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On the earth of anime, there are numerous swordsmen. There are conventional swordsmen with principally human capabilities (albeit boosted by anime-reality particular skills like being sooner than bullets), in addition to sword fighters with supernatural presents. On this checklist, you will see that the ten strongest swordsmen in anime ranked based on a) swordsmanship capabilities and b) further skills ranked by diploma of effectiveness in battle.

10. Vicious from Cowboy Bebop

Vicious is so expert together with his sword that he’s capable of go face to face together with his nemesis, Spike Spiegel, with solely a katana versus Spike’s arsenal of weapons, grenades and karate. Not solely is Vicious a talented swordsmen, he’s additionally a grasp strategist, able to bringing down a complete ruling crime syndicate whereas chained up in jail.

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For those who see Vicious coming for you, you’d higher be careful.

Swordsmanship: 7 Particular Capability “Technique”:3

Energy Rating – 10

9. Captain Levi Ackerman, Assault on Titan

Regardless of residing in a world of titan remodeling tremendous people, Levi nonetheless stands out because the hardest soldier humanity has to supply. He has fought his method out of numerous, hopeless conditions due to his overwhelming ability, tenacity, strategic skill and levelheadedness.

Nonetheless, Levi’s preventing model is considerably unorthodox based mostly on necessity – in his world, swordsmen fly round on ODM gear that principally works like a grappling hook. Being such, he depends on acrobatic actions to tackle his greatest foes. It’s onerous to find out how he would match up in opposition to the opposite, floor based mostly, extra conventional swordsmen on this checklist.

Swordsmanship: 7 Particular Capability “acrobatics”: 4

Energy Rating – 11

8. Jin/Mugen from Samurai Champloo

Though vastly completely different with regard to preventing kinds, Jin and Mugen share the truth that they’re just about equally matched in opposition to each other. Jin is a conventional sword fighter – as conventional as you will get, raised in dojos and educated in swordsmanship in so far as it may be utilized to open areas that mimic dojo-like conditions. Variation is his enemy, and he’s unable to adapt to some bodily preventing places that restrict his motion or require improvisation. Mugan is principally the alternative. Throw him within the midst of a dojo duel and he’ll nonetheless provide you with some methods with a purpose to get forward.

In contrast to Jin, nevertheless, Mugen appears to have almost superhuman resilience, and comes again after taking out of this world beatings. These two are simply two of the strongest swordsmen on the planet of anime, and are the quintesential swordsmen.

Swordsmanship 9 Particular Capability “Endurance/Particular Strikes”: 3

Energy Rating 12

7. Nanashi and Luo-Lang from Sword of the Stranger

Sword of the Stranger is a superb film with impeccable preventing scenes. It additionally has a few of the most expert swordsmen in all of anime. Luo-Lang is a foreigner who has traveled the world searching for a talented opponent. He finds that in Nanashi, the Rounin who travels the land alone after experiencing (and committing) atrocities throughout the battle.

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Finally, Nanashi finds one thing greater than himself to combat for, which leads him to face off one on one in opposition to Luo-Lang. The victor of this combat wins by only a hair (or a stone).

Nanashi and Luo-Lang are literally so much like Jin and Mugan respectively. Nonetheless, these two outclass the hip hop samurai by only a hair.

Swordsmanship: 10 Particular Capability “Endurance”: 3

Energy Rating 13

6. Guts from Beserk

There are very completely different sorts of swordsmen on the planet of anime. There are nimble, expert fighters like Captain Levi. And there are extremely expert, properly rounded masters like Nanashi and Luao-Lang. After which there are beasts like Guts.

Guts is an armored tank who’s likewise expert together with his sword. His unbelievable power and endurance are principally superhuman. And in contrast to different tanky characters who wield giant swords, Guts is ready to use his weapon with unbelievable velocity, making him the basic double risk.

Swordsmanship: 9 Particular Capability “Power”: 5

Energy Rating: 14

5. Zabuza

Up till now, the entire swordsmen on this checklist have been what you would possibly name “common folks” with human-based ranges of swordsmenship ability. Which means that though a few of them possess superhuman velocity (Levi) and superhuman power and resistance (Guts/Mugan), it’s all simply principally enhanced human abilities. From right here on out, nevertheless, these swordsmen have extra skills which can be extra supernatural.

Zabuza is one such character. Not solely is he an amazing swordsmen who wields one of many seven legendary swords of the Village Hidden within the Mist, he additionally has highly effective jutsu like hidden mist, and water vortex, that might in all probability give him an edge over any extra conventional swordsmen.

Zabuza is so highly effective that he’s even capable of give Kakashi a run for his cash. And though we don’t notice it on the time, Kakashi is likely one of the strongest shinobi of not solely his age, however of all time.

Swordsmanship: 7 Particular Capability “Ninjustsu”: 8

Energy Rating: 15

4. Sasuke Uchiha

The OG badass, Sasuke makes use of a sword in Naruto Shippuden onwards, and makes use of it to nice impact. The sword itself, though solely an bizarre sword, acts as a conduit for Sasuke’s unbelievable energy. Along with his skills with the katana, he’s just about unbeatable due to his ocular powers and particular ninjutsu.

Sasuke is in a league of his personal on the subject of total fight capabilities.

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Swordsmanshi: 7 Particular Capability “Sharingan”: 9

Energy Rating: 16

3. Kisuke Urahara

Urahara is a kind of characters in anime that you simply love due to his goofy demeanor, however concern due to his seemingly darker facet. As we discover out late, late into the story, Urahara has prime notch skills. And, for many who are usually not conversant in Bleach, Soul Reapers like Urahara achieve their powers actually from the supernatural realm.

One actually distinctive factor about Urahara that we study comparatively early on is that his Zanpakto (soul reaper sword) is as highly effective if no more highly effective than most different character’s Bankai (a way that unleashes the true energy of the swordsmen). His Bankai, nevertheless, is extremely formidable.

Swordsmanship: 9 Particular Capability “Bankai”: 8

Energy Rating: 17

2. Ichigo Kurasaki

Massively overpowered and capable of scale indefinitely, Ichigo is the Goku of the swordsmanship realm. He’s simply one of many strongest swordsmen in Anime, and for a complete era of Anime lovers, the primary particular person you consider when sword anime will get introduced up.

Swordsmanship: 9 Particular Skills “Supernatural”: 9

Energy Rating: 18

1. Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin is the definitive swordsmen in anime, and actually units the usual for what an anime sword fighter must be. In his previous life as an murderer, Kenshin killed numerous people in his quest to satisfy his obligation. After a tragic expertise, he modified his methods adopting the far much less efficient reverse edge sword. In fact, even with the reverse blade, he’s nonetheless extra formidable than anybody he comes into contact with.

Moreover, he’s the grasp of the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū model in addition to the Battōjutsu – the deadly skill to 1 shot kill his opponents.

Kenshin possesses a variety of skills, and has a tragic previous, finest seen not by means of his present however really by means of the unbelievable “Samurai X” options.

Swordsmanship: 10 Particular Skills “Superior Methods”: 10

Energy Rating 20

Final Tier: Mihawk and Zoro from One Piece

So highly effective that they belong in a league of their very own, Mihawk and Zoro are the strongest swordsmen in One Piece. One on one, nevertheless, the sting goes to Mihawk – in spite of everything, there’s a purpose Mihawk is named the best swordsman on the planet.

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