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Hard-hitting football season hip-hop hits

by Assessor

The kids are back to school and summer is basically over, so you know what that means: Cool weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and – of course – football!

No matter what team you support (go Cowboys), sports and hip-hop music are a match made in heaven. Athletes have had a profound effect on the rise of hip-hop, from style to music. In fact, sports has marketed hip-hop almost as much as hip-hop has embraced sports.

Athletes use music to help them get into a certain state of mind and focus on the game’s objective, and hip-hop is the perfect genre for an intense battle like football.

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That is exactly why amped-up, high-energy music is usually the what does the trick. And for those of us on the sidelines, what else is going to make your football party pop better than a game day hip-hop playlist? Here are a few of my favorite hits to get you in the mood for some hard hitting football action!

A$AP Ferg during NBA All-Star 2016. That was then - now it

1. “New Level” – A$AP FergThis song is almost too perfect for a football game. Producer C.N.O.T.E. killed the beat which has the exact type of energy needed to defeat your opponent. Ferg’s lyrics complement the song with the chorus driving home the message, “I’m on a new level, I’m on a new level/Bought me a new shovel, put these n****s in the dirt/Chain with the new bezel, all my n****s put in work.” Ferg embodies the mindset of a football player as he talks about him and his team putting their adversaries in the dirt while his team continues to shine. What a great song to gloat to when your team wins this upcoming Sunday.2. “On The Come Up” – Mike WiLL Made-It featuring Big SeanYou know how TV and movies depict players coming out to the field of battle in slow motion? Well, this is the song I imagine is playing in the background. Mike WiLL destroys this opera-trap influenced beat while Big Sean uses his clever flow and punchlines to let you know that he and his team are on the come up. The opera singer in the background gives this song the perfect feel for a buildup to the big game. So make sure you add this to you pregame list and let it set the mood.

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Drake at the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. "Big Rings" with Drake and Future is a must-have hit for any football playlist.

3. “Big Rings” – Drake & FutureThis song is all about getting what you feel you deserve, and the combination of two of hip-hop’s biggest rappers makes this song a must. Whether you’re a fan or player, everybody has the same goal: Getting a Super Bowl ring. On the song, Drake raps, “Cause I got a really big team/And they need some really big rings/They need some really nice things/Better be comin’ with no strings.” These lyrics are pretty self-explanatory and is the perfect addition to get you ready for a long season (and maybe some really big rings).

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4. “Pipe It Up” – MigosThis song is a pure get-hype track and will immediately get the blood flowing. Migos are known for introducing new lingo and phrases to the culture and “pipe it up” is a great term to describe the intense mindset needed for football. So whether you’re at home, on the field, or at a local tailgate make sure you pipe it up! The repetitious nature of the song will get it stuck in your head for weeks, which is OK since we have 17 weeks of football ahead of us.

Enjoy! And again… go Cowboys! Sorry not sorry.Wanna debate football or my playlist? Follow Me @King_Dom302 on Twitter and Instagram

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