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The Billionaire’s Accidental Bride: A Tale of Love and Revenge

by Assessor

Emma Miller couldn’t help but stare at the birthmark on Eric’s earlobe as they drove down the road. It gave him a mysterious and alluring aura, as if he was destined to wear an earring. Lost in her thoughts, Emma finally spoke up, “Before we go to our new home, could you come with me somewhere?”

Eric, focused on the road, replied nonchalantly, “Sure, but after that, are you interested in continuing what we started last night?” Emma’s nervousness was evident, she wasn’t as confident as she had been before. But to her relief, Eric didn’t pressure her. He simply continued driving and enjoyed the touch of her hand on his arm.

They headed towards a park renowned for its beautiful cherry blossom trees and a delightful restaurant. Emma and Nathan had often met there in the past, making it a significant place for them. Emma finally answered Nathan’s call, “I’m heading to the Cherry Blossom park. Meet me under our favorite tree as soon as you can.”

Nathan, despite having an affair with Amber, never intended to cut ties with Emma. He valued her loyalty, her family background, and her easy-going nature. He appreciated how easily he could manipulate her. So, when Emma hung up and looked at Eric, declaring that she had no love left for Nathan, Eric didn’t say a word. He simply patted the seat beside him, inviting Emma to sit. Together, they gazed out the window, silently observing the world below.

Soon, a figure appeared beneath Emma’s favorite cherry blossom tree. It was Mason, the man who had treated her poorly, stood her up countless times, and ultimately betrayed her. But now, it was his turn to suffer. “Will this make you feel better?” Eric asked, as they continued to watch the solemn figure below.

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Emma, determined, replied, “It’s a start. I want him to experience everything he made me go through, big and small.” Observing Emma, Eric realized that beneath her delicate exterior lay a woman with an unyielding core.

“I ordered foie gras,” Emma said. “The waiter mentioned that it’s quite good.” Eric, surprised and intrigued, asked, “How did you know that I liked it?”

Emma responded with a mischievous smile, “I have my ways.” They sat down to eat, their glances full of unspoken desires.

Time flew by as they enjoyed their meal and each other’s company. Meanwhile, Nathan continued to wait outside, desperately calling Emma. Unbeknownst to him, she had turned her phone off. Once they finished eating, Eric glanced down at Nathan and asked Emma, “Do you want to keep watching him wait?”

Emma had a better idea in mind. “No, I want you to help me move into our new home,” she said.

Eric paid the bill, and together they left through the side door. He drove her to her place, where she requested five minutes alone to remove all traces of her past relationship with Nathan. As Eric looked around the nearly empty space, he stumbled upon a picture of Emma receiving a modeling trophy. He couldn’t help but think that she could have been an international superstar if she hadn’t retreated from the industry.

Moments later, Emma emerged from her bedroom carrying a teddy bear and a small bag. “I’m ready. Is there anything else you want?” she asked.

“No, let’s leave the memories behind,” Eric replied gently. He took the bag and the teddy bear, placing them on the sofa. Then, he embraced her, kissing her passionately. Emma was taken aback at first, but soon closed her eyes and returned the kiss. As her hands began to explore his body, Eric interrupted, “Let’s save the rest for when we get home. But for now, has my kiss helped you create some better final memories here?”

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Back at the park, Nathan waited for hours, planning to stay all night if necessary. But then, Amber called. She was waiting outside his house, distressed about their compromising photos circulating online. Nathan rushed home, unable to ignore her plea for help. He couldn’t afford to lose her or risk the destruction of their reputations.

In the baby’s room, Ethan, their child, tried his best to provide comfort. That night, Nathan instructed his staff to release a statement, claiming that the pictures were misleading. According to the statement, Amber had lost her balance due to an injury and fell into Nathan’s arms, inadvertently landing on the bed together.

The Billionaire’s Accidental Bride is a thrilling tale of love, revenge, and unexpected twists. Join Emma and Eric on their journey as they navigate the complexities of their pasts and forge a new future together. For more captivating stories, visit Ratingperson, your ultimate destination for engaging reads.

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