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Image via IISE.
Picture through IISE.

Scientists assume that there could also be roughly 10 million species on Earth, however solely about 2 million species have been recognized and named. Every year, scientists add the names of 1000’s of latest species to taxonomic lists that catalog the range of life. To rejoice this feat, the Worldwide Institute for Species Exploration (IISE) compiles a high 10 new species checklist of notable discoveries that had been made throughout the earlier 12 months. The annual checklist is launched on Might 23 in honor of the birthday of Carl Linnaeus, a famend botantist and doctor who developed our fashionable binomial classification system for naming organisms by their genus and species names.

Beneath are the highest 10 new species for 2016.

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Giant Tortoise (Chelonoidis donfaustol). Image Credit: Adalgisa Caccone
Large Tortoise (Chelonoidis donfaustol). Picture Credit score: Adalgisa Caccone.

1. Large Tortoise (Chelonoidis donfaustol). A definite species of big tortoise was found on the island of Santa Cruz within the Galapagos off the coast of Ecuador.

Giant Sundew (Drosera magnifica). Image Credit: Paulo M. Gonella.
Large Sundew (Drosera magnifica). Picture Credit score: Paulo M. Gonella.

2. Large Sundew (Drosera magnifica). The enormous sundew is a carnivorous plant that was found on high of a mountain in Brazil. Pictures posted to Fb helped to spur its recognition as a brand new species.

Hominin (Homo naledi). Image Credit: John Hawks, Wits University.
Hominin (Homo naledi). Picture Credit score: John Hawks, Wits College.

3. Hominin (Homo naledi). Scientists recognized this new species of hominin by fossil stays uncovered in South Africa. Their dimension and weight had been just like that of recent people.

Isopod (Iuiuniscus iuiuensis). Image Credit: Souza, Ferreira, and Senna.
Isopod (Iuiuniscus iuiuensis). Picture Credit score: Souza, Ferreira, and Senna.

4. Isopod (Iuiuniscus iuiuensis). This new species of crustacean was found in a collapse Brazil. It builds shelters out of mud.

Anglerfish (Lasiognathus dinema). Image Credit: Theodore W. Pietsch, University of Washington.
Anglerfish (Lasiognathus dinema). Picture Credit score: Theodore W. Pietsch, College of Washington.

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5. Anglerfish (Lasiognathus dinema). This small fish was found within the Gulf of Mexico.

Seadragon (Phyllopteryx dewysea). Image Credit: Josefin Stiller, Nerida Wilson, and Greg Rouse.
Seadragon (Phyllopteryx dewysea). Picture Credit score: Josefin Stiller, Nerida Wilson, and Greg Rouse.

6. Seadragon (Phyllopteryx dewysea). This new species of seadragon was found off the coast of western Australia. There are solely three identified species of seadragons, that are shut kinfolk of seahorses.

Tiny Beetle (Phytotelmatrichis osopaddington). Image Credit: Michael Darby.
Tiny Beetle (Phytotelmatrichis osopaddington). Picture Credit score: Michael Darby.

7. Tiny Beetle (Phytotelmatrichis osopaddington). This species was found in Peru. The beetles are solely about 1 millimeter in size. They had been named after Paddington Bear, a well-known character from youngsters’s literature who additionally hailed from Peru.

Primate (Pliobates cataloniae). Image Credit: Marta Palmero, Institut Catalá de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont (ICP).
Primate (Pliobates cataloniae). Picture Credit score: Marta Palmero, Institut Catalá de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont (ICP).

8. Primate (Pliobates cataloniae). This new species of ape was found by fossil stays uncovered in Spain. The ape is believed to have lived 11.6 million years in the past.

Flowering Tree (Sirdavidia solannona). Image Credit: Thomas Couvreur.
Flowering Tree (Sirdavidia solannona). Picture Credit score: Thomas Couvreur.

9. Flowering Tree (Sirdavidia solannona). This new species of tree was found close by the principle highway that runs by Africa’s Monts de Cristal Nationwide Park in Gabon.

Sparklewing Damselfly (Umma gumma). Image Credit: Jens Kipping.
Sparklewing Damselfly (Umma gumma). Picture Credit score: Jens Kipping.

10. Sparklewing Damselfly (Umma gumma). This species is only one of dozens of latest species of damselflies and dragonflies that had been found in Gabon. It was named after the 1969 Pink Floyd album Ummagumma, which can also be a slang phrase for intercourse.

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You’ll be able to learn extra about every of those species on the hyperlink right here.

The highest 10 new species lists have been launched by IISE yearly since 2008. IISE is positioned in Syracuse, New York. It’s a part of the State College of New York (SUNY) Faculty of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF).

Quentin Wheeler, director of the IISE and president of ESF, commented on this 12 months’s checklist in a press release. He mentioned:

Previously half-century we’ve come to acknowledge that species are going extinct at an alarming price. It’s time that we speed up species exploration, too. Information of what species exist, the place they reside, and what they do will assist mitigate the biodiversity disaster and archive proof of the life on our planet that does disappear within the wild.

Backside line: The Worldwide Institute for Species Exploration (IISE) compiles a high 10 new species checklist of notable discoveries that had been made throughout the earlier 12 months. This 12 months’s checklist features a seadragon, a carnivorous sundew plant, and a hominin that was found by fossilized stays.

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