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The Best Torrent Sites in 2023

by Assessor

1. 1337x

The best torrent site with the latest movies, TV series, and games uploaded hourly.

Pros Cons Modern & streamlined UI Ignores DMCA Torrent health score to reduce risk Blocked in several countries Diverse content library with an active community Can’t filter by seeders or leechers Minimal ads Support chat and forum don’t work New content uploaded hourly Fast download speeds & well-seeded torrents

1337x is the number one torrent site due to its diverse and up-to-date catalog of movies, TV series, video games, music, apps, and more.

Thanks to its broad content library and continued longevity, 1337x is the best alternative to RARBG, with the latter shutting down in May 2023.

During our testing, we found 1337x easy to use and navigate with a sleek, modern user interface. Clicking on a torrent displays user comments, the number of seeders and leechers, the file size, and the name of the uploader for increased transparency.

The site includes multiple ways to download its content: magnet links, torrenting, direct download, and streaming. This is a welcome level of flexibility that isn’t matched by any other torrenting site.

You can expect fast download speeds on 1337x thanks to its large core of users consistently providing well-seeded torrents.

There’s also barely any ads on 1337x either which is rare for a torrent site. Instead, the site sustains itself through anonymous Bitcoin donations.

Its main domain is blocked in several countries due to its copyrighted content. You’ll need to use a 1337x mirror link or change your online location with a VPN to access the site in a blocked country.

2. The Pirate Bay

Popular torrent site with 20+ years of uptime, but blocked in most countries.

Pros Cons An unprecedented collection of movies, TV series, e-books, anime & software Ignores DMCA Fast download speeds Blocked in multiple countries Torrent health score to reduce risk Compromised by malware in 2019 Only verified users can upload torrents Subject to frequent shutdowns Excellent advanced search filters Inactive support forum Minimal ads

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent sites on the internet with more than 25 million monthly visitors. The latest movies, TV series, and video games are uploaded to the site hourly and packaged in well-seeded torrents.

Due to its large volume of copyrighted content, The Pirate Bay is blocked in several countries and has been subject to multiple shutdowns — the most recent in March 2020. Despite this, the Pirate Bay continues to operate and the main domain still works in 2023.

The site is easy to use with a minimalist interface and in-built search function for specific titles. You can also filter its torrents by number of seeders, file size, and upload date.

Each torrent has numerous seeders and magnet link support, resulting in consistently fast download speeds.

The Pirate Bay only permits verified users to upload new content. This aims to improve site safety and reduce the likelihood of downloading malware, following an incident in 2019.

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Despite these security improvements, we still advise using a VPN with the Pirate Bay. Our top choice is Private Internet Access, which you can trial for 30 days.

3. YTS

The best movie torrenting site on the internet.

Pros Cons 4K quality movie torrents, including the latest releases Allegedly handed over user data to US law firms Unmatched collection of classic movies & obscure titles User agreement warns against accessing the site from the US Has never experienced a shutdown Ignores DMCA Includes advanced search filters Only accommodates movies Constant redirects to new tabs No support channel or torrent health score

YTS is the best torrenting website for movies, serving as a successor to the once popular website YIFY.

It has a wide selection of titles available in 4K and HD picture quality, ranging from classic movies to the latest cinematic releases. In fact, YTS is a great alternative to RARBG if you want to find and download the latest movies.

YTS is an easy site to navigate and use. Each movie is shown with its name, poster, and release date to simplify the UI. You can also use an in-built search function to find a specific title.

YTS is blocked in the UK, but its user agreement states that US residents should not access the site either.

There are also reports that YTS handed over user data due to the threat of legal action in 2020. We haven’t been able to substantiate these claims, but the warning to use a VPN on the site’s homepage alongside its anti-US user agreement, suggests that they may be true.

If you choose to use YTS, we strongly recommend you use a VPN.

4. LimeTorrents

Well-designed torrenting site with an active community of seeders.

Pros Cons Massive content library Ignores DMCA Multiple channels of support Blocked in several countries Simple and attractive site design Constant redirects to new tabs Torrent health score to reduce risk Lacks advanced search filters

LimeTorrents is a popular torrent site with over 17 million torrents. Users have access to movies, TV series, music, software for multiple platforms, and video games.

The site itself is sleek and well-designed, with icons for each content format on the homepage. Clicking one of these icons automatically directs you to the relevant torrents for that content type.

Each torrent is listed alongside its date added, file size, number of seeders and leechers, and the ‘health’ of the torrent. This is great for helping you identify well-seeded and safe torrents but it’s frustrating that you can’t filter by these parameters.

The user experience is further limited by the constant redirects to advertisements in new tabs. This is frustrating and lengthens the process of finding and downloading a torrent – the top torrent sites won’t do this.

5. YourBittorrent

Sleek torrent site with verified torrents for the newest movies, TV series & anime.

Pros Cons Accessible and modern UI Ignores DMCA Only verified users can upload files Blocked in several countries Accommodates multiple content types Pop-up ads Survived multiple shutdowns since 2003 Mirror links & proxies don’t work Modest user base

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YourBittorent is an easy-to-use torrent site encompassing multiple types of content.

Its 20+ year uptime has seen YourBittorent survive multiple shutdown attempts with its main domain remaining online. However, all of its mirror links and proxies are currently blocked which means you’ll need to change your geo-location with a VPN to access YourBittorent.

