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10 Best Torrenting Sites of 2023

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10 Best Torrenting Sites of 2023

Are you looking to download your favorite movies, music, or TV shows but are unsure where to start? There are a lot of torrent sites out there, and we’re here to help you sift through the noise. It’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole searching for the best torrenting sites for your needs, especially since many good sites won’t even show up on your search engine. That’s why we wanted to do the work for you. After a lot of testing and research, here are the 10 best torrenting sites we’ve come across so far in 2023.

Before diving in, we wanted to let you know that all of these sites are highly ranked by Alexa. Essentially, the higher the Alexa ranking there is on a torrent site worldwide, the more visitors that site has regularly. High Alexa ratings ensure that a site is much more trustworthy, leaving you less likely to run into issues like popups and low-quality torrents.

We also recommend using Surfshark, which is one of the best VPNs for torrenting, to encrypt your IP address for an extra layer of security.

Pirate Bay homepage

Best For: User-Friendly Interface

Alexa Global Rank: 171

Ranked the best torrent site overall, The Pirate Bay showcases the widest variety of movies, games, and TV shows with a simple interface. It’s not only a trustworthy site, but your screen will be free from the eyesores of pop-up ads. If you want to torrent on The Pirate Bay anonymously without losing a lot of speed, Surfshark is a great option. It offers P2P-friendly servers and extra security features like a kill switch and data leak protection.

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Check out The Pirate Bay.

RARGB homepage

Best For: Quality Content

Alexa Global Rank: 391

RARBG not only has fast downloads and a clean layout but an active community that ensures quality content. They have an extensive library of movie, TV, and music torrents with a wide variety of categories to select. Be sure to check if RARBG is blocked in your country before browsing.

While there are many perks of downloading content from these torrenting sites, it’s important to note that other people will be able to see your IP address while using them. What does that mean for you? Your IP address could be passed along to an internet service provider, which can not only slow down your speeds or block you from downloading a given file but can also lead to legal issues. That’s why using a secure VPN service is so crucial to the torrenting process.

Check out RARBG.

1337x homepage

Best For: Large Library Selection

Alexa Global Rank: 292

With its simple, easy-to-follow interface, 1337X is known for seamlessly categorizing its torrents for stress-free downloads. Whether you’re looking to download apps, TV shows, games, music, or all the above, you won’t be disappointed with the selection 1337X has to offer. Just be careful where you browse- some of the pop-ups are NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

If you choose to use 1337X, remember to use a VPN for torrenting to protect your privacy and data. You’ll be able to fly under the radar and avoid tracking from your ISP and other surveillance organizations.

Check out 1337X.

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top bittorrent sites 2022 3

Best For: Music Files

Alexa Global Rank: 9,984

Music lovers, rejoice! Torrentz2 has any song you could possibly want to download. With its minimalistic, search engine style layout, Torrentz compiles results from multiple search engines at once. Using various search engines allows for a wide variety of music to download, so although Torrentz is relatively new, it’s a reliable torrent site in spite of its Alexa ranking.

Torrentz is a popular clone of what was formerly known as Torrentz2. Unfortunately, Torrentz2 was shut down for legal reasons, but many of the torrenting sites on this page are great alternatives as well.

Check out Torrentz2.

YTS.AM homepage

Best For: Movies

Alexa Global Rank: 934

YTS.MX is primarily focused on movies and has among the highest volume of visitors to date. With a wide variety of movies to choose from, YTS is a movie lover’s dream that also happens to be easy on your bandwidth. The only drawback is that you will need to search elsewhere for games, music, or TV shows. Be sure to use a VPN for torrenting before you start downloading, that way you can avoid ISP speed throttling or flags on your personal IP address.

Check out YTS.MX.

top bittorrent sites 2022 5

Best For: TV Shows

Alexa Global Rank: 1,175

Known as one of the best torrent sites for TV shows, EZTV has a large user volume and an extensive amount of TV shows to choose from. EZTV offers anything from recent TV hits and reality shows to late-night TV and NASCAR races. Keep in mind that their library mainly caters to US and British TV shows.

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Check out EZTV.

Zooqle homepage

Best For: Download Speeds

Alexa Global Rank: 3,024

Zooqle tends to have torrents that you cannot find on other torrent sites. While it is a newer torrenting site, Zooqle has many TV shows, movies, and games to choose from. It also has fast download speeds, with a slight drawback in the layout of the interface.

Check out Zooqle.

top bittorrent sites 2022 7

Best For: Niche Content

Alexa Global Rank: 2,903

A newer player in the torrenting space, Torrends.to is known as one of the best torrent sites for software downloads. It not only has a clean layout but a wide selection of niche content that may not be as readily available on other torrenting sites. Keep in mind that there is a chance Torrends.to could be blocked in your country.

Check out Torrends.to.

LimeTorrents homepage

Best For: Beginners

Alexa Global Rank: 1,432

LimeTorrents is a great torrent site for beginners and acts as an excellent alternative when your other favorite torrent sites are down. This torrenting site often has new releases with faster download speeds, but these download speeds can be slow or inconsistent with older torrents.

Check out LimeTorrents.

Torlock homepage

Best For: Anime

Alexa Global Rank: 6,990

Torlock is your one-stop site for anime torrents. Torlock’s interface helps you find the best content along with a great selection of ebook and music torrents. Just be careful of some of the racy ads that can pop up if you don’t have an ad blocker.

Check out Torlock.

Additional Torrent Sites

As torrent sites often go down or are taken down, having a diverse list to choose from is important. While they didn’t make our Top 10, these torrent sites are still worth mentioning:


Originally founded as myBittorrent, a split happened between the two creators of the site, leading to the inception of YourBitTorrent. With a smart user interface and over 2 million available torrents, YourBitTorrent is a great option.


BitPort is a torrent client as well as a torrent website, meaning you can access and download torrents knowing it’s secure and encrypted (we still encourage the use of a secure VPN). Additionally, BitPort uses cloud technology so obtrusion is not a worry.


A solid overall site with an unfortunate history of blocks. With over 1 million torrents, TorrentProject is an excellent source for newer content.

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