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20 Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives in 2023: Safe and Working!

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Are you looking for alternatives to Kickass Torrents? Since the official Kickass Torrents website has been shut down, we tested, reviewed, and compiled a list of the 20 best Kickass Torrents alternatives for you.

Say goodbye to searching the web for a good alternative to Kickass Torrents! The sites listed below will give you access to millions of movies, games, apps, eBooks, music, and videos.

However, before accessing these sites, we recommend using a virtual private network (VPN) to keep your online anonymity. VPNs hide your torrenting activity from third parties, so your browsing history and downloads can’t be linked back to you. NordVPN is our top pick for torrenting because of its unblocking capabilities and enhanced encryption.

20 Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents That Work Today

Kickass Torrents being taken down is part of an ongoing effort to limit copyright law violations. Of course, some people only use torrents to download legal content. Luckily, there are many great alternatives to KAT.

We tested dozens of sites and reviewed each one extensively to make sure they all worked. Below is our curated list of the 20 best alternatives to Kickass Torrents that work right now.

1. The Pirate Bay: Best Kickass alternative

Screenshot of The Pirate Bay website homepage


  • Includes torrent downloads for movies, TV shows, music, games, and software
  • An industry giant with the largest directory of magnet links and torrents
  • Flags unsafe torrent files

The Pirate Bay is a giant in the torrenting world, bringing in tens of millions of visitors each month. It also has one of the most extensive torrent libraries we have come across. This is why it is our top Kickass Torrents alternative.

We’re always very happy with The Pirate Bay’s fast download speeds and easy-to-use interface. Plus, we were impressed with its dedicated community of users flagging potentially risky downloads. The site even features visual tags that highlight unsafe torrent files.

The Pirate Bay is more than a decent alternative to Kickass Torrents, outperforming it in many categories. However, since there’s a ban on The Pirate Bay in various countries (including its mirror sites), many users look to Pirate Bay alternatives.

To get around your country’s ban, you can use a VPN like NordVPN to change your virtual location and unblock TPB. We used NordVPN to access The Pirate Bay and it worked like a charm.

WebsiteMonthly visitorsMirrors

2. 1337x: Great KAT alternative for movies

Kickass Torrents alternative 1337X


  • Features anime, movies, TV shows, music, games, and software torrent downloads
  • Boasts an intuitive UI and easy-to-browse categories
  • Has a smaller library compared to others

1337x has around 50 million monthly visits and certainly holds its ground against other sites. Though various forms of entertainment are available, the torrent client primarily focuses on movies, TV shows, and music. For many users, 1337x is their top pick, especially since the site allows you to browse by category, such as Oscar-winning films.

When testing and reviewing 1337x, we were happy to see that the site has no intrusive ads and offers decent download speeds of about 3 to 4 MB/s. We found the UI also simple to use and clean.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the 1337x library is significantly smaller compared to competitor sites. Not to mention, the site has a lot of copyrighted material. Make sure you’re aware of your country’s file-sharing laws, and always proceed with caution.

We also recommend using a solid VPN when visiting 1337x. Since there’s plenty of copyrighted material on the site, there are probably many undercover spies on the platform to try and catch pirates. We recommend relying on NordVPN’s excellent IP masking to torrent anonymously.

WebsiteMonthly visitorsMonthly Visitors

3. YTS: Good KAT alternative for rare movies

Screenshot of YTS website homepage


  • Features movie torrents
  • Beloved by movie fans for HD files
  • Easy to navigate
  • Has an impressive library

YTS is hands-down the best torrenting website for movie enthusiasts. With over 70 million monthly visits, a download speed of 3 to 4 MB/s, and flawless design, YTS is the go-to site for movie torrent downloads and a top contender in our Kickass Torrents alternatives list.

Not only does YTS have a phenomenal interface, but the library on display is also impressive. This KAT alternative has millions of torrent files, including rare, old titles in HD quality. When testing YTS, we could find any movie title we sought.

