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Map of most spoken languages in 2020What are the world’s most spoken languages?

Effectively, greater than 7,100 languages are spoken on the planet right now. Every certainly one of them make the world a various and exquisite place.

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Sadly, a few of these languages are much less extensively spoken than others. Take Busuu, for instance – we’re named after a language spoken by solely eight individuals.

Others are spoken by enormous populations throughout completely different international locations, and are sometimes common selections amongst language learners.

Learn on for the twelve most spoken languages on the planet, when it comes to native audio system, and every part you’ll want to learn about them.

The highest 12 most spoken languages on the planet

Most spoken languages in the world - 2020

1. English (1,132 million audio system)

Language household: Germanic, a sub-family of Indo-European

Associated to: German, Dutch, Frisian

Enjoyable truth: The English phrase “goodbye” was initially a contraction of “God be with ye”.

With over 1,130 million native audio system, English is essentially the most spoken language on the planet.

It’s additionally the official language of the sky – all pilots have to talk and determine themselves in English.

Not solely is Shakespeare extensively thought of as one of many biggest dramatists of all time, however over his lifespan he added an unimaginable quantity of about 1,700 phrases to the English language by altering nouns into verbs, verbs into nouns, connecting some phrases with one another and including prefixes or suffixes to others.

2. Mandarin Chinese language (1,117 million audio system)

Language household: Sino-Tibetan

Associated to: Cantonese, Tibetan, Burmese

Enjoyable truth: Analysis suggests that you simply’ll solely want round 2,500 characters to have the ability to learn nearly 98 p.c of on a regular basis written Chinese language.

When it comes to native audio system alone, Mandarin Chinese language is by far the second most spoken language on the planet.

It’s an official language of mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore and one of many six official languages of the United Nations. So it’s not stunning that there are roughly 1.09 million native audio system worldwide.

Mandarin is a tonal language, which implies that the which means of a phrase modifications based mostly on the way in which we pronounce it.

With a set of about 50,000 characters, it’s in all probability one of the crucial advanced languages to study.

However don’t fear: there aren’t any verb conjugations, no tenses and no gender-specific nouns both.

Fairly motivating, isn’t it?

Perhaps that’s additionally why it’s one of the crucial common languages to study right now…

3. Hindi (615 million audio system)

Language household: Indo-Ayran, a sub-family of Indo-European

Associated to: Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Kashmiri, Nepali

Enjoyable truth: In the event you’re an English speaker, you in all probability already know some Hindi. Do phrases like ‘guru’, ‘jungle’, ‘karma’, ‘yoga’, ‘bungalow’, ‘cheetah’ and ‘avatar’ ring a bell? These phrases (and lots of extra!) have been borrowed from Hindi.

There are about 615 million native Hindi audio system, which makes it the third most spoken language on the planet. It’s the official language of India, and can be spoken in international locations comparable to Nepal, Fiji, Mauritius and Guyana.

Hindi is extremely influenced by Sanskrit and named after the Persian phrase hind, which suggests – fairly actually – “Land of the Indus river”.

4. Spanish (534 million audio system)

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Language household: Romance, a sub-family of Indo-European

Associated to: French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian

Enjoyable truth: The primary trendy novel and the second most translated e book after the Bible was written in Spanish. Which novel? It’s Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, in fact!

Twenty-two international locations over 4 continents have Spanish because the or one of many official languages, and it’s already the second most studied language on the planet.

Are you able to consider that inside three generations, 10 p.c of the world’s inhabitants will be capable of talk in Spanish?

That is nice information for native English audio system.

For Spanish seems to be the simplest international language for English audio system to study! Specialists say it takes solely 22-24 weeks to achieve what’s referred to as common skilled proficiency within the language.

5. French (280 million audio system)

Language household: Romance

Associated to: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian

Enjoyable truth: About 45 per cent of contemporary English phrases are of French origin.

Regardless of what Hollywood motion pictures may let you know, the language of affection doesn’t solely exist on moonlit walks in Paris.

Spoken throughout completely different elements of the world – suppose in every single place from the remainder of France and elements of Canada to a handful of African international locations, together with Senegal and Madagascar – the French language has unfold its roots far and huge.

6. Arabic (274 million audio system)

Language household: Semitic, a sub-family of Afro-Asiatic

Associated to: Hebrew, Amharic, Aramaic

Enjoyable truth: Arabic has not less than 11 phrases for love, every of them expressing a unique stage within the strategy of falling in love. Now isn’t {that a} cause to begin studying?

