130 Music Trivia Questions And Answers [Latest Music & 80&39s Music]

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Trivia query and solutions are a good way of analyzing your data or to study various things as properly. You may get these questions and solutions round completely different areas akin to films, music, historical past, science, and others as properly. This isn’t solely a great way of studying however it additionally gives you a chance to get pleasure from and entertain your self.

On this article, we’re going to talk about the music trivia questions and solutions. Should you assume that you’re such an important music lover or you’re a grasp when it’ll come in direction of music then this trivia will match on you. It is best to have to go forward and check your self with these trivia questions. From the oldies who like basic or the youthful who like to take heed to pop songs, these trivia questions and solutions are a good way of enjoyable.

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These are designed by holding the all age teams in thoughts in order that they will study and get extra data about their favourite music, singer, or album as properly. So right here we’re going to begin, be alert and assume earlier than giving your solutions.

Trivia Questions On Music

trivia questions on music

1.What was the title of the lead singer of the pop group Tradition Membership in 1980?

2. What was the primary UK prime ten single of the singer Madonna?

3. On the infant grand piano, what number of keys are there?

4. What was the title of the singer who performed the position of lead singer for the band “Queen”?

5. What was the title of a singer whose world tour of 2013 is named “The Mrs. Carter Present”?

6. What’s the title of the nation that pop singer was born as Eilleen Regina Edwards?

7. Who’s the particular person with band Tijuana Brass?

8. What was the kind of a wooden about which the Beatles sing?

9. What’s the title of the one who composed 4 Seasons?

10. The album of Nirvana debut is named?

11.What’s the title of the singer who performs lead singer position for Pearl Jam?

12. In 1970, which singer had successful together with his music “Piano Man”?

13. Robyn Fenty is the title of which pop singer?

14. For which music group “Sound of the Underground” was the primary No.1?

15. Within the 12 months 2016, what’s the title of the musician who gained the Nobel Prize for Literature?

80’s Music Trivia Questions

80's music trivia questions

16. “The love we share appears to go nowhere and I’ve misplaced my mild” These are the lyrics of which well-known music?

17. What’s the title of the band who sing “Stroll Like An Egyptian”?

18. What was the title of the singer who sings “Straight up”?

19. In 1983, which band had successful with their music “Why Me”?

20. In 1985, which band with the duplicate title gave us “Damaged Wings”?

21. Which singer sang the title music of James Bond movie “License to Kill” within the late 80’s?

22. What’s the title of the singer who sings “Push it”?

23. What’s the title of two individuals who made up a band ‘Yazoo’?

24. In 1983-84 what’s the title of the singer who was from the New York Metropolis and had successful music with “Break My Stride”?

25. ”You spin me round” sung by?

26. Which particular person wrote the Bangles that may be a hit of 1986 ‘Manic Monday’?

27. With ‘Joe Le Taxi’ which particular person had a 1987 hit?

christmas trivia questions and answers hard

28. What’s the title of the singer who sings “Flash dance what a sense”?

29. Who sings the music “Bette Davis Eyes”?

30. In 1980 the Queen began out with the primary U.S. Quantity One hit of them. What was its title?

Music Trivia Questions and Solutions 2020

Everyone knows that music at all times defines our tradition and all through the years we’ve got seen too many artists come and go.

However do you could have full data of music? To know every little thing the music Trivia Questions and solutions is the perfect factor for you.

All of the artists glare serving to to form our society and giving some significance to the tradition.

These days music is among the finest and most essential forces to inform an actual story however the factor is that nobody is aware of extra in regards to the music they solely hear for enjoyment.

It is best to plan a music Trivia evening along with your family and friends. On this trendy music Trivia recreation, you’ll study too many issues in regards to the music.

On this music Trivia Questions and solutions, there are too many classes current together with the hip hop, classical, ’80s, 90’s rock music and plenty of extra.

If you’re a music lover and need to know extra to point out the music like to your family and friends you then would possibly discover satisfaction to do music Trivia with solutions.

You possibly can play our music trivia questions recreation to know the extent of music.

31.Who was the primary hit piano-playing singer identified with the title The Fats Man?

32.What was the music for which in 1982 Madonna launched her first video?

33.What’s the title of a US Singer who was known as a King of pop?

