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Till The End of The Moon 长月烬明 Episode 5

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Tantai Jin realizes that he can gain the power of monsters, and he plans to change his life. At this time Ye Xiwu came to visit Tantai Jin, Tantai Jin wanted to use Li Susu to test his own strength, but when he saw the wound on Ye Xiwu’s palm, he remembered that in the dream Ye Xiwu took away the dagger that he committed suicide , then gave up the idea of killing her. In order to make Tantai Jin no longer want to commit suicide as in a dream, Ye Xiwu planned to show affection and reason to him.

Pang Yizhi saw Xiao Lin’s mind and knew that he was in love with Ye Bingshang, but if he married the daughter of General Ye, who held the military power in his capacity as the Sixth Highness Xiao Lin, he would probably attract a lot of suspicion. At this time Ye Bingshang woke up, Xiao Lin hurried to visit, Ye Bingshang experienced the catastrophe of the dream monster, and told Xiao Lin’s heart, but Xiao Lin also responded that he liked Ye Bingshang, and promised to give Ye Bingshang Bingshang has an upright name.

In order to make Tantai Jin happy, Ye Xiwu brought Tantai Jin to visit Ye Bingshang. At this time, Xiao Lin happened to meet the two of them. Xiao Lin invited Ye Xiwu to talk alone. Having recognized his feelings for Ye Bingshang, Ye intends to ask His Majesty for a marriage, and also hopes that Ye Xiwu can recognize the reality. Ye Xiwu, who was already Li Susu at this time, couldn’t explain the past of falling in love with Xiao Lin, so he could only promise that the two of them would be innocent and have nothing to do with each other in the future. Xiao Lin also told Ye Xiwu that Tantai Jin is the proton of Jing Guo, and his life is related to the state of the country. If something happens, it will give Jing Guo an excuse to send troops to attack Sheng, and it will also be a disaster for the Ye family and a catastrophe for the people. Ye Xiwu promised that she would take good care of Tantai Jin, which made Tantai Jin misunderstand Ye Xiwu when she learned of the conversation between the two, thinking that she was kind to her only to protect the Ye family, and also realized that Xiao Lin took care of herself since she was a child. For Shengguo.

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Ye Xiwu also confessed her hatred for Tantai Jin to Xiao Lin. Although she hoped that Tantai Jin had never existed in this world, she would not let him die, but she would not treat him sincerely either. good. Tantai Jin, who heard Ye Xiwu’s truth, saw Ye Xiwu’s hypocrisy, and thought that Ye Xiwu was no different from others.

Xiao Lin confessed to King Sheng that he liked Ye Bingshang, and hoped that King Sheng would give them a marriage. He also said that liking Ye Bingshang was unreasonable and arbitrary, but King Sheng agreed to consider the matter, and did not refuse it outright. Shortly thereafter, Ye Bingshang was bestowed on Xuancheng King Xiao Lin as his side concubine. Although King Sheng bestowed a marriage on the two of them, he was still afraid of the Ye family’s military power, so he made Ye Bingshang a side concubine. Because Ye Bingshang was married as a side concubine, she felt sad. She didn’t understand that she had studied poetry and books and acted carefully for so many years, but she was still defeated by the difference between her concubine and concubine. She vowed in her heart that she would become Xiao Lin’s concubine. .

Xiao Lin knew that Ye Bingshang must be wronged when he received the imperial edict of marriage. He came to Ye Mansion to comfort Ye Bingshang. He understood Bingshang’s thoughts and situation, and promised to leave the position of wife to Ye Bingshang, I will give Ye Bingshang a wedding that is not inferior to the gift of a regular wife.

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The day of Xiao Lin’s wedding is approaching, and Tantai Jin, who attended the banquet, intends to take the opportunity to take revenge on his enemies who bullied him since he was a child, including not only Ye Zeyu, His Royal Highness Xiao Liang and others, but also Ye Xiwu. Xiao Liang rushed to the banquet, and when he met Tantai Jin, he insulted him with insults. In order to prevent Tantai Jin from getting mad, Ye Xiwu had to take the initiative to scold Xiao Liang back, and told Tantai Jin not to be as familiar as Xiao Liang, a despicable villain.

The head of the Xiaoyao Sect asked Pang Yizhi to give Xiao Lin the Xinlin Lin as a wedding gift, which is the scales on the chest of the Jiaolong clan, which can resist evil spirits when worn on the body. The auspicious time has come, Xiao Lin and Ye Bingshang hold a wedding ceremony, while Tantai Jin casts a spell at the same time to order the blood crow to attack the person who wants to kill. Soon the powerful children who had bullied Tantai Jin were attacked and injured by the blood crow, Xiao Lin escorted Ye Bingshang to the side hall, left Hu Xinlin as her bodyguard, and went out to protect the guests who came to the banquet.

Ye Xiwu rescued her elder brother Ye Zeyu with a spell, and asked her father to take them away, while she went back to the mansion to look for Tantai Jin. Ye Xiwu found Tantai Jin in the courtyard, took the sword to drive away the blood crows for him, which made Tantai Jin He misunderstood that Ye Xiwu was going to kill him, but seeing Ye Xiwu standing in front of him to block the blood crow’s attack in the blink of an eye made him even more disturbed. Tantai Jin didn’t understand why Ye Xiwu, who kept hating herself, would risk her life to save herself.

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Tantai Jin found that the power obtained by devouring monsters would be exhausted. He thought that if he could practice like Xiao Lin, he might not need to rely on devouring monsters to maintain his strength. Tantai Jin asked Ye Xiwu if she returned to the palace to save herself. Ye Xiwu couldn’t explain the real reason, so she had to lie that she liked Tantai Jin. After all, saving her husband is justified. Tantai Jin didn’t know what he liked, but he wasn’t interested either. Instead, he asked Ye Xiwu to teach him how to draw spells. The two reached an agreement, Ye Xiwu taught Tantai Jin how to draw talismans, and Tantai Jin wanted to live well.

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