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The Best Orthopedic Websites in 2023

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Last updated: 03/01/2023

Orthopedic surgeons have a lot to balance, constantly switching between office consultations and the operating room. You might not feel like you have the time to stay up to date with orthopedic news or brush up on surgical techniques you already know. But the time spent on updating your knowledge and following industry updates will never be wasted — especially if it takes your orthopedic practice to the cutting edge.

Stay informed on the latest news in the orthopedics industry, and you will learn about emerging technology as well as discover new techniques that support an evidence-based practice. Combined with your clinical expertise, your efforts to continue learning will improve the patient experience and drive patient outcomes.

Best orthopedic websites

These websites offer valuable resources for everything from physical assessments to surgical techniques to help your practice provide evidence-based patient care.


Orthobullets is a free learning and collaboration community for orthopedic surgery residents and physicians. Founded by a practicing orthopedic spine surgeon, Orthobullets is designed for orthopedic surgeons, by orthopedic surgeons, with a communal approach that continually improves its content.

The website offers over 100 comprehensive guides for surgical techniques, like the Ponseti technique for treating clubfoot. These technique guides walk you through the procedure step by step, including post-operative care and relevant research. Real-life patient cases, such as surgical procedure videos and X-rays, allow you to observe these techniques in practice. You can also view and discuss research studies and journal articles.

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You are required to make an account to access most of these materials, but membership is free of charge. Additionally, only orthopedic surgeons and medical students can post content to ensure that Orthobullets’ resources come from qualified medical professionals only.


VuMedi is an online video education platform covering many medical specialties, including orthopedics. Its video content includes webinars, surgical demonstrations, and technique overviews to provide orthopedic surgeons with a broad range of resources.

VuMedi collects educational content from conferences and other orthopedic surgeons that you can view from any device. Its resources dive deep into specific topics like knee replacement, wrist arthroscopy, concussions, and even finance and taxes for your orthopedic practice. These educational videos help to refresh your knowledge of rarely performed surgical techniques.

VuMedi’s resources count toward continuing medical education (CME) requirements, adding concrete value to its content. Like many online education sites, an account is required to access content, although registration is free.

Global HELP

Global HELP is a nonprofit organization that specializes in children’s health, including pediatric orthopedics, in underserved communities. You can also easily search its website by anatomical location, using an interactive anatomy model that allows you to click on specific areas of the body.

The website offers resources for evaluation, management, guided growth, and rehabilitation, not just orthopedic surgery itself. For instance, this five-part guide to assessing foot flexibility explains multiple tests for different parts of the foot.

All content is free to view or download without an account. Additionally, you can copy its materials for noncommercial purposes, like training your staff or hosting a webinar.

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