With 295 million native audio system, Arabic is the sixth most spoken language on the planet, and the one one in our prime twelve that’s written from proper to left.

It has additionally closely influenced European languages like Spanish and Portuguese: some phrases sound precisely the identical.

It’s left its mark on the English language, too. The phrase espresso, for instance, comes from the Arabic phrase qahwa.

7. Bangla/Bengali (265 million audio system)

Language household: Indo-Aryan, a sub-family of Indo-European

Associated to: Hindu, Punjabi, Marathi, Kashmiri, Nepali

Enjoyable truth: Whereas the Bengali script is comparatively unknown within the West, nevertheless it’s truly the fifth most generally used writing system on the planet!

Bengali, identified to many English audio system world wide as Bangla, is usually spoken in Bangladesh and India and is taken into account by some to be the second most stunning language after French.

With round 205 million native audio system, it’s the seventh most spoken language on the planet.

The Bengali alphabet is especially fascinating.

Each consonant has a vowel sound inbuilt, which is kind of uncommon for Westerners.

It will get even higher: completely different marks change the default vowel sound of a phrase and due to this fact additionally the which means!

8. Russian (258 million audio system)

Language household: East Slavic, a sub-family of Indo-European

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Associated to: Ukrainian, Belarusian

Enjoyable truth: On account of Russia’s presence in area know-how, it’s a requirement for international astronauts to know a certain quantity of Russian (as if changing into an astronaut wasn’t already tough sufficient!).

One of the crucial unfold out languages (with round 155 million native audio system dwelling the world over), the eighth most spoken language on the planet is Russian.

Whereas Russian grammar is famend to be just a little difficult, Russian solely has about 200,000 phrases (English has roughly a million), which is why most of them have a couple of which means.

9. Portuguese (234 million audio system)

Language household: Romance, a sub-branch of Indo-European

Associated to: Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian

Enjoyable truth: Till not too long ago, the letters “okay”, “w“ and “y” weren’t a part of the Portuguese alphabet. In 2009, a brand new settlement was signed to standardise spelling varieties throughout completely different variations.

Portuguese is rooted within the area of Medieval Galicia (which was partly within the north of Portugal and partly within the northwest of Spain), however solely 5 p.c of the 215 million native Portuguese audio system truly reside in Portugal.

You in all probability know that it’s the official language of Brazil, however can be has the only real official standing in: Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Macau, Cape Verde, and São Tomé and Príncipe.

10. Indonesian (199 million audio system)

Language household: Austronesian

Associated to: Malay, Javanese, Sundranese, Madurese and so forth.

Enjoyable truth: Together with Malay, it’s up there within the listing of most well mannered languages on the planet’s Japanese area.

A standardised variation of Malay, an Austronesian language that’s the official language of Malaysia, Indonesian is a superb instance of a extensively spoken language that encompasses plenty of distinct dialects throughout Indonesia.

And regardless of Western preconceptions, with a easy construction and straightforward pronunciation in its favour, Indonesian is surprisingly simple to study.

11. Urdu (170 million audio system)

Language household: Indo-Aryan

Associated to: Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Kashmiri, Nepali

Enjoyable truth: Hindi and Urdu audio system can have a easy dialog simply positive – offered they hold issues comparatively easy!

The lingua franca of Pakistan and really near Hindi, Urdu has crept up on essentially the most spoken languages listing within the final 12 months or so. Dubbed by some because the language of affection for its intriguing-sounding and exquisite phrases, the French language could have some competitors on its palms…

12. German (132 million audio system)

Language household: West Germanic, a sub-family of Indo-European

Associated to: English, Frisian, Dutch

Enjoyable truth: German is understood for its seemingly countless sentences.

Also known as the language of writers and thinkers, German has simply over 100 million native – and slightly below 32 non-native – audio system worldwide, and is essentially the most spoken language within the European Union.

It’s an official language of Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

German is very well-known for its skill to create utterly new and tremendous particular phrases.

That’s in all probability why it’s so poetic. Schadenfreude, for instance, actually means ‘injury happiness’, and is used to explain the happiness or leisure derived from another person’s misfortune, damage or ache.

Feeling impressed to study a brand new language?

We’re Busuu, an app that makes mastering a language simpler for everybody. Begin studying with us right now.

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