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The Top Science Podcasts of 2023: Discover Hidden Gems in the World of Science Communication

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The 31 best science podcasts of 2023 (that are under the radar)

best science podcasts of 2019 list

Forget about the mainstream podcasts and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of independent scientists turned podcasters. These under-the-radar gems provide an authentic look into the everyday lives of scientists, delving deep into the lab, research, and even graduate school.

With these up-and-coming podcasts, you’ll get a refreshing break from excessive advertisements and a dose of truth from relatable individuals. Explore a wide range of scientific topics, from biology and physics to chemistry and beyond. These podcasts offer an intimate glimpse into the scientific community that many well-known shows often overlook.

Unleashing the Power of Science Communication

Straight From A Scientist Podcast

Discover the truth behind research stories as two friends pursuing Neuroscience PhDs break down popular narratives. The Straight from a Scientist podcast presents young scientists who provide insights into the impacts and timelines of research, stripped of media hyperbole and clickbait headlines. Each episode exudes their passion for genuine science communication.

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Endocrine Disruptors Podcast

Hosted by Katherine Hatcher, a Neuroscience PhD student, and Shreya Patel, a STEM career development advisor, this brand-new podcast explores the fascinating world of hormones. Discover the stories of scientists behind your favorite hormones, as Endocrine Disruptors focuses on endocrinology and its impact on our daily lives. This podcast emerged from the STEM Advocacy Institute’s podcasting fellowship program in partnership with Prasha from Her STEM Story.

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Global Caveat Podcast

Join global health scientists Diana and Susanna as they delve into diverse topics connecting health, science, and humanity. With Season 2 coming in September 2019, Global Caveat explores the unseen effects on public health, interweaving seemingly disconnected subjects. The hosts’ expertise shines through as they highlight the importance of collaboration for the well-being of our world.

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The Science of Self-Care Podcast

Self-care practices are everywhere, but which ones actually work? Join comedians Steven Polletta, Sophie Yalkezian, and neuroscientist Shannon Odell as they act as guinea pigs, testing different self-care methods. Delve into the science behind practices like sleep, meditation, and cupping, while enjoying a light-hearted and hilarious journey. The Science of Self-Care is a unique podcast that blends the perspectives of non-scientists, particularly comedians, with the expertise of a scientist.

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The People’s Scientist Podcast

Neuroscientist Dr. Stephanie Caligiuri shares evidence-based advice on health trends, debunking misinformation and guiding listeners through the latest developments. As a scientist from a different field, Stephanie tackles the confusion surrounding current health trends and helps listeners make informed decisions about their habits.

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Marine Conservation Happy Hour Podcast

Join a group of marine scientists as they discuss saving our oceans, sustainable fishing, and the wonders of marine life. This entertaining podcast explores the challenges of a career in marine biology and conservation, bringing the hosts’ passion to every episode.

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Fresh Perspectives and Recent Developments in Science

podcast about useful science, how it works, and its applications

Useful Science Podcast

When your social media feed is filled with dubious claims and myths, turn to the Useful Science Podcast. Dive into their episodes on the Coronavirus, where they debunk misconceptions and share the latest developments. Join the discussion on clinical trials, COVID-19, and ethics, as researchers navigate the balance between vaccinations, moral considerations, and risk-mitigation strategies.


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Sounds of Science Podcast

Host Mary invites you to explore a variety of scientific topics, from tumor treatments to mental health and more. Listen as she conducts insightful interviews and goes beyond the surface to provide in-depth discussions. The Sounds of Science Podcast is a treasure trove of knowledge, captivating you with each episode.

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Out of the Box Stories Podcast

Tired of mainstream rules and conventions? Out of the Box Stories showcases individuals who challenge the status quo and create new possibilities. Explore how they’ve expanded the boundaries of what’s possible and defied universal norms. This podcast is sure to leave you inspired.

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ScienTEAfically Speaking Podcast

Host Darrion, known for Lab Shenanigans on Instagram and TikTok, welcomes you to a delightful coffee shop-style podcast. Engage in lively conversations about science, school, and research projects. Explore the challenges faced by graduate students and gain insights from personal stories shared by scientists. Get ready for “TEA TIME” with ScienTEAfically Speaking!

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An Insider’s Look into the Life of STEM Researchers

Her STEM Story Podcast

Join host Prasha as she brings inspiring women from diverse STEM fields to share their stories. Her STEM Story delves into the unique experiences of women in male-dominated fields, addressing bias, harassment, and racism. This podcast aims to provide a platform for both women and men to understand the perspectives and challenges faced by their female colleagues, fostering empathy and collaboration.


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STEM Culture Podcast

The STEM Culture Podcast focuses on breaking stereotypes and improving the culture of STEM fields. Tune in as the hosts demystify the graduate school experience and share stories of perseverance and persistence. This podcast aims to create a supportive space for early career researchers, postdocs, and graduate students by highlighting the human side of STEM.

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Double Shelix Podcast

Sally and Kayla, both Bioengineering PhD candidates, explore the world of women in STEM on the Double Shelix Podcast. This show celebrates role models, inclusivity, and professional development while sharing the hosts’ love for science. Dive into captivating conversations with students, professors, and professionals from diverse backgrounds.

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AcaDames Podcast

AcaDames, hosted by two female professors at UNC, offers insights into the experiences of women in academia. Join the conversations covering career trajectories, finances, childbearing decisions, spirituality, and the ever-present patriarchy. AcaDames provides guidance and support for women navigating the intricate world of academia.


