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Top 10 Town Hall 8 Attack Strategies (2022) Best Army Troop Combination & Spell Composition – COC Bases Design 2022

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City Corridor 8 assault methods are so huge that you’ll get confused on which military mixture is greatest to make use of. You’re launched to a brand new set of darkish troops at TH8 together with the brand new darkish spell manufacturing facility. Due to this fact you should have a whole lot of choices to attempt on.

We’re right here that will help you find the very best military compositions that may be simply replicated even on increased city corridor ranges. By now you need to be taught funneling as it is vitally necessary if you wish to rating three stars on opponent bases in clan conflict leagues.

Which military is greatest for City Corridor 8?

As you progress increased on the town corridor ranges you will see that mass one troop military now not brings three stars and it’s a must to attempt varied military mixtures so as to defeat your enemy base.

Nevertheless, on city corridor 8 a number of mass armies are nonetheless very a lot helpful. In response to a ballot on Reddit, the mass dragon military is cited as the very best military for city corridor 8.

What league ought to Th 8 be in?

A quite common query amongst city corridor 8 gamers is which league they need to goal for when they’re at city corridor 8. You already know that for those who win 1250 trophies you get the 450 gems rewards which assist unlock the fifth builder.

But when one way or the other you’ve got used up your gems and you might be missing behind then it’s best to goal for the crystal league which unlocks if you obtain 2000 trophies. You’ll 250 gems for this.

It’s difficult to achieve crystal league at city corridor 8 however in case you are in a clan that donates highly effective troops then you possibly can simply obtain this purpose.

Military 1 GiWiHe City corridor 8 assault technique

  • Military Composition: 14 Giants, 14 Wizards, 3 Healers, 4 Wall breaker, 24 Archers, 2 Heal Spell, 1 Rage Spell, 1 Poison Spell
  • Coaching Price: 149220 Elixir
  • Coaching Time: 23 Min 24 Seconds

This can be a very fundamental military technique. You may have your floor troops able to wreak havoc on the opponent base. The giants needs to be deployed in a bunch of two with 7 giants in every group. Deploy them on the aspect the place the city corridor is nearest. One healer needs to be deployed on every big set.

Because the giants are on edges, due to this fact the king needs to be deployed within the center with a healer overhead. 3-3 wizards needs to be deployed to help the 2 big teams and the barbarian king. Use heal spell when healers die. Wall breakers will make paths for giants and archers will clear up the remainder. Use rage spell when wizards are close to the city corridor. Use poison spell on clan troop or Opposition’s barbarian king.

Military 2 Mass Valkyrie Finest City Corridor 8 assault military

  • Military Composition: 25 Valkyrie, 3 Rage Spell, 1 Poison Spell
  • Coaching Price: 84K Elixir, 1735 Darkish Elixir
  • Coaching Time: 23 Min 24 Sec

This military is greatest if the opponent has a congested base. The Valkyrie is understood to assault two adjoining buildings concurrently. These are quick troops so for those who assault a crowded base together with a rage spell then these can wipe out your entire base nicely beneath a minute.

This turns out to be useful when it’s a must to rating three stars in a single minute in clan conflict video games. Use the trend spell and poison spell properly. Don’t take this military to assault on city corridor 9 in clan wars.

Military 3 MiniLoons Air Raid For city Corridor 8

  • Military Composition: 26 Balloons, 35 Minions, 3 Rage Spell, 1 Poison
  • Coaching Price: 188K Elixir, 355 Darkish Elixir
  • Coaching Time: 23 Min 30 Seconds

I like this military mixture loads. Balloons needs to be deployed in C-shape. Rage spell shall be used on balloons particularly when these are close to air protection. The balloons will wipe out all defenses whereas the minions will clear the remaining buildings.

Poison spell is non-compulsory. You should use gentle spells too. However generally the alternative clan has troops due to this fact poison turns out to be useful.

Military 4 GiWiPe greatest city corridor 8 military

  • Military Composition: 11 Giants, 2 Healers, 9 wizards, 3 wall breaker, 3 Pekka, 2 heal spell, 1 rage spell, 1 poison spell
  • Coaching Price: 175970 Elixir, 110 Darkish elixir
  • Coaching Time: 23 min 45 seconds

This military is an effective alternative if you wish to be taught funneling. The healer shall be used on Pekka. Use Giants as a distraction. When the defenses of the opponent clan lock on giants you’ll deploy Pekka behind together with 3-4 wizards. Guarantee that the healer is therapeutic Pekka and never some other troop.

