Top 10 european foods

The European continent has a rich history of cuisine that is just as diverse as the people who live there. Throughout the centuries, Europe welcomed goods from other countries to their kitchen tables, developing national dishes that are still eaten today. Although many foods were born in Eastern Europe, these 10 have become staples for most Europeans.

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This dish is similar to Swiss roll cake but uses jelly instead of frosting and cream to hold together. It can be made with any type of filling, ranging from chocolate-hazelnut spread or marmalade to jam or preserves. This dessert spread throughout Bulgaria at the end of the 20th century when sugar became more accessible thanks to communism ending in 1991, but was adapted for Bulgarian tastes. The spread is  typically sprinkled with icing sugar and served with a cup of coffee.



This savory beef stew is said to have been created by Hungarian shepherds out in the mountains, making this dish a hearty meal for colder days. It has made its way around Europe and is now a popular dish in many countries including Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Russia. True traditional Hungarian goulash includes paprika or red chili powder for added flavor, but other variations include garlic or onions for added taste.


Piccalilli originates from India where it was often used as a pickling agent before spreading throughout England. It is traditionally made up of chopped pickled vegetables, but modern variations often include other ingredients like sweet corn. This dish is commonly served with British meals or on sandwiches and burgers.


The Irish are famous for their cuisine, including this popular dark beer that was developed in the late 18th century by Arthur Guinness at his brewery in Dublin. Over time, this stout has become known as a drink enjoyed by many people around the world. Depending on where it’s purchased, Guinness can be paired with food ranging from steak to oysters or even chocolate cake!

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Scotch eggs were initially created as an affordable source of protein for factory workers in Scotland during 19thcentury industrialization. A hardboiled egg is wrapped in sausage meat and covered in breadcrumbs before being baked or fried. Now it is a popular dish that can be found on restaurant menus, especially around Easter when many Europeans enjoy eating hardboiled eggs.



This appetizer has been enjoyed throughout the United Kingdom for decades and is made from deep-fried pork rinds. Other countries like Australia, Brazil and Germany have developed their own versions of this crunchy treat. This food became popular in the early 19th century because pig farmers started buying parts of pigs that couldn’t be used to make other cuts of meat like ham or bacon, using leftover scrapings to create scratchings!


Raclette has been a traditional meal in Switzerland and France for hundreds of years, but it has recently gained popularity in the United States and Canada. This dish is made from hot melted cheese served with potatoes and other small meat products like ham, salami or dried beef. It’s typically eaten with boiled new potatoes, gherkins and pickled onions (variations may differ depending on where it’s eaten!), then finished off by dipping bread into leftover cheese before putting it in one’s mouth.


Danish pastries are known throughout Europe as an easy breakfast option because they can be prepared beforehand and warmed up before serving (similar to croissants). They originate from Denmark but have spread across the continent and have been adapted to local tastes by being filled with sweet or savory ingredients. These sweet breakfast treats are also popular in North America where they’re commonly found at coffee shops or bakeries.


This classic French dish is one of many traditional meals from the country, made up of beef stock, onions, garlic and herbs like bay leaf and thyme along with a slice of bread covered in cheese. It originated in 1735 when an innkeeper accidentally burnt a cheap cut of beef while making soup for his guests during a cold winter night. The soup was such a success that it has become popular throughout Europe!

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Pasta is one of the oldest prepared foods in the world and is found in many European countries, including Italy where it originated from! It is made of flour and water and can be combined with a variety of ingredients like vegetables or cheese to create delicious dishes. The World Pasta Congress takes place every 2 years and brings together chefs, manufacturers and experts from around the world who meet up to discuss pasta-related topics.

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