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Everything Hertz Podcast

Join Dr. Dan Quintana and Dr. James Heathers as they discuss methodology, scientific life, and academia with a humorous twist. Uncover best practices in publishing and data analysis, and explore the everyday challenges faced by academic researchers. Everything Hertz is a treasure trove of knowledge for scientists seeking insights into the research world.

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Navigating the Challenges of Graduate School

Hello PhD Podcast

Hello PhD takes a deep dive into various topics related to graduate school, providing valuable insights for students at any stage of their PhD journey. Join Joshua and Daniel as they explore productivity, mental health, popular research trends, and the ins and outs of life in grad school. With over 100 episodes and counting, Hello PhD helps listeners understand the real issues and find solutions.

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Growing Through Grad School Podcast

Rebecca Miller and Christian Mallett, clinical psychology doctoral students, host Growing Through Grad School, a podcast that prioritizes self-care and personal growth. Gain a fresh perspective on graduate school through reflections, work-life balance, and guided meditations. This podcast is a valuable resource for de-stressing and gaining a better perspective on your research journey.

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This is Grad School Podcast

Take a holistic approach to well-being in grad school with This is Grad School. Join two applied social psychology PhD students as they discuss the challenges and triumphs of graduate life. This podcast provides a safe space to process the real experiences of graduate students, sharing insights and advice with honesty and compassion.

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PhDrinking Podcast

Raise a glass as host Sadie interviews grad students from all disciplines, uncovering groundbreaking research and the joys and struggles of graduate life. With cleverly named episodes inspired by alcohol, this podcast is a captivating blend of fun and technical insights. Whether you’re a drinker or not, PhDrinking provides a wealth of knowledge for everyone.

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Blk in Grad School Podcast

Blk + In Grad School is an audioblog that empowers women and people of color pursuing their grad school dreams. Join Allanté, a regular Black woman pursuing her Ph.D., as she tackles the challenges of the grad school journey. This podcast provides a platform for underrepresented voices, offering insights into the unique experiences that resonate with people of color.

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Grad School Deconstructed Podcast

Grad School Deconstructed takes a fresh and innovative approach to exploring the trials and tribulations of graduate school. Stephanie Marder and Clark Ausloos candidly share their personal experiences, welcome guests, and tackle topics that empower and resonate with graduate students. Join them in navigating the practical and taboo aspects of the grad school experience.

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PhD (in Progress) Podcast

Though no longer releasing new episodes, the timeless advice and topics covered in the PhD (in Progress) Podcast are invaluable for anyone pursuing an academic career. Discover the highs and lows of a young academic community as they discuss thriving in graduate school, career paths, and resources for a fulfilling academic journey.

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PhDivas Podcast

Dr. Liz Wayne and Dr. Christine “Xine” Yao, Ivy League PhDs from different fields, come together to explore academia, culture, and social justice. Engage in conversations that bridge STEM and humanities, and gain insights into the journey of women of color in higher education. PhDivas combines entertainment and knowledge, leaving you informed and engaged.

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5 to Life Podcast

Embrace the adventure of the PhD with 5 to Life, a podcast supporting future, current, and past graduate students. Hosted by early-PhD students from Wake Forest, this relatable podcast offers advice and guidance for a successful PhD journey. Tune in to gain valuable insights from individuals who understand the challenges firsthand.

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Unveiling Societal Issues in Science and Research

Neuroethics Police Podcast

Join neuroscientist Katherine Bassil as she bridges the fields of neuroscience and neuroethics. The Neuroethics Police Podcast explores advances in neuroscience and the ethical questions they raise. From head transplants to brain engineering and living forever, explore the scientific and future ethical dilemmas with knowledgeable guests.


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Inside the Petri Dish Podcast

Step into the world of science with Inside the Petri Dish, where three UK-based women scientists share their passion for all things botanical. Dive into fascinating topics under the microscope and learn about the wonders of botany. With Season 2 underway, this podcast promises new adventures and discoveries.

Twitter, itpd.mprw.co.uk

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Science Sucks Podcast

Science Sucks is a podcast that welcomes everyone to explore various topics, from science writing to sexuality and science policy. Hosted by neuroscientist Ive, this podcast offers a blend of humor and interesting insights into guests’ work.

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Warm Regards Podcast

Join two PhD scientists as they unravel the science, myths, and speculation behind climate change. Warm Regards covers global warming from all angles, presenting technical data and information to help you interpret evidence and make informed decisions. Dive into their 2020 theme, “data,” as they explore the world of data collection, management, and interpretation for evidence-based policy.

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The Science Pawdcast

If you love dogs and science, The Science Pawdcast is the perfect blend for you. Host Jason combines adorable dog jokes with updates on scientific studies and interviews with fascinating researchers. The Science Pawdcast promises to leave you with a smile and a wealth of knowledge. Be sure to follow their hilarious and cute Twitter feed if you’re a dog lover!

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Uncover the Hidden Gems and Expand Your Science Journey

These hidden gem podcasts offer insights into the world of science, researcher life, and societal issues. Join these passionate scientists, storytellers, and advocates as they dive deep into their fields, unraveling the mysteries and sharing their expertise. Step away from the mainstream and embark on a fascinating journey with these under-the-radar science podcasts.

If you’re interested in more established science-focused podcasts, check out this article by Joy Chen on Scout FM.

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