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23 Top Iranian Songs You Shouldn’t Miss Listening To

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Iran has many things to say when it comes to music in every genre. From years ago, many songs have found their way to people’s hearts and became an undeletable part of their lifetime playlist. You can see some of these amazing nostalgic Iranian songs. Iran’s music has improved much more and turned so much better than it was before. There are a lot of great Iranian songs in different genres. Follow Tap Persia SoundCloud page for all of these songs and more Iranian songs that you shouldn’t miss listening to.

Mohammad-Reza Shajarian – Morghe Sahar & Bebar Ey Baroon

Mohammad-Reza Shajarian is an Iranian classical singer, composer, and Ostad (master) of Persian traditional music. He is also recognized as a skilled singer in the challenging traditional Dastgah style. In 1999 UNESCO in France presented him with the Picasso Award and in 2006 with the UNESCO Mozart Medal. He has been called “Iran’s greatest living maestro of Persian classical music”. Here we have introduced two of his greatest song, “Morgh-e Sahar”, meaning “The Bird of the Morning” and “Bebaar Ey Baroon” which means “Pour oh Rain”. You can read more about the maestro Mohammad-Reza Shajarian.

Chaartaar – Aseman Ham Zamin Mikhorad

A dreamy love song by one of the most favorable bands in Iran named Chaartaar. The singer is Arman Garshasbi who makes you close your eyes and listen to the music, lyrics, and his magical voice. The song says “if you are not here, not only me, but the sky will also fall down“, which is the name of the song. The magical voice of the hang drum is one of the things that makes this song to be on this list and a one-of-a-kind song for every Iranian, young and old.

Ali Zand Vakili – Lalaei

A sad song you shouldn’t miss listening to. Ali Zand Vakili is one of the youngest singers in the traditional kind of music. In this song, he is singing a lullaby (Lalaei). It is like a story that a lover is telling how he is left alone now. A lot of Iranians have cried a lot to this song especially the heart broke ones. Let your tears come down if you felt the same!

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Mohsen Chavoshi Ft. Sina Sarlak – Kojaee

Iranians are experts in producing love songs that will remain in people’s minds and hearts for a lifetime. This song is one of them which was originally recorded for a series named “Shahrzad”. Both the series and the song became really popular among people. You would have listened to it in every car, every house, and even shops. “Where are you my love, where are you my friend” this is what the song is about. The name of the song means “where are you”.

Reza Yazdani – Navar

Reza Yazdani is one of the greatest rock singers in Iran who deserve to be introduced on the list of Iranian top songs. The name of the song is “Cassette”. Different songs on the cassette that brings up a specific memory in a cafe, in a street, or the first time it was bought with a special person. It will be a nostalgic song for the people who kept their songs on a cassette. It is lovable to Iranians because of the name of the songs and places that Reza Yazdani talks about in this song.

Sedigh Taarif – Yaran

Sedigh Taarif was the mentor of many famous traditional singers such as Salar Aghili. The song “Yaran” has the verses of famous Iranian poet, Fereydoun Moshiri, and with music from Jalal Zolfonon, one of the most amazing Iranian musicians. A great traditional piece of music.

The ways – Shal (Shawl)

“Shawl, the red shawl of yours

wave, only your wavy hair which is around you

well done to the last masterpiece of your face

in the simplest way, your sadness looks beautiful“.

These are the chorus part of this amazing song. The Ways band was a rock band in Iran which then fell apart and now the singer, Kaveh Afagh, is working as a solo singer.

Homayoun Shajarian – Chera Rafti

The son of the maestro Mohammad-Reza Shajarian is one of those Iranian singers that everyone respects and listen to. You cannot ignore that Homayoun had the best possible mentor. And for sure he has proved to be a talented traditional singer, not under the name of his father. With lyrics by Iranian poet, Simin Behbahani, an amazing love song complaining “Why did you leave”. No one but Homayoun Shajarian could sing this must-hear poem.

Bahram Noraee – Saz

You almost thought Iran doesn’t have amazing rappers, didn’t you? One of the greatest Iranian rappers is Bahram Noraee. He amazed the rap lovers with his fabulous voice and his reality lyrics. This song is about believing, about achieving what you deserve to get, about not caring about other people. “Life is hard but look how happy I am”. This is only one sentence of Saz (instrument).

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Pallett Band – From Eastern Lands

One of the most famous Iranian bands in Iran is Pallet Band. From their very first song, they showed that they are different, not like any other band in Iran. In this song, you can listen to one of the oldest Iranian traditional songs. The music will take you on a small trip on the clouds.