The site also compresses all its downloads, so even if you have low bandwidth, you should be able to stream HD content and download files with ease.

However, as is the case with all of the torrent websites on this list, YTS does offer many illegal torrent files of popular movies, so proceed with caution.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

4. EZTV: The go-to destination for TV shows

Kickass Torrents alternative EZTV


  • Features torrents of TV shows and movies
  • Go-to website for TV shows
  • No popups and advertisements

EZTV isn’t the most beautiful site. At first glance, it’s pretty outdated, and it might seem like it has nothing going for it. In comparison to other sites and other Kickass Torrent alternatives, EZTV also has a smaller audience at only 20 million visits per month. Download speeds are also a bit slower at 2 to 3 MB/s.

Even so, we determined that EZTV is a good alternative to Kickass Torrents for two solid reasons. First, we found the largest collection of TV shows, including some of the best Netflix shows. Second, we discovered that the EZTV community was surprisingly active. Users upload new releases instantly, so many people use EZTV despite its clunky interface.

Keep in mind that you will not find any movie content with EZTV. If you are looking for recent or old movies, it is best to check out the other alternatives to Kickass Torrents in our article.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

5. TorrentDownloads: Obscure titles and Asian media

Screenshot of Torrent Downloads website, homepage


  • Hosts torrents of anime, TV shows, movies, music, games, apps, and books
  • Features obscure titles and rare books and video games
  • Has pop-up ads

TorrentDownloads has been around for a long time, but they’ve been losing popularity over the past few years, dropping down to only about 3 million visits a month. Basically, it’s a discount version of the original Kickass Torrents with a similar design and a download speed of 2 to 3 MB/s.

So, why do people use it? TorrentDownloads is a good Kickass Torrents alternative, thanks to its library of obscure titles, including rare books and video games that you might not find as easily on any of the other Kickass Torrent alternatives. It also has a ton of Asian media.

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The main reason TorrentDownloads is no longer as popular is because of the annoying ads that pop up everywhere. When testing the website, it even attempted to open additional browser tabs with advertisements. However, we did notice that the ads aren’t harmful, but we can understand people’s frustrations.

NordVPN offers an ad blocker through its Threat Protection feature that will not allow the TorrentDownloads ads to reach your device.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

6. LimeTorrents: Good place for new releases

Screenshot of Limetorrents website, homepage


  • Features movie, game, software, and book torrents
  • Offers one-click torrent downloads
  • Content is sorted into categories
  • Has an active community

LimeTorrents has a seamless interface and good seeder/leecher ratios on new files for torrent downloads. It also boasts a download speed in the 3 to 4 MB/s range. All this has made LimeTorrents a go-to KAT alternative for many years. Moreover, it offers many search options.

But like TorrentDownloads, LimeTorrents has been falling out of favor with the torrenting community. We noticed during our testing circuit that its recent updates had introduced an increasing number of intrusive ads. Not to mention, the seeder-leecher ratio on the website is rarely positive on older files.

However, we were impressed with its content library as it included several recent blockbuster movies and releases from the most popular streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

7. Nyaa: Comprehensive library of anime torrent files

Screenshot of Nyaa website homepage


  • Hosts anime and anime-related content
  • No pop-ups and advertisements on the website
  • A content library that focuses on anime

Nyaa is a very specialized torrent site. You won’t find game torrents, general movies, or ISOs. Nyaa focuses exclusively on anime content. If that’s what you used to go to KAT for, then Nyaa can be a really good Kickass Torrents alternative.

We researched Nyaa extensively and found that the library is decent, and the ads aren’t too annoying. The site attracts over 40 million users per month.

However, keep in mind that most anime is copyright-protected. That means that, for the most part, content on Nyaa is illegal.

The legality of using Nyaa depends on your country’s legislation, so we urge you to consult local laws and only visit the site with a good torrenting VPN for your privacy and security. NordVPN has robust encryption features that will mask your data and protect your identity while torrenting on Nyaa.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

8. Demonoid: Large library of torrent files

Demonoid Website


  • Hosts TV shows, movies, documentaries, books, anime, games, and software
  • Offers a large library
  • Registration is necessary to access the community forum

Launched in 2003, this torrent site has been around for a while, though it’s had some upgrades over the years. In the mid-2000s, it was one of the largest trackers in the world alongside The Pirate Bay.

