10 Best Websites To Download Free Games For Your PC
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Ratingperson Presents: Top 10 Websites to Get Free PC Games

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Download free games on your computer

Today, there are numerous websites offering game downloads on the internet. However, most of these websites are corrupted and frustrating to use. They often redirect you to different pages instead of allowing you to download the game easily.

If you’re tired of unreliable websites and looking for real ones, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 legitimate websites where you can download free PC games.

The Best Websites to Download Free Games on Your PC

Here is a list of the ten best websites where you can download free games for your PC. These websites are trustworthy and provide a wide range of PC games for you to enjoy.

1. GameTop

With over 50 different categories, GameTop is a well-known platform for playing and downloading PC games. It offers both premium and free games, with a separate category dedicated to 1000 Free Games. You can download any PC game for free without the need to log in or sign up. Please note that GameTop games are only compatible with Windows.

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2. Epic Games

Epic Games is a dominant gaming store that not only produces its own games but also lists games from other creators. While most games on Epic Games are paid, they also offer some free games like Dauntless, Pinball FX, and Valorant. To download free games, you need to search for the game you want and check if it’s available for free. You can sign up with your Gmail, Facebook account, or create a new account with your email. Epic Games is compatible with both Windows and macOS.

3. Origin

Similar to Epic Games, Origin offers a variety of gaming categories like Action, Adventure, Racing, Shooter, Sports, and more. Although the number of free games on Origin is limited, they are of high quality. You can download these games without the need for any login details. Origin works on both macOS and Windows.

4. GOG Free Games

GOG (Gold Old Games) provides a collection of free PC games including Loria, Battle Wind, and Delores, among others. It may be challenging to find these free games on the website as GOG primarily focuses on paid games. However, you can download all the free games from the GOG website. The games from GOG are compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.

5. My Real Games

My Real Games is an awesome website where you can download full version games for your PC. It offers a wide range of game categories, including brain teasers, bubble shooters, and more. The website ensures 100% safe downloads with no viruses, spyware, or in-game ads. It works on Windows, iPad, Android, and iOS. No login or sign-up is required.

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6. My Play City

My Play City is a world-famous website known for its large collection of free casual games. It provides access to hundreds of full version premium PC games. You can find various games such as puzzle games, shooting games, and racing games on this platform. Most of the free games on My Play City are available for Windows only, and no email or ID is required.

7. Download Free Games

Download Free Games is a website that has been delivering great freeware and shareware games since 2002. It offers a logical and user-friendly interface suitable for all ages. The website features famous games like Super Mario 3 Mario Forever, Angry Birds, Minecraft, and Bejeweled 3 Deluxe, among others. No login details are required to download free PC games, and they work exclusively on Windows.

8. Itch.io

Itch.io boasts a vast collection of free PC games, with most of them available for Windows, and some for Linux and macOS. Some of these games have stunning 3D visuals. While Itch.io allows you to download ZIP files, you can easily convert them and enjoy free gaming. Besides free games, the website also offers exclusive paid games across various categories, making it one of the best websites for PC games.

9. Toomkygames

Toomkygames.com is the go-to address for free PC games. It offers hundreds of downloadable games in various categories such as action, racing, sports, cooking, and shooting. The website also has separate sections for games tailored to kids, boys, and girls. You can download PC games from Toomkygames.com without logging in or registering. Most games on the website are compatible with the Windows operating system. Additionally, you can play free games online on the website.

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10. Uptodown

Primarily an app store for Android apps, Uptodown also provides free games on its platform. It allows you to download and play a wide variety of Android games on your PC. Uptodown offers hundreds of games for free on Windows, macOS, and Android. No login is required to download the games.


When it comes to downloading free PC games, it’s important to prioritize safety. Many websites claiming to offer free games can potentially harm your system. That’s why it’s crucial to download games from authorized and reliable websites. All the websites mentioned above claim to provide secure downloads. So, go ahead and start exploring these fantastic websites to enjoy unlimited free gaming on your PC!

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