Mohsen Sharifian – Towbah (Ft. Pirooz)

Southern music is one of the best parts of the Iranian music industry. It mostly makes you get up and dance with the rhythm it passes to you. Mohsen Sharifian is the leader of a southern music band named “Lian” and he plays bagpipes in the best possible way. Listen to the melody yourself.

Shahram Nazeri – Alla Ya Ayohal Saghi

The magnificent lyrics of this traditional Iranian song is from the great Shirazi poet, Hafez. It is so hard to translate Hafez into English but I can tell you that you will enjoy every minute of this song with the magical voice of Shahram Nazeri, one of the greatest traditional singers of Iran, and the perfect music. This is what makes music magical, it is an international language to express your feelings.

Yas – Barcode

Originally recorded for the Iranian movie “Barcode”, this song turned into one of the most popular rap songs among Iranians. Yas is probably the most popular rapper in Iran. From his very first songs, he caught the attention of many people because of his objective songs. Barcode is a motivative song about moving forward and reaching the summit of one’s life.

Salar Aghili – Iran

A patriotic song about Iran with the amazing voice of Salar Aghili and a piece of exquisite music. Salar Aghili learned how to sing while he was one of the students of Sedigh Taarif, the famous traditional singer that you already heard a song of him in this article, “Yaran”. Just listen to this glorious song and enjoy.

Mohammad Motamedi – Parvaz

Another talented traditional Iranian singer is Mohammad Motamedi. He received the award of France Musique in 2013 as the best singer from Radio France. This song is one of his best songs that makes you close your eyes, relax, and enjoy while having a cup of Persian tea in an Iranian traditional house.

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Hafez Nazeri – Existence: Life

Hafez Nazeri is the talented son of the great Shahram Nazeri. His name comes from his father’s interest in the famous and great poet “Hafez”. First, he started singing with his father but then he proved that he has his own style of singing and proved to be capable of singing on his own. He is now considered as one of the greatest musicians not only in Iran, but worldwide. Enjoy the out-of-this-world music and the magical voice of Hafez Nazeri.

Alireza Ghorbani – Istanbul Junction

Iran is filled with talented singers who mostly show the power of their voice in traditional style. Alireza Ghorabani is one of the singers who make you ask “who is singing this” the moment you hear his song. Istanbul Junction was recorded for the Iranian movie with the same name. Wonderful music and an amazing voice are what make this song a top Iranian song.

Mohsen Yeaganeh – Behet Ghol Midam

Mohsen Yeganeh is one of the most popular pop Iranian singers. After many albums and single tracks, he achieved the popularity he deserved. This song became one of his best songs especially after publishing its music video which was his performance in the concert. “I promise that it isn’t hard, at least not hard for you, take it easy, no one can take your place”.

Andy – Dokhtar Irooni

Andy Madadian is the first Iranian singer who received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is Armenian originally but he has made many Iranians cheer up with his songs, dance, and make amazing happy memories. He is famous among Iranians because of his rhythmic songs that make everyone happy and make them dance. This song describes the Iranian girls which are perfect!

Zed Bazi – Tabestoon Kootahe

One of the most favorable rap songs, among the young generation especially, is “Tabestoon Kootahe” (Summer is short) from the rap band Zed Bazi who became really popular for years but unfortunately, they split up and started working as solo artists. Best way to describe summer and complaining about autumn and winter in the best way. “Summer is short, so we stay together as long as we can.”

Arian Band – Parvaz

One of the most popular pop bands in Iran was the Arian Band which emerged in the late 90s. Arian Band was the first Iranian band to feature in the “International Who’s Who in Music”. They have released four albums and played concerts around the globe. They donate part of their profits to the “United Nations World Food Programme”. This band was also the first Iranian music band after Iran’s Revolution that used female back singers. “Fly” is one of their most famous songs that still many Iranians enjoy listening to.

Mohsen Namjoo – Ey Sareban

Mohsen Namjoo’s style of music is influenced by blues and rock as well as Iranian folk music. The lyrics of his songs are also a combination of Persian classical poems, his own lyrics, and contemporary poems. This is one of his greatest songs.

Hope you enjoy listening to all of these songs introduced to you and realize how rich Iran is when it comes to history, culture, and arts, especially music. Don’t forget to subscribe to us on SoundCloud and listen to more Iranian songs.

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