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Watch Boxing Online: 11 Free Sites to Live Stream Boxing in 2023

by Assessor

You can love boxing regardless of where you live. But, depending on your location, you may have a hard time tuning in to your favorite boxing matches. High-profile or pay-per-view matches tend to be restricted to certain countries or are locked behind a paywall.

Luckily, you can still watch boxing for free from anywhere in the world. You just need a VPN to change your IP address and unblock boxing streams.

Some boxing lovers turn to free boxing streaming sites to catch the action. If you choose this route, we recommend using a VPN to protect your privacy on these ad-riddled and potentially unsecured sites. We’ve tested many VPNs, and NordVPN is the undisputed choice for watching boxing online.

Top 11 Free Boxing Streaming Sites: Where to Watch Boxing in 2023

We’ve been bounced from pillar to post in search of free streaming platforms that sports fans are using to watch their favorite bouts.

In our research, one thing was clear: You need a strong VPN like NordVPN to secure your internet connection and access these sites without endangering your personal information. So don’t move forward without one.

Now, let’s ring the bell and get this going. Here are the 11 best sites for free boxing live streams.

1. DaddyLiveHD: A comprehensive library of live sports channels

Screenshot of DaddyLiveHD website, Live sports and entertainment channels

Visit: DaddyLiveHD

When USTVGO shut down in early 2023, people struggled to find a replacement. Most turned to private IPTV providers, even if they’re extremely hard to set up. People who wanted a browser-based solution picked DaddyLiveHD, one of the best free streaming sites right now.

It’s not the best live TV site on the planet. It has more ads than USTVGO did, and streams sometimes buffer. But people still flocked to it thanks to its comprehensive list of over 310 channels from the EU, US, and Latin America.

DaddyLiveHD has most channels boxing enthusiasts care about, like ESPN and Fox Sports. Not to mention, DaddyLive offers a detailed schedule of all upcoming events. It also advertises PPV main events, so chances are streamers might find high-profile bouts that aren’t available on regular cable.

2. StreamEast: A sleek design, good UX, total boxing coverage

Screenshot of StreamEast website with added logo in the bottom right corner, Boxing category

Visit: StreamEast

StreamEast has the trappings of legitimacy — there are no pop-up ads or banners when you first land on the site, and it has a pretty sleek design. For the first few minutes, it’s a pleasant user experience. And, if you use a good ad-blocker, you’d never know they had ads at all.

Streams come in HD quality and are reliable and steady. They’ve got every major fight on their boxing schedule, including those televised on standard broadcasting and PPV bouts. This makes it one of the best free streaming platforms around.

StreamEast caters to live viewers, so there are no replays or rewatching. Just visit the site on the day of boxing matches, and they’ll likely be broadcasting the world’s biggest clashes in the squared circle.

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Of course, if anything sounds too good to be true, it must be. Like many others, this site hosts external streams and links. We can’t verify if the streams are legitimate or secure. Fans looking for the next big boxing match often opt for a VPN to limit data sharing with unfamiliar sites.

3. Buffstreams: Beginner-friendly interface with PPV streams

Screenshot of BuffStreams website with logo in the corner

Visit: Buffstreams

Buffstreams is a user-friendly platform with helpful sports categories for their streams. You’ll likely find live streams of PPV boxing matches and marquee main events on this site. You can also watch other sports like basketball, soccer, NFL, MMA, and rugby.

Users can browse boxing matches based on availability — which ones are live now and which are upcoming. Not to mention, Buffstreams also has a special schedule for big events that are coming soon.

Buffstreams is lower on the list because it has some invasive ads, and it takes a while before you can press play on a stream. But the quality is good, so it’s a platform many sports streamers still flock to. Keep in mind that streams on Buffstreams are usually hosted by outside sources, and there’s no way to know if they’re licensed or not.

4. Stream2Watch: Good option for European boxing fans

Screenshot of a Stream2Watch website homepage

Visit: Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is a big streaming site. Like Buffstreams, it doesn’t group its streams based on the channel it’s broadcasting from but rather on the sport it’s covering. Uniquely Stream2Watch has a lot of channels from the United Kingdom, like Eurosport, BBC, and Sky Sports.

While it may be slightly more confusing to navigate, Stream2Watch is a great choice for events that take place outside the US. With British boxing seeing a resurgence in recent years, this is a solid place for boxing fans to watch their UK favorites.