Demonoid gives users access to a vast library of torrents, making it a great site to find your favorite movies, TV shows, games, and apps and a good alternative to Kickass Torrents. Visually, it’s not the most interesting website, but it provided good speeds when we tested the site’s torrents. Demonoid is also easy to use.

One advantage of this website is that it prohibits linking to torrent files that contain malware or pornographic content. Note that you have to be a site member to get access to the community forum.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

9. YourBittorrent: A minimalist Kickass Torrents alternative

Screenshot of the YourBitTorrent website homepage


  • Offers torrents of TV shows, movies, music, anime, software, and books
  • UI is user-friendly
  • Doesn’t require registration before use

YourBittorrent is another well-known torrenting site and a great alternative to Kickass Torrents. While it’s not as popular as it once was, it’s still a good option.

Starting out as “myBittorrent,” the site has been around since 2003 and has made a name for itself for torrent downloads, thanks to its extensive library of P2P files across all sorts of categories. We found the website intuitive, though the layout is not the best we’ve come across. Regardless, we always found what we were looking for, and there was plenty of content to choose from.

YourBittorrent is a torrent tracking website for BitTorrent. You don’t have to register in order to use it, making it a good KAT alternative for users who don’t need much more than a minimalist torrenting site.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

10. Torlock: Torrent site that campaigns for torrenting safety

Kickass Torrents alternative TorLock


  • Features TV shows, movies, music, books, and apps
  • Claims to have only verified torrents
  • Has a great interface but includes ads

When it comes to safety and security, Torlock has made a name for itself on a campaign that promised users $1 for each fake torrent they reported. The site has a vast catalog and is especially great for enthusiasts of movies and TV shows. There are close to 50,000 movie torrents alone, making this site a noteworthy Kickass Torrents alternative.

We found Torlock easy to use during testing. It has a great interface and several intuitive tools. However, what we were less happy about were the intrusive ads we had to deal with. Moreover, during testing, we got hit by a drive-by download, which is a significant torrenting privacy risk.

Torlock is a good Kickass Torrent alternative, but to stop ads and potentially malicious software from infecting your device, we recommend using NordVPN and Threat Protection. This feature will stop ads in their tracks and protect your device from malware.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

11. Torrends: Easy access to a large library of files

torrends website homepage screenshot


  • Hosts TV shows, movies, books, software, and games
  • Functions like a torrent search engine
  • Tracks torrent files from popular torrent sites

Torrends isn’t a classic torrent site. It doesn’t have its own library but instead tracks torrent files from popular torrent sites like The Pirate Bay and YTS. To download files, you’ll still need to go to those sites. In this sense, it isn’t a true Kickass Torrent alternative, but it’s still a very useful resource.

People like using Torrends because they can access a large database of files in one place. This proves especially useful when they can’t find a specific product on a more popular site. On top of that, this website gives users a good overview of what’s trending in the torrenting world.

We found it quite easy to look for specific categories of content like Movies and TV shows, Music, Games, and more, as there was an easy-to-use menu on the right of the page outlining all these different categories.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

12. Torrentz2: An outstanding torrent search engine

Kickass Torrents alternative Torrentz2


  • Automatically searches hundreds of torrent sites for your content
  • Handy summary of each file, including file size, seeders, and leechers
  • Wide variety of content: movies, series, music, games, software, courses, and more

Torrentz2 is a torrent search engine that offers many search results. When testing the site, it was easy to find movies, series, games, software, and courses across the hundreds of sites Torrentz2 crawls with a simple search.

If your preferred torrenting site doesn’t host what you’re looking for, Torrentz2 can be a good option. Note that Torrentz2 doesn’t determine your download speed. This will depend on your connection and the final site you’re downloading from.

