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Flixtor: Is It Safe and Should You Use It in 2023?

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The cost of a subscription on streaming platforms continues to rise. Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime have all increased their prices in the past year. Some people can’t or don’t want to pay $50 or more monthly to stream movies and TV series.

That’s why free streaming alternatives continue to flourish. FlixTor is one of the most popular streaming sites that let you watch the latest movies and TV shows for free.

What is FlixTor?

FlixTor is an infamous streaming platform with an extensive content library. It works just like any streaming platform, with a caveat; it doesn’t have distribution rights for any of the movies and TV series it streams. So, it operates in violation of copyright laws.

Homepage screenshot of FlixTor with Logo

Anyone can watch free movies and TV shows on FlixTor, but the platform is illegal in many countries.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic comedy or curious about the newest releases, platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and Peacock are much better options. You may not find all the movies or TV shows you want to watch in one place, but you can enjoy your favorite titles without breaking any laws.

So, why is FlixTor still online, and why do people flock to it? To its credit, FlixTor is one of the best-designed illegal sites for free movie streaming. It has no ads and receives support from VIP member contributions. Users can stream or download movies and TV shows for free.

Is FlixTor Safe?

FlixTor distributes copyrighted movies and TV shows online without the approval of their creators. This is a felony in most countries, but there are some exceptions.

FlixTor’s official domains, like flixtor.to, are generally considered illegal. The developers could face legal action for keeping it online, just like the creators of KickassTorrents faced prosecution a few years ago. FlixTor is in the crosshairs of authorities and is constantly trying to fight shutdown attempts.

Most importantly, people who stream content from FlixTor can face legal action, depending on where they live.

Even if your country’s not tough on piracy, you still shouldn’t be streaming movies from FlixTor — at least, not without some safety measures in place. The site owners can see your IP address if you don’t use a VPN. Plus, with so many FlixTor copycats out there, you could end up on a copycat phishing site that steals your data or installs malware on your device.

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There’s a lot you can do a lot to protect yourself from social engineering and malware. For starters, invest in a VPN. An app like NordVPN hides your IP address, encrypts your internet traffic, and allows you to stream movies and TV shows without restrictions.

The 10 Best FlixTor Alternatives

There are many FlixTor alternatives that allow you to access online movies and download videos for free. We’ve covered 123Movies and PrimeWire extensively. Below are a few more websites, both legal and unlicensed, that are excellent alternatives to FlixTor.

1. MoviesJoy – Overall best FlixTor alternative

Homepage screenshot of MoviesJoy with Logo

Much like FlixTor, MoviesJoy has zero ads, an extensive library of old and new releases, great video quality (720p or 1080p), and a reputation for being a reliable source of movies and TV shows. Its library is not as large as FlixTor’s, but it’s a popular site nonetheless.

2. SubsMovies – Most accessible alternative

Subsmovies website with their logo in the corner

SubMovies is very similar to MoviesJoy in terms of its interface and library of movies available. But it’s much more accessible to people across the globe. That’s because SubsMovies provides subtitles in various languages to help everyone enjoy its content regardless of their native language.

SubMovies is not as popular as FlixTor or MoviesJoy, but it’s still a good alternative, especially if English is not your primary language. Just know that it’s not a legal platform everywhere.

3. Spacemov – Best alternative for new releases

Screenshot of Spacemov

Popcorn Time was our third-best alternative to FlixTor, but it has been taken down. Spacemov is an excellent alternative to watch both movies and TV series. It’s a minimalist site with little ad intrusion, a large library, and decent browsing options. You can sort movies by categories, whether or not they’re trending, and by the first letter in the title.

You can also watch TV shows on Spacemov. Most importantly for fans of the site, Spacemov uploads new releases as soon as possible. Most of the content here is probably uploaded without the permission of the copyright holder, so only use the site if it’s legal where you live.

4. SolarMovie – Great personalization options

Homepage screenshot of Solar Movie with Logo

SolarMovie has more options to sort the titles you want to watch. You can browse movies and TV shows by genre, launch date, IMDb ranking, and country. Its personalization options make up for the site’s (sometimes) annoying ads. Like FlixTor, SolarMovie doesn’t have distribution rights for the content they upload. So, only visit this site if it’s legal in your country.

5. AZMovies – Best alternative for movie lovers

Homepage screenshot of AZ Movies with Logo

AZMovies is a popular movie streaming site. It allows you to watch movies online — you can choose from different genres. It also has a large library of TV shows. The site used to catch a lot of flak for its intrusive advertising, but they’ve made significant improvements in the recent past. Now, the user interface is smooth, and you won’t be bothered by too many ads (especially if you’re using a good adblocker).

We recommend you only access AZMovies if it’s legal in your country. If you’re unsure whether your country prohibits the site, keep reading this article. We’ll break down the legality of accessing copyrighted content below.

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6. Putlocker – Popular alternative with a minimalist interface

Homepage screenshot of Putlocker with Logo

The original Putlocker, one of the most popular free streaming services, went down in 2016. Multiple mirrors have popped up since, and it’s unclear if the original creators are still involved with the project. Putlocker is a decent alternative to FlixTor.

It has a minimalist interface and a large library of TV series and movies. But it’s often taken down, and the ever-changing mirrors mean you can easily end up on a fake Putlocker site.