Like other sites on this list, you’ll encounter ads on Stream2Watch. The ads aren’t too invasive, but we still recommend using a VPN when visiting this site to protect your privacy and avoid adware.

5. FreeInterTV: Loads of free sports channels, including boxing

FreeInterTV screenshot showing how you want watch boxing

Visit: FreeInterTV

FreeInterTV is a good pick to watch live boxing and other sporting events. It offers access to free streams from Fox Sports, ESPN, HBO Boxing, and European sites like Sport Baltic or FightBox.

FreeInterTV is a Russian free streaming site, but it has streams from live channels all across the globe. This includes news channels, music channels, and even regular entertainment channels.

While its interface feels outdated and a bit tricky to navigate, it offers solid streams in high definition without overly intrusive ads. If the channel isn’t US or US-based, then commentary will likely be in Russian.

6. Live TV: A great option for fans of all sports

LiveTV homepage showing how you want watch boxing

Visit: Live TV

Live TV is an all-inclusive site for sports streams and videos. Besides video content, Live TV has information about upcoming broadcasts, previews, and a forum. It has been active since 2006, so it’s a reliable site to access sports content.

However, it’s lower on our list because it’s not too big on boxing. While the site has a category for boxing streams and videos, it’s empty most of the time. The site is more geared toward soccer. Still, boxing fans make their way to Live TV if there’s a big match on the horizon and other sites are having issues.

We recommend using a VPN when visiting Live TV to prevent tracking and secure your connection from online threats.

7. VIPRow Sports: Front-row seat to dozens of sporting events

Screenshot of VIPRow Sports, website homepage

Visit: VIPRow Sports

VIPRow Sports is a one-stop shop for all sports live streams. From boxing to football, baseball, MMA, and even snooker, VIPRow Sports has a ton of live streams for every sport.

So what about boxing? VIPRow Sports takes you ringside in Las Vegas. It features boxing live streams from Showtime, ESPN, and other streaming services. It even has links for matches that aren’t high-profile.

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Fans who want to tune into a bout will likely find a link on VIPRow Sports. The site’s a bit rough around the edges. It loads slowly, has an old-fashioned interface, and the pop-up ads can get annoying. But streamers often find it’s worth checking if they can’t find a live stream link elsewhere.

8. Buffstream: Decent library but a janky design

Homepage of the BuffStream.io sports streaming website

Visit: Buffstream

This one, Buffstream — the one-letter difference is an obvious rip-off of the more popular Buffstreams. Nevertheless, it’s an up-and-coming free sports streaming site that many use to watch boxing for free. It also has a lot of links to live streams and a limited archive of popular fights (as well as games from other sports).

Buffstream has a very poor site design. Some of the streams we opened to test this site required us to sign up for access, which we advise against. You never know what you’re registering for with this kind of site.

If you decide to visit Buffstream, we recommend using a VPN for an added layer of protection. Always keep your guard up with these kinds of sites.

9. FirstRow Sports: Hit or miss stream availability

Screenshot of FirstRow Sports website homepage

Visit: FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports is not the best boxing streaming site. When we tested its links, the site had only three streams for upcoming bouts. What’s worse, most of them sent us to 404 error pages or random sites that didn’t feature any matches. That’s why it’s close to the bottom of our list.

However, plenty of streamers swear by it, and it’s a popular choice for watching sports online. So, if there’s no link to a boxing match elsewhere or no other option on this list works, FirstRow Sports is worth checking. Just don’t expect much.

And, of course, use a VPN when visiting this site to protect your privacy.

10. SportSurge: Great track record and a smooth interface

Homepage of the sports streaming website SportSurge

Visit: SportSurge

SportSurge is a great index for vetted streaming sites that make sporting events available for free. Whenever we checked it in the past, it offered great access to sports streams, and of course, it covers boxing, as well.

Not to mention, SportSurge is also very well-designed, making it extremely easy to navigate and pick streams to enjoy.

SportSurge worked the last few times we checked it. But it has been down a lot in the past year; that’s why it’s lower on our list.

11. 123TV: Best for boxing and multiple sports (currently down)

Screenshot of a 123TV website homepage

Visit: 123TV

Like USTVGO, 123TV offers unrestricted access to live US sports channels. Visitors of the site can enjoy programming from channels like ESPN, Showtime, and HBO.

