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Top 10 Punjabi Songs of 2017

by Assessor

The music scene has undoubtedly changed over the decade especially in the Punjabi music industry. Music not only connects people but it also helps to uplift one’s mood. When words fail, music speaks. The Punjabi music industry has surely developed a lot over the time and has come a far way. A whole bunch of fresh new talent has been added to the singers lot, the endless talent within the group is diverse and unparalleled indeed.

To keep you upgraded with the music scene, Team ShoutLo has curated a list of Top 10 Punjabi Songs of 2017. Read on!

1. Na Ja – Pav Dharia

This fun number is all over the top charts these days with over 27 million views on YouTube and still counting. Na Ja by Pav Dharia is a joyful music number with some peppy beats. This song is catchy as well as intriguing. There’s this Arabian touch to the song which brings some Arabian feels to the viewers or listeners. Add this hit number to your playlist for an instant boost.

2. Backbone – Hardy Sandhu

Backbone is another hit of the year by the super talented Hardy Sandhu. Hardy Sandhu’s mesmerizing voice in this song is electrifying and refreshing. The music of the song is appealing and unforgettable. The oh-so-romantic uberly cool lyrics are typical. Add this song to your playlist for the cool easy-going feels.

3. Chal Jindua – Ranjit Bawa and Jasmine Sandlas

Chal Jindua from the movie Jindua is sung by Ranjit Bawa and Jasmine Sandlas. The song is quite lively and highly refreshing. The lyrics and music of this hit number is exceptionally remarkable. The new generation Punjabi feels of the song is phenomenal. Add this song to your playlist today.

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4. Londono Patola Reloaded – Jazzy B

The legendary Jazzy B is back with another album ‘Folk N Funky 2’. The foot-tapping number from the album is both electrifying and upbeat. This song is sure to give you a sudden kick. This song is a non-stop entertainment single and is already on the list of top party playlist songs. Add this to your party playlist today.

5. Zindagi – Akhil

The ‘Khwab’ hitmaker is back with another hit song Zindagi with over 22 million Youtube views and still counting. Akhil’s enchanting and dreamy voice is peerless and unsurpassable. The lyrics and the music of the song is A1. Add this dreamy romantic song to your playlist today.

6. Laddu – Garry Sandhu and Jasmine Sandlas

The fun peppy hit number by Garry Sandhu and Jasmine Sandlas is a must for this year’s playlist. The joyful and cheerful music of the song is amusing. The song is sure to leave you in high spirits. Add this song to your playlist today.

7. Snapchat – Jassi Gill

The hit machine Jassi Gill is back with a song named Snapchat this year. Snapchat is a peppy and catchy number which talks about the usage of very famous Snapchat app by a girl. The enjoyable and cheerful song has a young vibe to it. Add this song to your list today.

8. Choorhey Wali Bahh – Mankirt Aulakh

Choorhey Wali Bahh by Mankirt Aulakh is a slow rhythmic song with a romantic touch to it. Choorhey Wali Bahh as the name suggests is about the high hopes and wants of a girl who wishes to be married. The music of the song is outstanding. Add this song to your list today.

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9. Punjab – Gurdas Mann

The legendary Gurdas Mann is back with another hit ‘Punjab’. Punjab is an unusual number with heartwarming lyrics. The song hits the emotional side of the listeners and viewers. With over 15 million views on YouTube and still counting, Punjab is an extraordinary song. Add this number to your list today for some awakening.

10. Angreji Wali Madam – Kulwinder Billa, Dr. Zeus and Shipra Goyal

Shipra Goyal, Kulwinder Billa and Dr. Zeus have created magic in the song Angreji wali madam. The song is quite remarkable and the music is catchy. The hit number is entertaining and amusing. Add this song to your playlist today for some fun element.

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