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As much as a hassle it usually is to find that one intriguing manhua to check out, another obstacle always awaits us, readers. That is, the proper site to find manhua from. To save you the stress we bring you 20+ websites where you can read manhua in English.

Read Manhua In English

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01. Mangahasu

One of the most versatile sites to search for any series be it manhua, manhwa or webtoons. The site has a good collection rather than a great one of manhua to read. Another benefit is that it happens to store all the parallel/other names of series too. Thus contributing to easier search options. Having more than 1500 manhua in its index it is a good website to read manhua online in English.

02. Mangarock

On this website, you can easily find manhua online in English. It is already very popular for providing with a great reading experience. Also, there are many manhua to choose from. You have a fair chance to find almost all popular manhua on this site. This is a great website for you to find manhua on.

03. Mangatensei

Another good website to search up manhua online. You can easily grasp the popular ones. This website might flood with advertisements too much. Other than that it is a good source to read manhua from. Thus adding up to the list of free websites on which you can read manhua.

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04. Mangaowl

This website counts under one of the best free platforms to read manhua online in English. The division of genres is good and it is quite unlike other websites where you can read manhua. There are no advertisements as such. The pages just have horizontal spanning which is a slight setback.

05. Tapas

This is an amazing and totally free website that consists of manhua in English to read online. Moreover, the quality of the pages is extremely good. You can find any titles that are not available anywhere else. Thus, it does proper justice to its tag line which reads: ‘Bite-sized stories that you can’t find anywhere else’. I like the non-conventional layout of this website.

06. Kissmanga

Another great website where you can find manhua in English. It consists of a huge collection of manhua. There are many more domains in affiliation with this site where you can find manhua effortlessly.

07. Holymanga

This one I another one of the websites where you can find a good collection of manhua to read online. It supports a very simple style. There are many manhua available with various genres that are not that easy to find. Totally recommend this site.

08. Mangazuki.me

This English website is easy to view layout and a good collection of manhua. It has a new layout which is being followed by many more websites. There is a considerable amount of manhua are present on this website to read online. You can easily look this up on the internet.

09. Isekaiscan

The website follows the same layout as the above one. This website also has good English manhua for you to read online.

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10. Zinmanga

You can find many manhua titles in English to read on this website. Easy navigation and good quality.

11. Mangazuki.online

There is no separate manhua section but there are many if you search by names. This website offers a fine collection of manhua to read online in English.

12. Mangasy

This website has many manhua which you can read in English and also those which are not easily available on other websites. A lot of titles to choose from and the viewer is also good. The downside is that on every panel of each manhua there is a watermark of this site. Consequently, which can be slightly unappealing.

13. MangaToon

A good amount of English manhua are there for you. It is a popular pick and supports a great community. So if you want to read manhua in English online then this is a sure shot.

14. Netmanga.us

Similar to the other titles in this list, there are many manhua available for online reading on this website. You can easily look up and read on this website.

15. Bato.to

It is similar to the above website. A good website to read manhua in English online.

16. ChapterManga

Another one of the websites where you can find English manhua. There is a fine list of manhua titles available.

17. ManyToon

This website contains almost all manhua titles with sexual content. Thus in case you were looking for just that then here is your save. You can choose from a good number of titles. This website is also well maintained and easy to search for the manhua you want to read. You can find many manhua in English to read online here.

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18. Mangairo

A good site with 100+ manhua titles to read present on it. It is quite easy to navigate. All manhua are in English for viewers online for free.

19. Manhuabox

This site has manhua that are usually available on other platforms too. Also, this site only has about 20+ manhua. Though I am putting this up as it does offer manhua in English.

20. ReadManhua

It is comparatively a very new site and has only a handful of manhua present. Though the style and direction are pretty nice. So there’s a possibility of finding more manhua on this website later on. This also runs a YouTube channel where manhua in English translation are present.

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