Unfortunately, while using Torrentz2 we were a bit overwhelmed with ads. That is why NordVPN’s Threat Protection is essential here. It has robust anti-malware tools and blocks ads and trackers. Even if you happen to click on an ad, Threat Protection will scan it and warn you if there is malicious software present.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

13. TorrentFunk: A great torrenting site for movies, cartoons, and anime

Kickass Torrents alternative TorrentFunk


  • Hosts about 19 million files
  • Has almost 10 million verified torrents
  • Features a useful list of the 50 most popular downloads on its homepage

TorrentFunk is one of the more popular torrent sites that’s also one of the best Kickass Torrents alternatives for torrent downloads. Its content library contains many movies, anime, games, music, software, and books. It’s a popular platform among those looking for cartoons and anime.

At the time of writing, there were about 19 million torrent files, which included almost 10 million verified torrents.

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We particularly enjoyed TorrentFunk’s homepage list of the top 50 torrents. As we were out of inspiration on what to download, we found this compilation of the latest movies, series, games, and more very handy.

We could also search for files using the search button or by using the categories in the top-right corner to find our desired magnet links.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

14. GloTorrents: A torrent site that’s easy to navigate

Kickass Torrents alternative GloTorrents


  • Organized homepage with neatly categorized popular torrents
  • Good all-purpose torrent site with 11 content categories
  • Good speeds thanks to a decent seed-to-leech ratio

Another Kickass Torrents replacement worth checking out is GloTorrents. It has a vast content library, and we especially liked that navigating the site is quite easy as it’s organized neatly into different categories: movies, TV, music, software, books, games, tutorials, and anime.

As you can tell, this site has a bit (actually, a lot) of everything and is a useful all-purpose torrent site. Moreover, the website regularly updates its content, so you should be able to find recent releases and most of your favorite movies, series, games, and more. GloTorrents is also one of the best alternatives to RARBG, too.

The site also has a decent seed-to-leech ratio to ensure fast speeds. As such, we noticed downloading is quite fast on this platform.

Unfortunately, this website does feature lots of pop-ups. Therefore, we definitely recommend blocking pop-ups and ads in your browser. We also recommend using a solid antivirus, such as Norton 360, as excessive pop-ups should make you wary of potential malware.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

15. WatchSoMuch: A great torrenting and streaming combo

Kickass Torrents alternative WatchSoMuch


  • Torrenting and a streaming site
  • Paid tiers for faster streams, an ad-free experience, and direct (non-P2P) downloads
  • Over 1.5 million torrents and 200,000 hours of content to stream

WatchSoMuch (WSM) is an interesting Kickass Torrents alternative, as it’s split up into a torrenting and a streaming site. We tried both, and they work fairly well, although, as a free user, we did experience slow streaming speeds in a few instances.

As you’d expect from the name, WatchSoMuch specializes in movies and series. WSM also offers paid plans, starting from $2.86/month, which give you access to features such as faster streaming speeds, no ads, and direct downloads. The latter means you won’t have to depend on seeders.

With over 1.5 million torrents and 200,000+ hours of streamable series and movies, this Kickass Torrent alternative will probably keep you occupied for a while.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

16. Rutracker: A good torrenting site for Russian speakers

Kickass Torrents alternative Rutracker
  • Russian-language torrenting site
  • Over 15 million active users (so lots of seeders) and tons of content
  • Requires free registration

Rutracker is a Russian-based torrent site with a considerable torrent catalog, offering users torrent downloads from music to apps. You need to sign up to join its over 15 million other users to use the torrenting platform. However, doing so is completely free of charge.

The site is in Russian, but the Google Translate version will do just fine. With so many users, Rutracker has more than enough seeders and users, so expect fast download speeds.

Torrenting copyrighted files is illegal and punishable in a lot of countries. As such, many torrenting platforms have online spies lurking around. To protect your privacy, make sure to enter data that can’t be traced back to you during the sign-up process.