Many gamers additionally like to make use of a healer on Barbarian king which can be a sensible choice. Use heal spell to heal giants whereas rage spell to make Pekka indignant. The bottom of the enemy shall be worn out very quickly.

Military 5 Mass Goblins th8 assault technique farming

  • Military Composition: 200 Goblins, 7 earthquake
  • Coaching Price: 18K elixir, 980 Darkish elixir
  • Coaching Time: 23 min 20 seconds

In case you ever need to make a farming military past city corridor 8 then look no additional than Goblins. These inexperienced thieves can fill your storage very quickly. Use a coaching potion for one hour, keep within the best trophy vary and loot hundreds of thousands of assets in fast succession.

You’ll lose trophies although however your builder will get greater than sufficient assets to improve buildings. Why do I exploit earthquake spells for goblins? As a result of we don’t have leap spell unlocked as of now. The earthquake spell will destroy partitions and make it straightforward for goblins to loot darkish elixir storage hiding behind partitions.

Due to this fact the 980 darkish elixir value to make this earthquake spells is well reclaimed.

Military 6 Mass Pekka city corridor 8 greatest armies

  • Military Composition: 8 Pekka, 3 rage spell, 1 poison spell
  • Coaching Price: 228K elixir, 110 Darkish elixir
  • Coaching Time: 24 Min

Do you need to overkill your opponent base? As a result of that is how one can overkill your opponent base. The 8 Pekka are so highly effective that I’ve even worn out city corridor 9.5 with these armor-wearing beasts.

The fashion spell makes them even deadlier. I’ve hardly confronted a base that didn’t give three stars to the 8 mighty Pekkas. The one drawback you’ll face is that if the opponent has a dragon or balloons of their clan. You’ll be able to deploy this military in any sense in any order on any tile of the opponent base. The end result would be the similar – 3 Stars.

Military 7 GoWiPe greatest th8 military for 3 stars

  • Military Composition: 4 Pekka, 2 Golem, 4 Wall breaker, 8 wizard, 2 Heal spell, 1 Rage Spell, 1 Poison Spell
  • Coaching Price: 153K elixir, 610 Darkish Elixir
  • Coaching Time: 27 Min

I’ve already shared particulars about how GoWiPe is the very best hybrid military for any city corridor degree. If you wish to be taught this method then do verify this submit. This military is greatest for individuals who have now perfected funneling.

Military 8 DragLoon Finest troops for th8 conflict assault

  • Military Composition: 6 Dragon, 16 Balloon, 3 Rage Spell, 1 Poison Spell
  • Coaching Price: 232K elixir
  • Coaching Time: 26 Minute

That is an thrilling military mixture. It’s a difficult composition that may check your expertise. You’ll be able to take gentle spells too however I favor rage spells as a result of these will cost up balloons.

The balloons have just one job to destroy air protection as quickly as attainable. A pair of three balloons with rage spell can simply perform this job. Deploy them in pairs close to the three air defenses. The dragons will clear the remainder of the sphere.

Military 9 Mass Dragon greatest th8 military

  • Military Composition: 10 Dragons, 7 Gentle Spell
  • Coaching Price: 217K elixir
  • Coaching Time: 30 Min

You may need used this military extensively on city corridor 7. At city corridor 8 the mass dragon assault solely will get higher. The air sweeper can generally create hassle for the beasts within the sky however general you’ll handle to attain three stars it doesn’t matter what. You already know the best way to deploy this military so be free to make use of it.

I may also counsel utilizing solely this military in clan conflict leagues as it could actually deal with clan troops whereas additionally destroying the bottom.

Military 10 Mass Hog Rider th8 assault technique Reddit

  • Military Composition: 40 Hog Rider, 3 Rage Spell, 1 Poison Spell
  • Coaching Price: 84K elixir, 1790 Darkish Elixir
  • Coaching Time: 30 Min

There’ll come a time at City corridor 8 when you should have an excessive amount of darkish elixir with you. In such a state of affairs, it’s best to attempt a mass hog rider military.

Deploy the hog riders in teams of eight. The 5 teams have to be deployed at 5 totally different factors on the opponent base. Don’t deploy them close to the enemy king as He’ll kill the entire group alone. The technique needs to be in such a approach that the hogs attain the king in the long run and present him stars collectively.

I’ve beloved this military a lot that after crossing city corridor 8.5 I used solely this military completely.

What’s the greatest mixture of troops in COC?

In Conflict of Clans, the very best military composition is Giants with wall breakers, archer queen with healers, balloons with lava hounds, Pekka with golems, and witches with bowlers.

We’ve shared about these mixtures on our weblog so do test it out.

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