34. Who was bought married to the TrudieStyler?

35. What’s the title of an American rock’n’roll star that triggered controversy when he bought married to a younger teenager?

36. What was the title of the one who had made a extremely rated 1959 jazz album generally known as a Form of Blue?

37. Which particular person was changed the Ozzy Osbourne as a lead singer of Black Sabbath?

38. Is 1967, which was the best-known recording single of the group ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’?

39. Compose Vivaldi has the primary title?

40. Which singer launched the album, Alf?

41. ”Right here my expensive” album was launched by the which singer?

42. Which particular person was to composed Boris Godunov and the Footage at an Exhibition?

43. Which particular person has composed a classical piece Peter and the Wolf?

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44. What was the title of a band that was having its title after the scientist from a film Barbarella?

45. Which orchestral instrument are you able to play on the excessive word?

trivia questions on music

Music Quiz Questions And Solutions 2017

46. ‘The membership isn’t the perfect place to discover a lover’ are the lyrics of Ed Sheeran which hit music?

47. Who was a TV Present’s choose “The Voice,” and his band sang a music that had a title of “Animals”?

48. In June 2017, Which is the brand new single that’s launched by Liam Gallagher?

49. On a reside efficiency of Jools Holland, what sort of unconventional devices that one in every of backing Noel Gallagher band performs?

50. In 2017, what was the title of a feminine artist who had essentially the most streams on Spotify?

51. In 2017 which iconic hip hop group got here again?

52. Who’s the composer of church music?

53. In1742, Which particular person has composed the Messiah, first carried out?

54. Which particular person wrote Tales from Vienna Woods?

55. Who was the particular person generally known as the “King of Swing”?

56. What’s the which means of the title “ukulele” in Hawaiian?

57. What was the instrument of Stephane Grappelli?

58. What was the title of the brand new single that’s launched in June 2017 by Liam Gallagher?

59. At which place it’s thought {that a} banjo originated?

Trendy Music Trivia


60. What’s the title of the singer who sings the music “Horny again”?

61. In 1969, which legendary US pageant was hosted and happened over the 350,000 followers?

62. What’s the full title of the given music by the Mark Ronson? Uptown…

63. In 1997 which hit single was by The Actual McCoy had?

64. During which 12 months a music by George Gershwin “Rhapsody in Blue” was get performed for the very first time?

65. What’s the title of the music that launched and made Justin Bieber as superstardom?

66. In 1997 which single hit Mr. President had?

67. In 1994 which single hit Jodeci had?

68. In 1959, which three hottest singers killed by the aircraft crash?

69. In 1997 which hit single The Blackout Allstars had?

70. What s the title of Taylor Swift’s album that’s Shake It Off on?

71. Within the Nineteen Sixties which three bands had been the components of “British Invasion”?

72. Within the 12 months 1994, Which single hit the heavy D & The Boyz had?

73. By which Beatle the James Bond music was carried out?

74. What have you learnt that the Lorde won’t ever be?

Simple Music Trivia

75. How higher Robert Zimmerman knew?

76. Who’s the particular person whose nickname got here with the time period satchel mouth”?

77. For who the Gangsta’s Paradise was No 1?

78. What’s the title of the group who’s made up of the Gibbs?

79. Which particular person was backed up by Pharaohs?

80. What was the title of an individual that backed by His personal Playboy Band?

81. What’s the amount of people that had been there within the unique queen?

82. Celine Deion was born during which metropolis?

83. What’s the center title of Barbra Streisand?

84. with household stone who was singing?

85. members of the Silver Conference got here from which two locations

86. Brothers in arms is the best-selling album produced by?

87. Which particular person made a Sir Duke’s tribute?

88. In 1991 which particular person died who was the Def Leppard’s member?

89. Within the 60s which particular person Born A Single Woman in addition to a Lady?

Present Music Trivia

90. On Badfinger album which Clay Aiken single appeared initially?

91. What is known as the 2 or greater than two melodies or pitches sounding on the identical time?

92. During which music the Johnny Reznik sings that “Everyone seems to be forgiven now”?

93. What number of MTV actuality exhibits are those that used the music of Hilary Duff for his or her theme music?

94. Which rap act the Gorillaz’ single “Really feel Good Inc” are the featured members?

95. For the highschool expertise present which music was initially written by the Taylor Swift?

96. Which single of the Britney Spears was co-written by the Shania Twain?

97. In Jamaican dialect What single od Mattafix has a refrain?

98. Every distinctive sound’s instrument or voice is named?

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99. What’s the title of a British woman group who had a single generally known as “Pull Shapes”?

