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Best free web hosting websites in 2013!

by Assessor
Best free web hosting websites in 2013!

1. Your3host.comImage

Your3host.com is a free web hosting service provider. They offer nearly unlimited hosting with cPanel, PHP and MySQL support and no ads. They allow to use impressive amount of features that any other hosting services do not have: outstanding disk space – 10 GB, bandwidth 100 GB, unlimited addon domains, statistics, wordpress, joomla, drupal and many other CMS (content management systems) autoinstaller also free website builder with website templates, File Manager and FTP access, SSH console, SMTP etc.. And that is not all of it, it is worth to mention another feature which allows you to choose your desired PHP version, you can choose PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3 or PHP 5.4 for your website. I find this extremely helpful as most web hosting services stick only to one PHP version which affects entire website and it’s compatibility, in other words it helps you to avoid most annoying “Error: Deprecated:” message when other hosting companies change PHP version for their servers or you update your website without realizing that your website update is not compatible with server’s current PHP version. One last thing about Your3host.com tech support staff, it’s another huge plus of this free hosting company, they seem to be very helpful and friendly, all support tickets are usually replied within few hours.

2. Freeservers.me


Freeservers.me is just one more free hosting service which gives you decent limits. They also give 10 GB of free space and 100 GB of bandwidth, yet they do not support POP3 and IMAP features with their free hosting plan and do not have SSH console. Also they do have certain addon and parked domains limit. Yet, they also provide auto-installer. When I was using their service for quite long time at some point I was a bit disappointed in the end and the way they enforce to upgrade my account into paid one.

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3. Xstreemhost.com


Xstreemhost.com is another free web hosting service provider, there is PHP and MySQL supported, there are also no ads. Yet it offers more strict limits: disk space is – 2.5 GB and 100 GB of bandwidth, they also have addon and parked domains limit. One thing I didn’t like about Xtreemhost is Vista panel which they use for their control panel, I personally prefer cPanel due to compatibility.

4. Byethost.com


Byethost.com is very popular ads free hosting service, it gives 1 GB of free space, MySQL databases and PHP Support, they also use modified Vista panel, however they do not offer SSH console and their given bandwidth is quite tight. However they do have pretty decent tech support. It’s quite a good choice for testing purposes.

5. Freehostia.com


Freehostia.com is more suitable for tiny websites or testing purposes only as they give only 6 GB of bandwidth and 250 MB of disk space, also they allow only 1 MySQL Database per free plan, which I find a bit frustrating. Yet they do have autoinstalller and support up to 3 POP3/IMAP e-mails. It’s also ad free hosting service.

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