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It’s not easy to access all the good movies for free. But thankfully, there are sites like Netflix, which offers a lot of high-quality and popular movies at a cheap rate or even for free… if you have subscription. And it’s not just about the payment! You need to have a reliable internet connection as well before you can watch your favorite flicks online.

As we all know, not all the best movies are available in theatres. Sometimes it takes months after its release for top-rated movies to be shown at movie theaters near us. That’s why watching these remarkable flicks is possible only through netflix or other online streaming services that offer legal viewing of movies from anywhere!

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In case you’re not a movie buff and simply want to check out the current top 10 best movies on Netflix, we’ve got a list right here for you. So scroll down if you want to know what’s going to be trending this month…

is an online paid subscription service with a vast library of video content. It was launched in the year 2007 but only recently, it has gained worldwide popularity with its wide range of topics and popularity among users. On Netflix, you can watch both old as well as current movies/TV shows for entertainment purposes.

You can access Netflix easily on your computers, smartphones or tablets using any device that supports the use of HTML5 codes for streaming videos over internet like Apple TV (through Airplay), smart TVs (LG Netcast) or game consoles (Xbox 360). Sometimes due to busy schedule we may miss our favorite shows on cable TV so what we do now is look out for the next available episode on Netflix and enjoy watching them without having to wait for them to be aired. 

Currently there are more than 60 million users across the globe who subscribe to Netflix and it has managed to gather much fame among its competitors like Hulu, Amazon Instant Video etc. It is also now available in Japan, which is their first step towards Asian markets. The library of Netflix video content varies according to the geographical location of users so if you are living outside US then chances are that many popular movies/TV shows will not be available for streaming on Netflix as they have exclusive licensing deals with different distributors for showing movies/TV shows only in specific countries. But don’t worry! If your favorite show is not accessible via streaming on Netflix website, simply use Unblock-Us SmartDNS or VPN services to enjoy watching them instantly.

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Action Horror The Day the Earth Stood Still 2008 5.7 stars

Here are some of the best movies/TV shows you can watch on Netflix (though they may or may not be available for streaming depending on your geographical location) :

Interstellar  (2014) 9.2 stars

Action, Adventure, Drama After Earth (2013) 7.5 stars

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Battle Los Angeles (2011) 6.5 stars

Action, War Cloverfield (2008) 8.0 stars

Action, Horror The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) 5.7 stars

Sci-Fi, Thriller Ender’s Game (2013) 7.5 stars

Action Guardians of the Galaxy  (2014 ) 8.6 star s

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Lucy (2014) 6.8 stars

Action, Thriller Maleficent  (2014 ) 7.5 stars

Action, Adventure, Drama Oblivion (2013) 7.2 stars

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Robocop (1987) 8.0 stars

Action, Sci-Fi Transcendence (2014) 5.6 stars

Action, Upcoming Releases for Netflix Instant Streaming:

What If ( 2014 ) 5.7 stars

Comedy When the Game Stands Tall ( 2014 ) 6.1 Star s

Drama The November Man  ( 2014 )      

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