current music trivia

100. How the spice ladies get their names?

101. What’s the title of a UK “X Issue” winner who had an important hit “That’s My Purpose”?

102. Is the music “Wrecking ball” is written by the SIA?

103. What’s the title of a contestant in former “Pop Idol” who had a 2005 hit “Hold On”?

104. What’s the title of a girl whose fashionable lips impressed the Katy Perry to jot down a music “I Kissed a Woman”?

Music Trivia 2017

105. In 2017 which particular person was launched the ‘Human’, which is among the finest promoting songs?

106. The earlier albums of the Ed Sheeran are ‘+’ and ‘X’. What’s the subsequent mathematical image that he was chosen for his new launch in 2017?

107. What was the colour of the Badok of Cardi B’s?

108. Which woman was not introduced that she is pregnant in 2017?

109. What’s the title of a actuality star who was not made any music in 2017?

110. On which monitor of 2017, The Coldplay was teamed up with Chainsmokers?

111. What a part of the well-known singer Shakira’s physique just isn’t lie?

112. In 2017, which singer was essentially the most goggled?

113. Is the music bang bang was sung by the Selena Gomez?

114. Who’s a Lil Uzi Vert?

115. During which music Katy parry gave assist to jot down?

116. Which singer sings the music “Hey”?

117. Is Marilyn Manson a lady or a person?

118. IS the music “We’re younger” is sung by the black-eyed peas?

119. What’s the title of the pop energy couple who gave delivery to the twins Sir and Rumi?

Music Quiz Questions 2018

120. Zeze had hit of which singer?

121. At 2018 NFL Superbowl, Who was the feminine vocalist that carried out ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’?

122. ATM is the hit of which singer?

123. Who’re the super-duo Carter’s members?

124. The music “Once I Fall in Love” is sung by the?

125. Which singer just isn’t a member of A$AP?

126. Chun-Li is successful of which singer?

127. Earlier than the Travis Scott which rapper was dated the Kylie Jenner?

128. What was the surname of Chas of Chas & Dave who was died in 2018?

129. What was the title of Eminem’s album that was launched in 2018?

130. “Faux Love” is the hit of which singer?

131. Which singer had successful “Love Lies”?

132. What was the title of TDE artist “Jay Rock” album that was launched in 2018?

133. What’s the title of a rapper who has appeared in an animated film “Teen Titans Go” in 2018?

134. Who produced the last word monitor of Denzel Curry?

135. “Love Me Do” launched during which 12 months?

136. James Marshall Hendrix was the true title of which American singer?

137. True or false? The Micheal Jackson music album “Thriller” was the perfect promoting album of 1980.

138. The well-known Australian band AC/DC was discovered during which 12 months?

139. the music “From Me to You” is the music of which album of The Beatles?

140. The music “Rivers of Babylon” belonged from which album, and have you learnt the discharge date?

141. “Urge for food for Destruction” album title of which band?

142. In 2008 the youngest artist gained the album of the 12 months, what was her title?

143. “Now or By no means” is the title of a Canadian music album. Are you aware the title of the singer of this album, and on which date it was launched?

144. Useless and Gone is the title of the album launch on 3 January 2020, have you learnt the band title?

145. The American band “Inexperienced Day” lately launch an album on 7 February 2020, have you learnt the title of that album?

146. The place is Kanye West from?

147. Ozzy Osbourne is the previous lead vocalist of which basic heavy steel band?

148. The Grateful Useless’s highly-devoted fanbase are generally known as what?

149. Who had been the founding father of the well-known band “The Kinks”?

150. “Eternal Love” is the well-known music of which well-known 60’s band?

151. The Spencer Davis Group had been shaped within the well-known metropolis of UK “Birmingham”. is that this true?

152. 70’s well-known album “Resort California” launched during which 12 months?

153. Are you aware the title of debut album of the well-known band AC/DC?

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