123TV doesn’t push a VPN as hard as USTVGO, but it still recommends getting one with a pop-up that displays your IP whenever you visit the site. With over 100 channels of live American television, any boxing match that’ll be broadcast on one of the major US channels will be available to watch here.

Why so low on the list? 123TV would sit atop many lists, but it hasn’t been working properly this year. Some channels don’t work at all, while others have hit-or-miss reliability. We’re watching this one, but for now, it’s floundering. We may pull it soon.

Watch Boxing Online: Official Sites

If you don’t want to engage with unlicensed free streaming services, you can watch boxing online on trusted, licensed sites. It’s usually easier to find the stream you need, and you won’t have to bother with pop-up ads. Of course, these sites require you to pay to access their services.

Here are the most popular official streaming services to watch boxing online.

For on-demand streaming, all of these options work. However, for specific PPV bouts, you’ll need to research which ones distribute the upcoming fights you want to watch, as boxing promoters have different licensing agreements.

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How to Watch Boxing Online From Anywhere

Because of TV distribution rights, boxing matches can only be shown in certain parts of the world. To watch these matches from a different location, you need to have an IP address from one of the countries where the match is streaming.

A VPN (virtual private network) can change your IP address, making it look like you’re browsing the web from somewhere else. If you’re vacationing in Spain but want to watch a US-only boxing match stream on ESPN+, all you need to do is fire up your VPN and head over to your streaming site of choice.

Here’s how to watch fights that aren’t available in your country:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service. We recommend NordVPN, we’ve used it to stream live boxing matches from all over the world.
  2. Download the VPN app. You’ll get a download link as soon as you sign up. The app depends on whether you want to watch events on your iPhone or Android, desktop PC or Mac, or even your Smart TV. Just look at NordVPN’s main card below:Screenshot of NordVPN, device availability
  3. Install the software. Your system’s install wizard will take care of this for you. Unless you’re using a Smart TV, then you might need a little help from our guide on Smart TV VPN installation.
  4. Connect to a server in the country where the fight is available. For example, Americans abroad would need a US server, since ESPN+ often works exclusively with Tyson Fury and Top Rank promotions. But those from the United Kingdom would need to connect to the UK back home for the same fight on TNT Sports Box Office.
  5. Access the site that distributes the bout.
  6. (Optional) Pay for the PPV event. If you don’t want to access an unofficial livestream, most platforms will ask for a price to tune in.
  7. Enjoy the fight!

Whether we like it or not, some fights aren’t available worldwide. If you follow the steps above, though, you should be able to change your IP and enjoy any boxing match around the world.

When Do You Need a VPN to Watch Boxing?

You’ll need a VPN to stream boxing in certain situations. The most common are:

  • You’re a fight fan outside of a country that broadcasts a certain fight.
  • It’s vacation time overseas, but you want to watch an upcoming fight with commentary in your language.
  • You have a subscription to a certain boxing website like Showtime, but you’re in a country where that service isn’t available.
  • You want to watch boxing online for free.

A VPN can help you in these cases. For starters, it changes your IP address to an IP from your country of choice. This way, you can access any type of content that would otherwise be restricted in your current location.

A solid VPN will also keep you safe by encrypting your data on unsecured streaming sites, and providing valuable privacy protection like a kill switch. This is essential if you’re using a free streaming site to keep your data safe from hackers, trackers and other third-parties interested in your online activity.

Luckily, NordVPN has all of these useful features. If you want to watch boxing online safely, there’s no better choice.

The Wrap-Up: How to Never Miss Out on the Action

Whether you’re an old-school boxing fan, or a newcomer roped in by Jake Paul and these blockbuster MMA crossover fights (we showed you how to watch Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou from anywhere), there are usually a lot of events to be excited about.

The middleweight and lightweight divisions are on fire, and it seems the heavyweight division is about to get their act together and put on some real fights in 2024.

There’s nothing more thrilling than watching two talented athletes battle it out in their prime. If you’re a fan of the sport, get NordVPN, choose a streaming site, grab a cold one, and start watching. We’ve shown you it can how easy it can be to the watch “The Sweet Science” for free. Just remember to keep your chin down, guard up and protect yourself with NordVPN.

Make sure to browse around our homepage. We often publish articles about the most exciting upcoming bouts and sporting events and how you can watch them online. In the meantime, check out our guides to live-streaming other sports online:

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