Another integral part of torrenting anonymously is using a solid VPN, such as NordVPN. This VPN features excellent encryption to secure your data and IP leak protection to protect your identity.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

17. FitGirl Repacks: The best torrent site for gamers

Kickass Torrents alternative FitGirl Repacks


  • Contains lots of popular video games
  • Rapacks might lead to faster download times but could also increase them, depending on your device’s specs
  • Wide range of game torrents

FitGirl Repacks is a downloading platform that focuses on, as the name implies, repacks of video games. Repacking a program refers to reorganizing and compressing the individual files in such a way that the total size is drastically reduced.

The reduced size of a repack means you’ll need less disk space. Moreover, this should, in theory, decrease download times. However, note that depending on your processor’s speed, it might take a while to unpack these files.

We were impressed by the number of game repacks on FitGirl. In fact, this is one of the reasons it’s number one on our best game torrent sites list. So, if you’re looking for game torrents, from Minecraft to Repella Fella, FitGirl Repacks is the place to look.

Unfortunately, we were not nearly as impressed by the platform’s constant ads: virtually any time we clicked on anything at all, an ad opened up.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

18. AniDex: Great for content from East Asia (Anime, Manga, etc.)

Kickass Torrents alternative AniDex


  • Content from East Asia, such as Anime, Manga, and K-pop
  • Eight content categories to choose from
  • The website is quite slow

AniDex is an excellent source for Anime, Manga, K-pop, JAV, and other popular content from East Asia. The website has an impressive content catalog and allows you to browse various categories: live-action, light novels, Manga, music, games, applications, pictures, and adult videos, making it a good alternative to Kickass Torrents.

We just found it quite unfortunate that the website is very slow. Opening a single torrent file can take several minutes.

Also, remember that most anime content is copyrighted. This means that your IP address and your privacy might find themselves in the crosshairs of online spies who want to gather the IPs of online pirates. This can happen even if you’re not doing anything illegal.

To download torrents anonymously, we recommend getting a solid VPN that will hide your IP address, like NordVPN.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

19. SolidTorrents: A well-organized torrent search engine with the option of streaming

Kickass Torrents alternative SolidTorrent


  • Some content can be streamed without downloading
  • Features a top 100 list to get you started and offers a user-friendly website
  • The gaming catalog doesn’t have too many titles

SolidTorrents is one of the better torrent search engines. It indexes millions of movies, TV series, videos, songs, and programs and applications. This is exactly why it’s one of the best Kickass Torrents alternatives.

What’s interesting about SolidTorrents is that you can stream some movies and series. In other words, you won’t have to download them. However, this streaming option is only available for a small portion of their content. However, it’s still a neat feature.

We also liked that SolidTorrents has a top 100 list to help you get started on your torrenting journey. Moreover, we found the site well-organized and very easy to navigate.

Unfortunately, SolidTorrents might not be the best alternative to Kickass Torrents for gamers. That’s because its gaming catalog isn’t nearly as expansive as many others on this list.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

20. Bitport: Platform to download torrents to the cloud

Kickass Torrents alternative Bitport


  • Doesn’t require disk space since torrents are saved to the cloud
  • Access content from anywhere and on any device
  • Malware-scanning and IP-masking features

Bitport is a paid cloud service for downloading files and torrents anonymously and securely. You only need to insert a .torrent link or magnet link into your Bitport page, after which BitPort will scan the torrent and download it to your account if it’s safe.

Each download is saved to your Bitport cloud account, and you can stream it on any device. You can play the files on Bitport’s ad-free media player. This means you save disk space by not having to store downloads on your device, and you can access your content anywhere.

Bitport also protects your IP address and, thus, your anonymity. That’s because your torrents and files will be downloaded to their server, meaning only their IP address is involved in the process.

WebsiteMonthly VisitorsMirrors

Private Sites: Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives?

Private torrent sites like IPTorrents and Bibliotik are good alternatives to Kickass Torrents. However, as the name suggests, these torrent sites don’t make their libraries accessible to just anyone. Instead, users gain access to torrent downloads by invitation only.

