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Ratingperson’s Top 15 Fintech Podcasts for Finance Leaders

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Fintech podcasts are gaining immense popularity. With an overwhelming number of options and countless episodes, podcasts have become a go-to resource for professionals seeking fresh ideas, expert insights, and diverse perspectives. If you’re looking to upgrade your industry knowledge in 2022, here’s our list of the 15 best fintech podcasts:

1. CFO Yeah!

CFO Yeah! features inspiring global finance leaders from various backgrounds and industries. Hosted by CFO Connect, this podcast discusses effective strategies used by Fortune 1000 companies (including big-tech aspirants) to streamline their finance function. Join CFOs from companies like Soundcloud, Zapier, and FIIT as they share insights on team structures, pricing, and funding techniques.

2. Market Like a Fintech

At the Fintech Marketing Hub, Araminta Robertson and Ani Petrova run Market Like a Fintech. This podcast explores the marketing trends in the fintech industry through interviews with fintech marketing leaders at Nala Money, Public.com, Moov app, and other industry giants. Discover unique stories and the impact these individuals have made at their companies.

3. For Fintech’s Sake

Hosted by Zach Anderson Pettet, the content director of Money 20/20, For Fintech’s Sake aims to bring fintech education and awareness to the masses. Pettet’s podcast delves into a ’roundtable’ discussion format, offering insights from rapidly growing fintech companies and their mission to democratize finance. Learn how these companies navigate the crowded waters of the industry.

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4. Wealthtech on Deck

Wealthtech on Deck, hosted by Jack Sharry, Chief Growth Officer at LifeYield, shines a light on the hidden technology and tools available to wealth management and financial service companies. This podcast assists financial planning firms in accelerating growth and overcoming challenges in wealth planning businesses. Join the discussion on regulatory constraints and compliance in wealth management.

5. Fintech Beyond Borders

EY, the tech giant, presents the Fintech Beyond Borders Podcast, exploring three major fintech business interests: investors, start-ups, and incumbent financial institutions. This podcast promotes high-tech solutions to common problems faced by fintech companies. Dive into discussions on innovation in digital ecosystems, inclusivity, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) trends.

6. Fintech Silicon Valley

With a unique educational approach, Fintech Silicon Valley provides resources and knowledge to fintech enthusiasts worldwide. Run by the journalists at FSV, this podcast explores global issues impacting fintech companies and consumers. Gain insights from a diverse range of guests, including investors, employees, start-ups, and founders, offering well-rounded perspectives on various topics.

7. WTFintech

Through the WTFintech podcast, Nicole Casperson uplifts diverse and underrepresented voices in fintech. Hear stories from the people driving real change in the corporate world. Gain unique insights from fintech entrepreneurs who are breaking the mold and leading disruption in the industry.

8. Breaking Banks

Breaking Banks, known as the #1 Global Fintech Podcast, engages industry leaders in collaborative round-table discussions about fintech innovation and open banking. This podcast has established itself as one of the leading voices in the fintech space. Stay ahead of the curve by tuning in to get early access to breaking fintech news.

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9. London Fintech Podcast

Hosted by finance expert and consultant Mike Bailman, the London Fintech Podcast combines old-school financial institutions with the fintech revolution in an entertaining and humorous way. As a quality-focused podcast, it deep dives into various topics to provide a whole-hearted perspective on fintech trends and developments.

10. Fintech Australia Podcast

Fintech Australia, a collective agency advocating for growth, interviews experts working at major firms in the Australian fintech space. Engaging discussions revolve around the Australian fintech ecosystem and its global context. Discover how Fintech Australia is leading the charge in bringing news and the latest tech to Australia while accelerating startup growth in the region.

11. Fintech Insider 11:FS

Hosted by Simon Taylor, David Brear, and Sarah Kocianski, the Fintech Insider podcast covers underrepresented aspects of fintech, including current events in LATAM countries and nuanced issues like plagiarism. This well-rounded and informative podcast provides insights into fintech news and opinions from industry insiders.

12. Fintech Moshpit Podcast

Initially focusing on local fintech issues in the US Carolina region, the Fintech Moshpit Podcast has evolved over time. Founder and host Tariq Bokari now delivers fintech news and updates on disruption and long-term changes. Stay up to date on pressing topics such as skyrocketing internet payments, interest rates, and banking demand through insightful interviews with mortgage experts.

13. Decode Fintech

The Decode Fintech podcast highlights Africa’s leadership in mobile digital payments and banking growth. Hosted by Khadijah Abu, this podcast offers industry insight into African innovation, improvements, and expansion in fintech. Explore country-specific scenarios, such as the rise of crypto in Nigeria and mobile payments in Ghana, while gaining authentic perspectives on Africa’s fintech industry.

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14. Fintech one-on-one

Peter Renton hosts Fintech one-on-one, a podcast that forecasts fintech futures and provides a platform for industry experts to share their expertise. Each week, new episodes cover a range of general fintech topics, including recent discussions on the impacts of heightened regulation on lending in the financial technology sector.

15. Fintech Recap

Fintech Recap, produced by Fintech Business Weekly, covers the most pressing news and trends in the fintech industry. Hosts Alex Johnson and Jason Mikula explore Web3, new technologies, and innovations in the industry. With new episodes published approximately once per month, this podcast offers occasional casual listening for fintech enthusiasts.

So many podcasts, but don’t know where to start? Begin with the first podcast on our list, CFO Yeah!, for immediate industry insights. Discover how smart finance practices can help your company grow faster. And if you prefer the old-fashioned way, check out our list of the top CFO books.

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