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10 FREE Anime Websites to Watch Best Anime Online

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10 FREE Anime Websites to Watch Best Anime Online

Anime is a fantasy world the fans live in. Watching their favorite episodes over and over again on free anime websites is something they cherish. Most series have hundreds of episodes. So, where can you watch them? How can you always get access to your favorite series and get good suggestions to start with? Worry not!

FREE Anime Websites to Watch the Best Anime Online

Here is a list of exceptional anime websites you can access for free to watch the most popular ones online. The free streaming services will surely deliver a thrill and satisfy your anime craving. Access these online portals anytime anywhere and start binge-watching anime episodes for free.

Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online Free

All you need is a laptop, PC, or smartphone to access these websites. The epic episodes of twists and battles are waiting to be watched for free. Check out this list of free websites to watch anime online free.

1. Crunchyroll

The first name that pops up in the minds of anime lovers is Crunchyroll. This website has an exceptional collection in different segments. You will be surprised to know that this portal is a joint venture of Sony Pictures and Aniplex (Japan) andwatch anime for free but it has certain features locked behind a paywall.

Crunchyroll free anime


  • It is an ad-supported anime-free website.
  • The portal is VPN-friendly and supports multiple languages.
  • It supports Android, iOS, Xbox, Roku, Windows, Mac, and smart TVs.
  • Anime fans will also find a manga section to read and games to play.


Though it’s Free to use. If you want to stream anime with better quality and more streaming power, the premium plan starts at $7.99/month and goes upto $14.99/month.

Website Link: https://www.crunchyroll.com/

2. 9Anime

Hailed as one of the best anime websites, 9Anime offers top-class collections in different genres. You can watch anime free in different categories without paying a dime. It streams high-quality videos for all available episodes. The catchy interface even makes it ideal to find your favorite and new series.

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9Anime free anime website


  • Find ongoing, old, and upcoming anime series and movies easily
  • Use the features to filter episodes by season, quality, year, language, and genre.
  • Fans can also request to upload particular anime series to the service provider
  • It supports any operating system for PCs, smart TVs, and smart devices.


It is free to stream for everyone.

Website Link: https://9animes.ph/

3. GoGoAnime

Whether you prefer animation movies or anime series, GoGoAnime is the leading portal to visit. This free portal offers popular anime series to binge-watch. Its simple user interface allows you to search and watch anime series and movies hassle-free.

gogoanime anime free website


  • Multiple genres of anime are available for free.
  • Users can also request certain series and movies to upload.
  • You can download episodes without any subscription.


Free to use

Website Link: https://ww4.gogoanime2.org/

4. AnimeDao

Another portal owned by Sony, AnimeDao is loved by fans to watch popular ongoing, old, and upcoming anime series. It offers English subtitles and English audio too. Make a watch list and find the series to watch here.

AnimeDao free online anime


  • You can watch the latest episodes here within hours of television release.
  • Multiple genres of anime with subtitles and dubbing are available on this website.
  • Support all devices but only in selective countries.


Free to use

Website Link: https://animedao.to/

5. KissAnime

KissAnime offers over 4000 episodes to stream. You can choose a suitable resolution for watching anime online based on your internet service plan. Watch new episodes within hours of their release worldwide here for free. This portal offers exclusive choices in terms of video resolution to stream anime online.

kissAnime free online anime


  • This online anime portal offers video quality up to 4K.
  • It supports all kinds of operating systems for smart devices and TVs.
  • Get dubbed and subbed versions to watch.


It is free

Website Link: https://kissanime.com.ru/kissanime-home.html

6. Masteranime

Masteranime is one of the best anime websites to watch anime for free. It also offers a discussion platform for anime fans. You can stream unlimited episodes at high quality to binge-watch. Join the forums here to talk about protagonists, antagonists, side characters, storylines, etc. You can also create a forum and connect with fans socially.

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masterani anime free online


  • It has a user-friendly interface to find and segment anime series.
  • No need for any registration or creating an account to watch for free.
  • Get ratings and additional information on available series.
  • It supports all operating systems for PC, laptops, and smart devices.


Free to use.

Website Link: https://masteranime.tv/

7. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is a popular name among fans. Watch anime free here and get proper updates for ongoing and upcoming anime series. Simply make a wish list and find the names among over 1000 entries. This ad-driven website makes navigation a lot easier.

Chia-Anime free website for anime


  • Navigate genre-wise content and make a list of your own.
  • You can also find anime movies and original soundtracks too.
  • This portal supports Mac, Windows, Android, Amazon Fire TVs, iOS, and Smart TVs.


It is free to use

Website Link: https://chia-anime.su/info.html

8. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the top choices among the free anime websites to look for. It has over 35,000+ TV shows and movies to binge-watch. In fact, you can stream 95+ channels on it for free. This anime portal has 250+ entertainment partners, a plus reward for anime fans. This portal is multifunctional and ideal for anime fans to find exceptional content in no time.

Tubi-TV-Anime free


  • Find movies and TV shows with ease through its user-friendly interface.
  • Its library possesses classic vintage anime shows too.
  • You can also resume watching a movie or an episode easily.


It is free.

Website Link: https://tubitv.com/category/anime

9. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven is one of the best online portals to watch anime for free. This portal offers more than 10,000 TV shows and movies in this category. You will find classic and ongoing anime shows to watch. The episodes are well-displayed and are easier to find. Simply type the name of an anime TV show or movie and find the episodes.

anime-heaven free anime


  • It has a mobile-friendly interface. You can watch your favorite Anime episodes and movies on the go.
  • This website does not display pop-up ads in the middle of streaming anime content.
  • It supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. Hence, you can use any device to stream episodes and movies.
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It is free to access.

Website Link: https://animeheaven.ru/

10. Anime Planet

Anime Planet is a commendable portal to watch free anime movies and episodes. Its wide list covers over 45,000 episodes. This wide list can be categorized easily. You can even make a wish list and talk with other anime fans in forums.


  • This website provides custom lists, anime character rankings, and communities to be a part of.
  • It has a manga library to scout for free.
  • Use any device to stream anime online for free on this website.


It is free.

Website Link: https://www.anime-planet.com/


Why wait any longer? Take the plunge and explore the world of free anime websites to enhance your entertainment experience. With a plethora of suitable options available, you can now access an abundance of anime content without any cost, immersing yourself in the pure pleasure of animation. Create your personalized wish list and embark on your anime journey today, watching episodes for free and indulging in the captivating world of anime.

Don’t miss out on the excitement; start enjoying your favorite anime right away!

FAQs – Free Anime Websites

1. Which are the top free anime websites to check?

The top free anime websites fans prefer are:

  • 9anime
  • Gogoanime
  • CONtv
  • Anime Planet
  • Kissanime

These websites offer free anime content to stream and watch on the go. These portals support all modern operating systems for PCs, laptops, and smart devices.

2. Where can I watch anime for free?

The leading free anime online portals to check are GoGoAnime, 9Anime, ConTV, Anime-Planet, KissAnime, etc.

3. Will there be ads if I watch anime online for free?

Some anime websites are ad-driven. They do not showcase ads during streaming. You may encounter ads at the beginning only.

4. Why anime is popular among the modern population?

Japan has created a remarkable animated medium to tell gripping stories. Even the side characters have exceptional storylines that fans love. They also like to escape to the fantasy world of anime to find solace. Fans of all generations love to watch anime. In fact, popular anime series and movies have huge communities across the world.

5. Is streaming anime online illegal?

Watching anime online is not illegal if you have chosen a legit source. There are legal online channels where you can watch anime for free or with a subscription. Streaming online from a source with no copyright is illegal.

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