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Getting in isn’t the end of it, either. Most private torrent sites require users to maintain a positive ratio between their uploaded and downloaded torrent files, which incentivizes the constant growth of their platform’s library.

Accessing private Kickass Torrent alternative sites

Private sites where you can download torrent files aren’t easy to access. In most cases, an existing member must send you an invitation. There are two ways to go about this:

  1. Direct invite: If you know someone who’s already a member, you can ask them for an invite. A tactic is befriending people on internet freedom forums or Discord servers.
  2. Links released on forums: You keep an eye on Reddit and torrenting forums. Sometimes, admins of private sites will release invites for a limited time. However, this seems to be more of a thing of the past and happens less and less frequently these days.

Keep in mind that the best private Kickass Torrents alternatives will differ from region to region. This is because most countries and areas have their own local, private torrenting sites.

That said, in our experience, the following private torrent sites can be great alternatives to Kickass Torrents.

The best private torrent websites

Below are our recommendations for out top private torrenting websites.


Screenshot of IPTorents website, homepage

Website: IPTorrents

IPTorrents is one of the largest private sites where you can download torrents. They have an impressive catalog of all types of desired torrent files, as well as an active community constantly expanding the site.

On top of that, it’s one of the few private torrent sites that accept members based on a donation. With a Bitcoin wallet, where you can buy and sell Bitcoin safely, ready to go, people can actually join this site without having to jump through hoops to get an invite.


Screenshot of Bibliotik website, homepage

Website: Bibliotik

Bibliotik is the largest library of eBooks and audiobooks in the torrenting world. It’s got hundreds of thousands of members. It also has all the books you might need, whether you’re interested in a specific subject or are looking to get into a popular fictional franchise.

Bibliotik is an invite-only platform. Unlike IPTorrents, you can’t get in with a small donation. If you wish to join this platform, you’ll need to know someone on the inside.

Is Kickass Torrents Available Today?

Kickass Torrents reigned as one of the most renowned torrenting sites on the internet until the US Department of Justice arrested and charged the website’s founder, Artem Vaulin, in 2016.

After that, the original Kickass Torrents site was shut down. For a long time after, visitors to the original Kickass Torrents website encountered a very ominous message.

kickass torrents domain seized message

Can I use a copycat website as a Kickass Torrent alternative?

Although the main site of Kickass Torrents was shut down several years ago, there is a copycat Kickass Torrents site going around. It looks exactly the same as the original Kickass Torrents and even has the same name.

Kickass Torrents Mirror Site

However, we’re hesitant about this new Kickass Torrents site. While it often makes an appearance in the best torrenting websites lists, we advise against using it for torrent downloads. We reviewed the site and found that it pushed dubious third-party apps. At times, it even restricted the download of trackers.

That’s why we suggest you check out the alternatives for Kickass Torrents discussed in this article rather than use this copy site.

Avoid These Fake Kickass Torrents Alternatives

Since Kickass Torrents was shut down, many fake copycat alternatives have sprung up under Kickass Torrents’ name. From experience, we know to stay away from these fake KAT websites since they’re often ridden with computer viruses and copyrighted material.

These are the domains of fake Kickass Torrent websites we suggest you steer clear of:

  • tor-cr.org
  • kickasstorrents.to
  • katcr.co
  • kat.li
  • kat.am
  • kkat.net
  • kickass.onl
  • kkickass.com
  • kickasshydra.dev

If you do decide to access any of these sites to download torrents, you have to do so in a safe way: by using a top VPN provider like NordVPN.

RARBG: A mammoth Kickass Torrents alternative shut down

RARBG was one of the best Kickass Torrents alternative sites with millions of users. Unfortunately, it was shut down in May of 2023. When you’re searching the web for safe torrent sites, be mindful of possible RARBG knockoffs, as they might be hosting dangerous content. We recommend sticking to the torrenting sites in this article and using a VPN to torrent safely.

