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Music developed considerably within the ‘80s. Rock music gained new floor with an explosion of recent subgenres that discovered their approach into the mainstream. A lot of rock bands got here into prominence within the ‘80s, showcasing a various variety of musical influences. Bands rooted within the blues rock sound of the ‘70s began experimenting with a heavier sound that might later evolve into heavy metallic. Onerous rock witnessed a resurgence, showcasing fashionable metallic elaborations. Whereas the sound bought heavier, it additionally diversified, branching into various metallic subgenres.

The ‘80s had been notable for kick-starting the solo careers of many musicians. The last decade can also be remembered for the emergence of virtuoso guitar gamers within the shred style. Sure rock bands that had appreciable success within the ‘70s discovered it troublesome to grapple with altering tastes within the ‘80s. Whereas many music purists don’t take into account the ‘80s to be the perfect decade for music, the last decade showcased a number of the most interesting albums and bands in rock historical past. Whereas the last decade is lengthy gone, the ‘80s have left us with epic recollections that we are going to cherish without end.

The record beneath showcases a various assortment of ‘80s rock bands from completely different rock genres. In the event you’re an enormous fan of that memorable decade, you may undoubtedly have one thing to say. Be happy to precise your views and opinions within the feedback part.

High 10 Finest Rock Bands of the ‘80s

  1. Weapons N’ Roses (Onerous Rock/Glam Metallic)
  2. Queen (Rock)
  3. Metallica (Heavy Metallic/Thrash Metallic)
  4. AC/DC (Onerous Rock)
  5. Bon Jovi (Rock/Onerous Rock/Glam Metallic)
  6. Foreigner Rock/Onerous Rock)
  7. Journey (Rock/Onerous Rock)
  8. Motorhead (Heavy Metallic/Pace Metallic)
  9. R.E.M. (Rock/Various Rock)
  10. U2 (Rock)

Music TV within the ’80s

Because of music tv, rock music reached its pinnacle within the ‘80s. MTV, which launched in 1981, showcased various mainstream and non-mainstream rock bands. Music movies aired by MTV turned all the fad within the ‘80s. AOR bands turned vastly profitable on this decade. Area rock, which got here into being within the mid ’70s, turned epic within the ‘80s. Sure rock bands with a extra melodic sound prolonged their attain, drawing in audiences from different genres.


11. Judas Priest (Heavy Metallic)

12. Van Halen (Onerous Rock)

13. Whitesnake (Onerous Rock)

14. Def Leppard (Rock/Onerous Rock)

15. REO Speedwagon (Rock/Onerous Rock)

16. Megadeth (Heavy Metallic/Thrash Metallic/Pace Metallic)

17. Iron Maiden (Heavy Metallic)

18. The Police (Rock)

19. ZZ High (Rock/Blues Rock)

20. Aerosmith (Rock/Onerous Rock)

Onerous Rock and Glam Metallic within the ‘80s

Glam metallic soared to new heights on this decade. Bands related to the style had great world success. A lot of hair bands of the ‘80s toured extensively and earned fairly a popularity for his or her dwell performances. The last decade was phenomenal for laborious rock and glam metallic. Document labels had been fast to money in on the success of glam metallic bands. A lot of main report labels launched compilation albums of hair metallic and laborious rock bands. Energy ballads and acoustic rock ballads turned the signature sound for a lot of acts throughout this decade.


21. Motley Crue (Glam Metallic/Onerous Rock)

22. Dio (Heavy Metallic)

23. Poison (Glam Metallic/Onerous Rock)

24. Dire Straits (Rock)

25. Scorpions (Rock/Onerous Rock)

26. Coronary heart (Rock/Onerous Rock)

27. Tears For Fears (Pop Rock/New Wave)

28. Quiet Riot (Heavy Metallic/Onerous Rock/Glam Metallic)

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29. Survivor (Rock/Onerous Rock)

30. Europe (Rock/Onerous Rock)

31. Kiss (Rock/Onerous Rock)

32. Bauhaus (Gothic Rock)

33. New Order (Rock)

34. Venom (Excessive Metallic/Thrash Metallic/Pace Metallic)

35. The Treatment (Rock/Gothic Rock/Put up-Punk)

36. Slayer (Thrash Metallic)

37. Black Sabbath (Heavy Metallic)

38. Dangerous Brains (Hardcore Punk)

39. Cinderella (Glam Metallic/Onerous Rock)

40. The Psychedelic Furs (Rock/Put up-Punk/New Wave)

Various Rock within the ‘80s

Whereas different rock was an underground phenomena within the ‘80s, the motion laid the groundwork for the style within the ‘90s. The vast majority of bands related to the style launched albums independently. Whereas few managed to strike recording contracts with main report labels, many various acts launched low-budget albums that had been offered throughout dwell performances at concert events, garnering them cult followings. Sure school radio stations and fanzines promoted the choice tradition in an enormous approach. The underground music motion, which was intensive in the US of America, quickly unfold to different components of the world within the type of jangle pop and indie rock.


