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10 Popular Chinese Songs You Should Listen To

by Assessor
10 Popular Chinese Songs You Should Listen To

Since I arrived in China 4 years ago, I’ve fallen in love with many Chinese singers and songs. It’s amazing how you can hear a song in another language, understand very little, but still love it all the same.

These are some of the most popular Chinese songs I’ve heard in China. Many are songs I’ve heard at KTV, Chinese friends recommended to me, or I randomly heard in a Chinese shop or mall.

*There are so many popular songs in China and these are just a few of them. These are just some of my favorites – I’m definitely no Chinese music expert!

For my full Youtube playlist of Chinese songs go here.


1. The Brightest Star In The Night Sky by Escape Plan

In Chinese: 逃跑计划 – 夜空中最亮的星

One of my all time favorite songs by one of my favorite Chinese bands. The first time I heard this song I wanted to cry for some reason and I had no idea what it was about, it just gives you all the FEELS. When I saw the translation it made sense. (Zhang Jie also has a great cover of this).

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“Whenever I’m lost in darkness and fail to find the meaning in life, brightest star in the night sky please shine the path towards you.”

2. Ping Fan Zhi Lu by Pu Shu (The Ordinary Road)

In Chinese: 平凡之路 by 朴樹

The original is such a classic song most Chinese people know, but I heard an acoustic guitar cover of this by a male/female group and loved it so much I posted both.

3. Yi Wan Ci Bei Shang by Escape Plan

In Chinese: 一万次悲伤

So this song is originally by Escape Plan, but this amazing cover was sung on the Voice of China and sounds incredible with female vocals!

4. Yi Wai by Joker Xue

In Chinese: 薛之謙 singing意外

I don’t remember hearing this for the first time – it’s just a song I’ve heard around (and lots of other songs by Joker Xue as well!) I also saw him perform live in concert at the Rye Music Festival in Beijing.


G.E.M. is a gem! My students love singing her at KTV and she has incredible vocal range. Also check out her other songs like 龙卷风.

6. Jason Zhang – Don’t Think Of Me

In Chinese: 你就不要想起我

Zhang Jie’s cover of the classic “Don’t Think of Me.”

7. 我的天空 – 南征北战 (Wode Tian Kong)

I’ve heard this song everywhere, from KTV and the Voice of China to TV shows.

8. Jason Zhang – Most Beautiful Sun

In Chinese: 张杰 – 最美的太阳

Another great song from Zhang Jie. (Have I shared too much Zhang Jie? He’s my favorite Chinese singer and I’ve written a whole post about him.)

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9. An Jing (Silence) – Jay Chou

Jay Chou is arguably one of China’s biggest stars!

10. 【TFBOYS】青春修炼手册

Everyone knows the teen pop stars TF Boys – some love them, some hate them, but everyone has at least heard this top song by them.

Here are few of my other favorite songs that might be less popular!

11. Ni Zhan by Jason Zhang Jie

In Chinese: 逆战 by 张杰

My favorite song to sing at KTV, it’s like classic alt rock boy bands from the 2000s.

12. Just Met You by Li Yugang

In Chinese: 李玉刚 – 刚好遇见你

A new song someone just introduced to me! This guy is famous for his high vocal range.

13. EXCUSE ME – The World Won’t Collapse Easily

In Chinese: Da Rao 打扰一下乐团 《世界不会轻易崩塌》

There are so many benefits to listening to Chinese songs – you can pick up more Chinese, learn more about Chinese culture, and also impress your Chinese friends when you go to KTV 😉 It’s all about finding songs in your genre and style that you like! For my full Youtube playlist of Chinese songs go here.

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What Chinese songs do you like? I’m always looking for new recommendations!


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