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Tennessee Titans logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

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Tennessee Titans brand PNG

When the crew began their profession in 1960, followers knew them because the Houston Oilers as their location was in Houston, Texas. The relocation to Tennessee led to the change of the title. So in 1997 they grew to become the Tennessee Oilers and since 1999 the membership has been referred to as Tennessee Titans.

Which means and historical past

The Tennessee Titans brand historical past is inseparably linked with the historical past of the crew. It additionally displays the native peculiarities. The Titans have had a number of logos which have undergone totally different modifications, from minor to substantial. On the entire, their assortment of main logos contains seven emblems.

1960 – 1961

When the Houston Oilers appeared on the soccer discipline for the primary time, their emblem represented a person that seemed like each a soccer participant and a cowboy for he was carrying a cowboy hat and a uniform and holding a soccer. The colour scheme included blue (the uniform) and gold (the hat and the boots). There have been oil derricks within the background.

Later just a few minor modifications have been made together with an alteration within the coloration scheme. Thus, the gold coloration was eradicated.

1961 – 1968

In 1961, they determined to alter the coloring of their human mascot, along with a number of extra issues. The colour scheme usually modified to mild blue and white. Furthermore, the cowboy head grew to become a security helmet (whereas the boots remained as they have been). There are additionally fewer constructions within the background on this version.

1969 – 1971

A very new image changed the previous brand in 1969. It was a silhouette of a soccer participant’s helmet outlined with a thick black line and an oil derrick on the helmet.

1972 – 1979

In 1972 the oil derrick modified its coloration from black to purple and bought a blue boarder. The helmet was outlined with a blue line.

1980 – 1996

The Oilers’ brand launched in 1980 seemed quite simple and on the similar time symbolic ‒ simply an oil derrick in blue with a purple define in opposition to the white background. The membership stored this laconic brand unchanged for 18 years, besides the truth that the blue coloration grew to become a bit of extra saturated.

1997 – 1998

This subsequent model is principally the identical previous tower, however with a barely darker coloration scheme.

1999 – At present

In 1999 the brand new nickname required a completely new brand. The Tennessee Titans brand features a white ring that symbolizes the solar with three stars inside positioned in opposition to a darkish blue background and a big letter “T” that reminds a sword. There’s additionally hearth which makes it appear like a comet.

There have been some arguments as for the emblem that means. Thus, some folks insist that the ring within the Tenn Titans brand is in actual fact a defend, and they’re considerably skeptical about it, saying that it symbolizes protection slightly than attacking.

However what is obvious for certain is the truth that the celebrities and the colours are the identical as within the Tennessee flag.


The crew’s palette contains such colours as navy, Titans blue, purple, metallic silver and white.

Tennessee Titans Colours

TITANS NAVY HEX COLOR: #0C2340; RGB: (12, 35, 64) CMYK: (100, 76, 12, 70) PANTONE: PMS 289 C

TITANS BLUE HEX COLOR: #4B92DB; RGB: (75, 146, 219) CMYK: (66, 33, 0, 14) PANTONE: PMS 279 C

TITANS RED HEX COLOR: #C8102E; RGB: (200, 16, 46) CMYK: (2, 100, 85, 6) PANTONE: PMS 186 C

TITANS SILVER HEX COLOR: #8A8D8F; RGB: (138, 141, 143) CMYK: (45, 34, 34, 0) PANTONE: PMS 877 C

WOLF GREY HEX COLOR: #A2AAAD; RGB: (162, 170, 173) CMYK: (21, 11, 9, 23) PANTONE: PMS 429 C

STEEL GREY HEX COLOR: #54585A; RGB: (84, 88, 90) CMYK: (48, 29, 26, 76) PANTONE: PMS 425 C

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