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Get In The Mood With These 10 Online Erotica Sites

by Assessor

Fantasies can be among your best sexual experiences because the only limit is your imagination. Luckily, when your imagination goes blank, online erotica sites like Literotica can light the spark. Erotic fiction is meant to arouse sexual desire, and it can give you some innovative ideas for the bedroom — or just be fun reading when the mood is right. With the help of online erotica, you can turn boring, mediocre sex into a mind-blowing event.

These 10 steamy websites similar to the ultra-famous Literotica are guaranteed to stimulate the sexiest organ in your body: your mind. There’s a little something for all kinds of sexual tastes, whether you like your erotic fiction to be tame or totally out there. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that you need to be at least 18 years old to access many of these website — so you younger folks will just have to learn about sex from the romance novels you found in your basement, just like the rest of us did. Don’t worry, your time will come.

So, go ahead: Get under the covers, get cozy, and pull up your phone. There’s a lot of reading — and heavy breathing — to do.


Part-social media, part-database, all erotica. This site boasts a wide range of stories from a wide range of people. Like college sex? They have it. Enjoy a good historical romp? Oh, it’s there. More into poetry? Well, Lord Byron, I’m impressed that you came back from the dead, but don’t worry they have that, too. Once you’ve exhausted all of that (and probably yourself), you can head on into the chat rooms and talk to like-minded individuals… if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Remittance Girl

The stories found on this site are all written by one person — Remittance Girl — and they all deal with themes of BDSM. In her manifesto, Remittance Girl addresses some of the more complicated aspects of writing and reading about BDSM sex, so take a look at it before you dive in to her material.

Alt.Sex.Text Repository

Publishing stories to the free, user-supported Alt.Sex.Text Repository is a little complicated, but reading erotic fiction on the site is simple enough! Alt.Sex.Text Repository even curates their own anthologies, which you can read via a special section on the site.

An Archive of Our Own

Looking for erotic stories featuring your favorite fictional characters? Check out An Archive of Our Own, aka AO3: the Hugo Award-winning fanfiction site featuring more than 6.5 million stories from every imaginable fandom. Limit your search to “Explicit” stories, if that’s what you’re after, and then scroll to find your favorite characters in all sorts of awkward positions.


Nifty contains all the usual fetish categories that you expect from an erotica website (historical, exhibitionist, et al), but focuses entirely on the LGBTQ+ community.


For those who enjoy more flavors than simple vanilla, the BDSM Cafe delivers. This site is not only a sexy archive for erotic fiction of all lengths and types; it also provides valuable research for those interested in breaking into the lifestyle.

Adult Fanfiction

This is absolutely the site to visit for all of your sexy fandom desires. Often organized by fandom (and then by pairing), you’ll be surprised to see even your most specific proclivities represented (I’m not here to judge!). Plus, there’s a crossover section.

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Erotic Review

This magazine is dedicated to giving a good name to all things erotic. There’s erotic fiction, of course, but there’s also features, art, photography, and reviews. Take a look at their archive — you might learn a thing or two about the history of the literature you’re consuming.

Novel Trove

Novel Trove has a team of dedicated writers bringing you erotic stories across 30 categories. They have everything from BDSM, to soft domination, adventures, swingers, and more.


This erotic stories and female-centric porn site offers a mix of e-books to get you in the mood, as well a selection of short stories for when you just need to get the job done. Organized into easy to search categories like kink, masturbation, girl-girl, and non-binary — there’s something for everyone.

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