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Get Ready to Party 90s Style: 17 Spectacular Ideas for Your Theme Party

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17 Wicked Ideas to Get Your 90s Theme Party Bangin'

Are you ready to party like it’s 1999? We can’t blame you – the 90s were an incredible decade filled with vibrant memories that deserve to be celebrated. And what better way to honor that decade than with a 90s theme party for the ages?

Whether you’re hosting a milestone birthday, a corporate event, or a fundraiser, a 90s theme party is guaranteed to transport your guests back in time and create a night filled with nostalgia. From fashion to music to iconic movies, the 90s had it all, and we’ve got you covered with 17 wicked ideas to make your event unforgettable.

Rock the Fashion

One of the best ways to set the right mood and get everyone in a 90s mindset is to suggest a dress code when you send out your invites. Encourage your guests to arrive in their best 90s party outfits, showcasing the unique fashion trends from the decade. Think neon bumbags, fuzzy bucket hats, and oversized scrunchies. You can even channel the spirit of cultural icons like The Spice Girls or characters from popular movies and TV shows. The fashion choices were endless!

90s Photo Booth

90s Themed Photobooth

No party is complete without a photo booth, and a 90s theme party is the perfect opportunity to make it truly spectacular. Provide your guests with an array of 90s props like oversized headphones, 3D glasses, and retro fashion items. Create a vibrant backdrop with bright colors and geometric prints, or consider hiring a photographer to capture those unforgettable moments. Don’t forget to create a hashtag for your guests to share their photos on social media and keep the memories alive!

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Pay Tribute to 90s Legends

If you’re looking for show-stopping entertainment, a 90s tribute band is a guaranteed winner. From dance hits to Britpop classics, these bands will have you and your guests raving to the sounds of the 90s. Live musicians will bring the energy and engage with the crowd, making sure your party stays true to the spirit of the era.

Build the Perfect Playlist

If a live band isn’t your style, you can still curate an epic 90s playlist that captures the essence of the decade. Techno, dance, grunge, indie rock, pop disco – the 90s had it all. Take control of the mood and vibe of your party by crafting a playlist that keeps everyone dancing. And if you want to take it to the next level, consider hiring a professional DJ who can read the room and cater to the guests’ musical desires.

Nostalgic Nosh

The 90s were a time of indulgence, especially when it came to sweets. Bring back those childhood memories with a Viennese spread of colorful and Instagram-worthy treats. Include popular 90s sweets like Jawbreakers, Nerds, and Fruit Roll-ups. Let your guests reminisce and indulge in their favorite childhood snacks.

90s vhs

90s TV Trivia Challenge

Challenge your guests with a 90s TV trivia quiz and test their knowledge of iconic shows from the decade. Distribute quiz sheets for individuals or host a quiz show where guests can form teams and compete for prizes. Whether it’s filling out the quiz or watching others battle it out, everyone will be transported back to the days of Clarissa, Buffy, and Friends.

Send in the Slime!

Remember the bright green slime from Nickelodeon? Bring back that iconic 90s element by setting up a slime station at your party. Let your guests indulge their nostalgia by making their own slime. It’s a unique and interactive activity that will have everyone reminiscing about their favorite Nickelodeon memories.

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90s themed party

Toast to Nostalgia!

No party is complete without some drinks, and what better way to toast to the 90s than with iconic beverages from the decade? Serve Surge, the neon yellow energy drink that defined the 90s, or get creative with cocktails served in Capri Sun-style pouches. For an extra special touch, incorporate popular 90s candy like Pop Rocks into your signature drinks.

Keep Your Favors Funky

Send your guests home with a piece of the 90s by offering favors filled with nostalgic treasures. Think Pogs, hair scrunchies, gel pens, and Lisa Frank stationery. These unique and retro favors will make your guests smile and remind them of a specific moment in time.

Super Mario N64

Bust Out the N64

Take your party to the next level by setting up Nintendo 64 consoles and let your guests indulge in some 90s gaming nostalgia. Whether it’s a Mario Party or a battle for high scores, the N64 will bring out the competitive spirit and add a fun twist to your event.

Bring Back the Best Toys

Toys in the 90s were all about physical activity, wits, and a touch of magic. Scatter popular 90s toys like Bop It, Tamagotchis, and Magic 8 Balls around the venue to encourage guests to relive their childhood memories. And if you want to take it a step further, name your tables after these iconic toys and let guests experience different blasts from the past as they mingle.

A Late Night Snack from the Past

Keep the dance floor energy high by offering a late-night snack that brings back memories of 90s junk food. Pizza rolls, toaster strudels, hot pockets – these delicious treats were all the rage in the 90s. Embrace the nostalgia and give your guests a taste of their childhood favorites.

CD decoration

Bring in a Graffiti Artist

Graffiti art was a defining element of the 90s, so why not bring in a graffiti artist to create custom souvenirs for your guests? Whether it’s personalized signs, hats, or t-shirts, these unique and bespoke favors will make your party stand out and give your guests something to remember.

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A Shining CD Centerpiece

CDs were a staple of the 90s music scene, and you can bring a touch of that shiny nostalgia to your party by incorporating CDs into your decorations. Create stunning mosaics, hang them as unique disco balls, or use them to craft wall art. CDs are inexpensive and create beautiful rainbows when hit by strategic lighting.

Show the Hit Films of the 90s

Turn your party into a cinematic experience by showcasing clips from iconic 90s movies. Whether it’s Trainspotting, Four Weddings and a Funeral, or Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, these films shaped the pop culture landscape of the decade. Set up screens throughout the venue and let your guests immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the 90s.


Get a Little Twisted

Take a break from the dance floor and invite your guests to play a classic 90s game: Twister! Put a fun twist on it by making it a Tipsy Twister challenge. Watch your friends and loved ones attempt to maintain their balance as they battle it out for the title of the “King of Nostalgia.” It’s a hilarious and nostalgic activity that will create lasting memories.

Impersonate a Great

The 90s were filled with iconic celebrities, and hiring a celebrity impersonator is a surefire way to bring that star-studded nostalgia to your party. From musicians to movie characters, the options are endless. Let your guests mingle with their favorite 90s pop culture figures and capture unforgettable photos with these talented impersonators.

The 90s were a time of big dreams and unforgettable moments. With a 90s theme party, you can relive those memories and dance the night away with your friends and family. Whether it’s live music, epic playlists, nostalgic snacks, or interactive activities, every element of your party should transport your guests back in time. So grab your scrunchie, put on your neon, and get ready for a night of 90s fun that you won’t soon forget!

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