How to Torrent Safely on Kickass Alternatives

Even when you choose to torrent with any of the best alternatives to Kickass Torrents we mention, you still need to make sure your private information stays safe.

If you just go ahead and download anything off of a Kickass Torrent alternative website, you might run into trouble with your ISP. You could also get your computer infected with a virus or face legal ramifications due to copyright laws in your area. So, how can you minimize risk when you torrent?

1. Check your country’s torrenting laws

We’d like to reiterate that we don’t condone illegal downloading. Although the laws on downloading and copyright differ per country, most governments consider torrenting illegal and criminalize the act of sharing torrent files and copyrighted materials.

There are some countries where it’s legal to download torrents of copyrighted material, but only when it’s done for personal use. These currently include Poland, Spain, and Switzerland. However, most governments punish copyright violations. Some countries like India, Japan, the US, the UK, and the UAE, to name a few, even enforce fines for downloading torrents.

To be perfectly clear, if you want to stay on the safe side, it’s best not to torrent at all. However, if you do decide to use torrent sites, make sure you only download torrent files shared legally.

2. Use a VPN and antivirus solution to stay safe

Even when you don’t download illegal content, it’s important to protect your anonymity on the internet. On top of that, your online privacy matters no matter what you’re doing online.

For anonymous torrent downloads, we advise you to use a VPN like NordVPN. This will ensure that your IP address doesn’t leak and that your personal data remains safe. NordVPN also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that will allow you to test all its premium features for free.

Besides using a VPN, there are some other safety measures you can and should take. Install an ad blocker and use a good antivirus program.

3. Be careful which torrents you download

The best torrent alternatives icon

A VPN and antivirus are usually enough to keep you safe while torrenting. But if you go out of your way to find trouble online, then malware, viruses, and other cyber threats can sometimes circumvent strong security suites. Here are a few more tips to torrent safely:

  • Check the reviews and comments of everything you download. Most torrent sites let users add comments to the torrent files they download. Always read them. If the file you want to download is infected with a virus, other torrent users will point that out.
  • Don’t share your credentials with anyone. Almost nobody representing torrent sites in a formal capacity will ask for your login details.
  • Beware of the links you click. Only click on links that download a torrent tracker, not links from random banner ads.

Best VPN for Kickass Torrents Alternatives: NordVPN

Around the world, millions of people upload and download torrent files every single day. However, it’s never guaranteed that any of these files are actually safe. Moreover, unless you take certain cautionary methods, your torrenting activity can be tracked.

That’s why the best thing you can do to stay safe while torrenting is to use a virtual private network. NordVPN is our top VPN for torrenting, and this is why:

  1. Hides your IP address: By not revealing your IP, your internet service provider (and other third parties) won’t see what you’re doing online.
  2. Offers top-notch AES 256-bit encryption: Your data remains secured and out of sight from malicious actors that may be lurking on torrenting sites.
  3. Changes your virtual location: NordVPN has 5,800+ servers worldwide. Once you’ve got the software installed, you can connect your device to any of these foreign servers and use their IP to access torrent sites that may be restricted in your region.
  4. Blocks ads and trackers: Its Threat Protection feature will safeguard you against malware by scanning any files you download on torrent sites and blocking ads and trackers to keep your device safe.
  5. Has optimized P2P servers: NordVPN has specialized servers for bandwidth-heavy activities, such as torrenting. These servers will offer you stable connections and fast speeds while downloading torrents.

Final Thoughts: Get Access to Kickass Torrent Alternatives

Kickass Torrents may have met its demise years ago, but that didn’t signal the end of torrenting. There are still plenty of other torrent websites that make great Kickass Torrents alternatives, including The Pirate Bay, EZTV, and LimeTorrents. Countless people use these platforms to get digital content.

However, be cautious of illegal downloading! Before you do anything, make sure you’re aware of your local laws and the rules of whichever torrenting site you’re using.

Whatever you do online, don’t forget to stay safe on the net, mask your identity, and protect your data with a VPN. We recommend NordVPN for its excellent security and optimized P2P servers.

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