, it has considerably much less injury per second, which means that it requires extra assist to be efficient. Secondly, the Golem can also be in a position to set off spring traps with out demise, which means that it presents a further layer of safety to your different floor troops. Should you can afford to make use of and improve your Golems, achieve this.


An improve in virtually each method over the Archer, Wizards are floor troops that provide an enormous DPS burst to any military. They’ve a excessive sufficient well being pool that they’ll typically survive just a few hits from cannons, archer towers, and mortars, and have a far sufficient vary on their assault you can distribute all of them with out them being utterly worn out from a mortar shell.

They’re additionally wonderful for taking out aerial troops that you’d generally discover in Clan Castles, resembling Dragons, whereas additionally making good Clan Fortress troops as they’ll present splash injury towards farming fashion troops, resembling Archers and Barbarians, from behind partitions.


The versatile Valkyrie is a Darkish Elixir troop that’s as highly effective a defender as she is an attacker. When attacking, the Valkyrie can take out a number of buildings directly by way of her large swing motion, which is extremely useful towards compact bases, whereas additionally having an excellent quantity of well being and being one of many faster troops. Paired with a rage spell, the Valkyrie is devastating.

They shine in protection too, as they assault in a circle, something within the neighborhood of her swing takes the hit, and it’s normally a one-hit kill for many floor troops that aren’t tanks. Put them in a struggle clan fortress for decrease city corridor gamers and watch them destroy near a whole military.


Bowlers have a novel assault sample, as they throw their bolder at buildings from a distance and watch because it takes out a number of behind it. It’s the explanation why it’s presently not out there till City Corridor degree 10, and why it’s additionally among the best troops within the recreation.

Bowlers will not be blessed with good well being, however they do hit very laborious, so pair some with troops that may take in that injury, resembling a Golem, and so they convey even one of the best villages to destroy.


Each clashers favourite iron large, the P.E.Ok.Ok.A, is fast, tanky, and packs a much bigger punch than it may appear. They’re expensive, however they’ll take down buildings in simply two or three strikes, and should you mix them with different nftgamef.com or a Golem, you have got a robust and hulking military that’s only some Wall Breakers and Wizards wanting three stars.


Presumably essentially the most underrated Conflict of Clans troop, the Archer is extremely versatile for a lot of roles. For farming, they’re an inexpensive ranged unit you can break up to assault all assets and keep away from giant splash injury to maximise the consumption. For stars accumulating, they’re nice for baiting out Clan Fortress protection troops to grab upon, and for taking out all the smaller buildings across the exterior of the partitions. And for protection, they’ll shoot at enemies from behind partitions, making them more durable to eradicate. They’re wonderful and value investing in all through your village’s progress as a less expensive different to Wizards.

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