7. YouTube – The best option for free licensed content

Homepage screenshot of YouTube with Logo

You might not expect to see YouTube on a list like this, but you can watch full movies on the site. Although you won’t find the newest Hollywood releases here, YouTube has a large variety of old movies. Not to mention, it’s the largest video streaming site on the planet. The vast library of free content makes it a great alternative to illegitimate sites like FlixTor or MoviesJoy.

Plus, you can watch it on your smart TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or any device with internet access — without violating your country’s copyright laws.

8. Netflix – A large collection of original content

Screenshot of Netflix with logo

Netflix was the first big player in the streaming service market. It’s not the only kid on the block anymore, but it’s still relevant, launching a few hit movies and TV shows every year. You can enjoy a ton of content on Netflix, including classics like The Lord of the Rings and Rocky, as well as new releases like Wednesday and Netflix originals like Atypical, Squid Game, and The Queen’s Gambit.

Accessing Netflix with a VPN is easy, and you’re not breaking any laws when using it.

9. HBO Max – All Warner Bros media in one place

Homepage screenshot of HBO MAX with logo

HBO Max is HBO’s main streaming platform that aims to unite all its media brands under one name. It features titles like Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, The Sopranos, The Wire, and The Last of Us. HBO Max is on track to add new content, and it’s slowly taking over the streaming market.

10. DisneyPlus – Best site for everything MCU, Star Wars, and more

Homepage screenshot of Disney+ with logo

Disney Plus is Disney’s successful attempt at entering the streaming market. Currently, The Mandalorian is its biggest TV show at the moment, but its roster of multimedia content will expand in the coming months and years. Disney Plus has everything from the original Star Wars trilogy to new animated series like the Bad Batch and other MCU movies and TV shows.

Is FlixTor Still Available?

FlixTor is currently up and running on a few domains. However, the site has a long history of being taken down and resurfacing on different domains. Also, the official status of the site (available here) clearly shows that there are a lot of problems with copycats and phishing campaigns.

The following domains are considered safe FlixTor sites:

  • flixtor.to
  • flixtor.is
  • flixtor.se
  • flixtor.vc
  • flixtor.it
  • flixtor.nu

FlixTor is quite popular, and the official FlixTor servers often reach their capacity (especially flixtor.to). Visitors will get a message stating, “We’re sorry… all our servers are full right now.” If that happens, users turn to one of the other FlixTor mirrors.

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Flixtor full server message

What Can Happen to Me if I Stream From FlixTor?

The consequences of streaming copyrighted content from FlixTor vary depending on where you live. In the US, the DMCA cooperates with ISPs (internet service providers) to track people who use FlixTor. You probably won’t end up in jail, but you may be fined or sued.

In the rest of the world, the consequences depend on how the government tracks FlixTor. In places like Eastern Europe, Latin America and other regions known for inaction against piracy, you probably won’t have any problems streaming from FlixTor. Some governments even allow streaming pirated content for private use.

The table below shows different countries and their stance on piracy.

These laws may change in the future. So, as a rule of thumb, we don’t recommend streaming movies or TV shows from FlixTor. First, it’s illegal in many countries. Second, it’s unfair to the creators of the content you’re streaming, especially when there are legal alternatives.

No matter what you do, even if you only stream from legal platforms, you’ll need a VPN. A VPN changes your IP address, makes you anonymous, and encrypts your internet traffic. It also allows you to access geo-restricted content from across the globe.

Best VPNs to Watch FlixTor

If you’re new to the world of VPNs, you may be confused by all the options on the market. Which one should you get? Which VPN is best for streaming content online? We’ve done the research for you.

We’ve tested dozens of VPNs to see how they work and what they’re good for. We’ve also found the best deals, so you don’t pay a fortune. Below are our top three picks for watching FlixTor and its alternatives.

NordVPN: The best VPN out there

Screenshot of NordVPN

NordVPN is the best VPN for streaming, regardless of the site you’re using. It has thousands of servers all across the globe and advanced functionalities for streaming including geo-unlock, which allows you to access regionally blocked content. Plus, it has high-speed servers, so you don’t have to worry about buffering on HD videos.

You can even stream content from platforms like BBC iPlayer or Peacock from anywhere.

However, NordVPN is not the cheapest VPN on the market, so let’s discuss some alternatives.

Surfshark: A cheap alternative

Screenshot of Surfshark VPN homepage with logo

Surfshark is great for streaming. It has thousands of servers, no limit on the number of devices you can use it on, and it’s a very cheap VPN, with special offers and deals available all the time. Our tests show it’s equally good at unblocking streaming platforms, although it can be slightly slower.

If you need an affordable VPN to stay anonymous on streaming sites, it’s a good choice.

CyberGhost: A user-friendly VPN

Screenshot of CyberGhost VPN, homepage with logo

CyberGhost is a solid VPN that allows you to stream content from FlixTor safely. We’ve tested it with legit platforms, and it performs just as well. It even has dedicated servers for specific streaming platforms, making it very easy to circumvent geo-restrictions. CyberGhost is extremely easy to use.

If you haven’t heard of VPNs before and don’t want to bother learning too much, CyberGhost is a good pick.

The Bottom Line

FlixTor is an online streaming platform that’s free to use, with no intrusive ads or clunky navigation. This explains why it has been so popular over the years.

However, FlixTor is as much an illegal platform as The Pirate Bay in most countries. We don’t recommend streaming content from FlixTor if that means breaking the law in your country.

Instead, try some of the legal alternatives like YouTube, Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+. Check out the articles below to discover more alternative streaming platforms and learn about streaming with a VPN:

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