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Top40 Best Pop Songs in Europe Music Chart

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Top40 Best Pop Songs in Europe Music Chart

Top40 Best Pop Songs in Europe Music Chart on V2BEAT TV


THE EUROPEAN POP CHART IS HERE! The best of EU TOP40 for the POP/DANCE segments

Euro Top40 cHart

°V2BEAT Online Music TV now presents the EURO TOP40 Hits Pop Music Charts every Saturday afternoon. These charts feature the most popular songs in Europe and are inspired by the Europe Official Top 100, iTunes chart, and Spotify chart. As the V2BEAT official charts for RnB, Rap, Pop, Country music, Hip Hop, Dance, and Urban Top rhythm music artists, we are proud to bring you the best in European music.



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EURO TOP 40 Taylor Swift Anti Hero still on top of chart 2022


Taylor Swift Anti Hero Lyrics


(lyrics published for educational and private purposes)

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What is the meaning of the following terms when we talk about POP music?

°The top 40 songs of the week are considered into the Pop Chart Hits among the most popular songs 2022 even if the year is not yet finished are considered the best pop music songs as well as the top songs right now. Someone consider these good songs as top hits also the top pop “AKA Popular” of the recently released new song pop, but we do imagine that the 2022 song will remain also in the future considered as best pop songs all time.

Weekly top 40 song of the week videos, from urban, dance-pop, r&b, hip hop, trip hop, rap, soul, music videos, are selected from:

The major Top Charts like billboard charts top 100 song

ITunes Charts, Spotify Charts, Apple Music Charts, Vote collected from our audience, Web downloaded songs, Favorite compilation taken from many online Radios, Our preferences to judge the new entered songs on Playlist to submit to audience

In order to compile the European TOP40 best songs Pop Music Chart 2022 for V2BEAT live Music Television.

During the European POP MUSIC CHARTS 2022 you can also directly vote the songs and artists by means the use of our website, just press VOTE

SONG button!

  • The term “top 40 songs” refers to the 40 most popular songs of the week based on their radio airplay, digital sales, and streaming numbers. The concept of top 40 originated in the United States in the 1950s and became a popular format for commercial radio stations. Nowadays, top 40 songs are compiled by various music charts such as Billboard, which tracks the performance of songs in the US market.
  • “Pop chart hits” refers to the songs that are currently popular in the pop genre. Pop music is a genre that is characterized by its catchy melodies, simple structures, and upbeat rhythms. Pop chart hits are often played on mainstream radio stations and are popular among a wide audience.
  • “Popular song 2022” refers to a song that is expected to be popular in the year 2022. It is difficult to predict which song will be the most popular in the future, as it depends on various factors such as the artist’s popularity, the quality of the song, and the marketing strategy behind it.
  • “Song of the year 2022” refers to a song that is considered the best or most successful song of the year based on various criteria such as chart performance, critical acclaim, and awards. The song of the year is often announced at music award shows such as the Grammy Awards.
  • “Top songs right now” refers to the songs that are currently popular or trending in the music industry. This list changes frequently depending on the release of new songs and the fluctuation of the music charts.
  • “Best pop songs all time” refers to the songs that are considered the greatest or most influential in the history of pop music. This list is subjective and varies depending on the individual’s taste and cultural background.
  • In addition to the major music charts such as Billboard, ITunes, Spotify, and Apple Music, other sources of data for compiling the top 40 songs of the week may include music blogs, social media trends, and user-generated playlists.
  • The European Top 40 best songs Pop Music Chart 2022 is a weekly ranking of the most popular pop songs in Europe based on their sales, airplay, and streaming data. The chart is compiled by V2BEAT and is available for listeners and viewers on their radio, TV, and website.
  • Voting for the songs and artists on the European Top 40 chart is open to the public through V2BEAT’s website. Listeners and viewers can vote for their favorite songs by clicking the “Vote This Song” button.
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