Unlike other torrenting sites, YourBittorent has a modern design and an intuitive user interface. Site navigation is simple, torrents are clearly labeled with the relevant information, and specific torrents are easy to locate.

Despite its great usability, YourBittorent does suffer from pop-up ads and occasional redirects to new tabs.

It also has a small user base so torrents can take a while to become adequately seeded.


Popular torrent site for classic and modern TV series.

Pros Cons Great selection of TV series Ignores DMCA Active forum and community Blocked in several countries Accommodates multiple languages Awful and outdated UI New episodes uploaded within hours Lacks nuanced search filters Only accommodates TV series No torrent health score

EZTV is an excellent torrent site for TV series. Its catalog includes older and newer titles and its torrents are generally well-seeded.

The site’s forum is very active, posting regular community announcements and responding promptly to content requests.

Multiple changes in ownership, coupled with shutdowns over the years, has resulted in a lack of investment in the site. We were unimpressed by its stripped-back user interface, especially the lack of advanced search filters.

Allowing users to filter torrents by seeders would drastically improve EZTV’s usability.

EZTV is blocked in several countries due to its copyrighted content, however it is one the few torrenting sites that still works in India.

7. TorLock

Well-rounded torrent site with a useful feedback system.

Pros Cons Assorted content library covers newest releases Ignores DMCA Torrent health score to reduce risk Blocked in several countries Intuitive rating and comment system Intrusive and persistent ads Well-seeded torrents for fast download speeds Lacks advanced search filters

TorLock has one of the most up-to-date content libraries we’ve tested. It has torrents for movies, TV shows, and video games released in November 2023.

We also appreciated its torrent ‘health score’, represented by a coloured bar, to indicate the risk associated with the corresponding torrent.

Each torrent has hundreds of seeders thanks to TorLock’s massive user base. This means that larger files, like movies or video games, can be downloaded quickly.

TorLock’s main drawback is its frustrating user experience. Aside from by category or by name, TorLock doesn’t offer any advanced search filters. Its persistent pop-up ads also impeded our testing and the site’s overall usability.

8. FitGirl Repacks

Pros Cons Quick to install & high-quality video game torrents Ignores DMCA Verification system to reduce risk Irregular uploads Detailed descriptions for each torrent Other users can’t upload content Helpful & active community Only accommodates video games & Windows users No ads Can’t filter by seeders or leechers Excellent troubleshooting section Frequently targeted by DDoS attacks

FitGirl Repacks is the best torrenting site for video games, providing compressed torrents for a wide selection of games. Launched in 2014, the website is blocked in multiple countries, including the US.

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Only the site owner can upload torrents to FitGirl Repacks which removes the possibility of users uploading malware at the cost of long wait times for new content.

However, the site also hosts titles from other torrenting sites which don’t come with the same guarantee of safety.

Although there aren’t many search filters to make site navigation easier, each torrent includes its seeder-leecher ratio and in-game screenshots for visual reference.

We also found the comment sections for each torrent useful, particularly for finding graphical mods to improve the game’s FPS.

We were impressed by the absence of ads on the site, with FitGirl Repacks’ revenue solely coming from cryptocurrency donations.

FitGirl Repacks’ main drawback is that it only provides torrents for Windows, with some torrents available for Linux. Mac users should use 1337x to find a suitable video game torrent.

9. TorrentGalaxy

Recently established torrent site with a modest collection of movies, music, and TV series.

Pros Cons Multiple content types and subcategories Ignores DMCA 4K options for movies and TV series Poor seeder-leecher ratio for recent uploads Responsive and helpful forum Annoying and intrusive ads Large amount of seeders Content library weaker than competitors Torrent verification system to minimize risk Recently established with a small user base

TorrentGalaxy is a relatively new torrent site that has avoided any shutdowns or domain migrations – despite hosting copyrighted content.

Despite some distracting banner ads, we found TorrentGalaxy easy to use with an accessible interface.

We appreciate the amount of information it lists for torrents including: uploader name, magnet link availability, number of seeders, and user comments.

The comment system, in particular, reduces the risk of downloading malicious files due to the feedback from other users.

We were able to download content quickly due to a large number of seeders for most torrents. Although, recently uploaded torrents tended to suffer from a subpar seeder-leecher ratio.

A major drawback is TorrentGalaxy’s limited number of torrents. Although its content is varied it still falls short of leading torrent sites such as the Pirate Bay and 1337x.

As a result, TorrentGalaxy’s content library feels outdated as it can’t match the pace of its competitors.

10. Nyaa.si

Consistently the best torrent site for anime.

Pros Cons Comprehensive library of anime torrents Ignores DMCA Torrent verification system to minimize risk Blocked in several countries Useful advanced search filters Poor seeder-leecher ratio Support for multiple languages Limited support channels History of frequent shutdowns Only accommodates anime

Nyaa.si is a clone of the once popular anime site Nyaa.se, with the latter shutting down indefinitely in 2021.

Nyaa.si remains online but, due to its illegal nature, access to the site is blocked in several countries, including India and Japan.

You can torrent the latest animes both dubbed and subbed with support for multiple languages. There’s also torrents for anime music videos, video games, and software.

It’s easy to use Nyaa.si thanks to its simple interface. You can click the ‘up arrow’ at the top of the torrent list to quickly sort by number of seeders. There’s also options to filter torrents by content type, language, and file size.

However, its average seeder-leecher ratio was poor, resulting in consistently slow download speeds.

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