41. Anthrax (Heavy Metallic/Thrash Metallic/Pace Metallic)

42. Siouxsie and the Banshees (Rock/Put up-Punk/Various Rock)

43. Twisted Sister (Heavy Metallic)

44. Saxon (Heavy Metallic)

45. Dokken (Heavy Metallic/Glam Metallic)

46. The Smiths (Various Rock/Indie Rock)

47. Exodus (Thrash Metallic)

48. Husker Du (Rock/Various Rock/Punk Rock)

49. Chicago (Rock/Comfortable Rock)

50. Duran Duran (New Wave)

51. Rush (Progressive Rock)

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52. The Replacements (Various Rock/Punk Rock)

53. Sepultura (Heavy Metallic/Groove Metallic)

54. Loverboy (Rock/Onerous Rock)

55. A Flock of Seagulls (New Wave)

56. A-ha (Pop Rock)

57. Love and Rockets (Various Rock/Gothic Rock)

58. Manowar (Heavy Metallic)

59. Napalm Demise (Grindcore)

60. Black Flag (Punk Rock/Hardcore Punk)

Heavy Metallic within the ‘80s

Thrash metallic and velocity metallic turned prevalent within the ‘80s. Whereas each of those excessive subgenres didn’t garner mainstream success, they influenced a brand new era of contemporary rock musicians. Whereas ‘70s heavy metallic was dominated by British bands and acts from the US, through the ‘80s, heavy metallic unfold throughout the globe. Scandinavian heavy metallic bands got here into prominence with their signature darkish and gloomy riffs, inspiring many metallic bands to come back.


61. Diamond Head (Heavy Metallic)

62. The Mekons (Punk Rock/Put up-Punk)

63. Primal Scream (Rock/Various Rock)

64. The Pogues (Celtic Punk/People Punk)

65. Lifeless Kennedys (Hardcore Punk/Punk Rock)

66. Echo & the Bunnymen (Rock/New Wave)

67. Toto (Rock)

68. Purple Sizzling Chili Peppers (Funk Rock)

69. Testomony (Thrash Metallic)

70. The Bangles (Pop Rock)

71. D.O.A. (Hardcore Punk/Punk Rock)

72. Sonic Youth (Various Rock/Noise Rock)

73. Demise Angel (Thrash Metallic)

74. Cocteau Twins (Rock/Gothic Rock)

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75. Settle for (Heavy Metallic)

76. Kreator (Thrash Metallic)

77. The Ramones (Punk Rock)

78. America (Rock)

79. Pantera (Groove Metallic)

80. Suicidal Tendencies (Crossover Thrash/Hardcore Punk)

Punk Rock and Hardcore Punk within the ‘80s

Whereas punk rock flourished all through the ‘80s, the style remained firmly rooted within the underground music scene. The New York Hardcore Punk scene garnered a cult following. Pioneering hardcore punk bands performed a pivotal position in influencing, shaping, and magnifying the punk sound of later a long time. Main report labels took discover of the dominance of hardcore punk within the underground music scene and signed report offers with rising acts. A lot of punk bands that began their careers within the late ‘80s achieved great industrial success within the ‘90s.


81. My Bloody Valentine (Rock/Shoegazing)

82. Devo (Rock/New Wave)

83. Killing Joke (Put up-Punk/Industrial Rock)

84. Sure (Progressive Rock)

85. Savatage (Heavy Metallic)

86. Krokus (Onerous Rock/Heavy Metallic)

87. Violent Femmes (People Punk)

88. Triumph (Onerous Rock)

89. Anvil (Heavy Metallic/Pace Metallic)

90. Dinosaur Jr. (Various Rock/Rock)

91. Rolling Stones (Rock)

92. The Automobiles (Rock/New Wave)

93. Pink Floyd (Psychedelic Rock/Rock)

94. Marillion (Progressive Rock)

95. Easy Minds (Rock/Put up-Punk/New Wave)

96. The Conflict (Punk Rock)

97. Fleetwood Mac (Rock/Pop Rock)

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