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The Top 10 Science Podcasts: Exploring Knowledge in an Engaging Way

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In recent years, science has faced criticism for its reliance on hard data and rational thinking. However, it’s important to remember the lessons learned from history, such as Galileo’s battle with the Catholic Church. With the rise of disinformation, experts’ role in public life has become politicized, and facts are no longer universally accepted. In this changing landscape, science podcasts offer a ray of hope. They not only ask interesting questions but also provide explanations of how and why we arrive at answers. Humor, clear language, and references to pop culture make these shows engaging and help combat disinformation.


Ologies is a must-listen podcast hosted by Alie Ward. Each episode explores a different “ology” – the study of various subjects, from birds to dreams. The host delves into the backgrounds of specialists in their respective fields, making the show reminiscent of the Longform Podcast for scientists. It’s fascinating to discover how many specialists stumbled into their fields by chance. Ward’s exceptional hosting skills, combined with her genuine humor, make for an entertaining and enlightening experience. Listening to this podcast might just turn you into the person who drops obscure “ologies” at dinner parties to sound smart.

Recommended for:

Those who always know the answers during pub quizzes.

Short Wave

Short Wave from NPR takes a deep dive into how science and technology intersect with society. Each episode, hosted by Emily Kwong, Aaron Scott, and Regina Barber, is about the length of a coffee break – perfect for quick and informative listening sessions. This podcast critically examines scientific beliefs and analyzes the methodologies behind them. Whether the episode is serious, like exploring the future of AI in medicine, or silly, like discussing worm blobs, it always captivates listeners with its engaging format. Short Wave is a valuable resource for both time-strapped individuals and critical thinkers who don’t trust clickbait headlines.

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Recommended for:

Those who never trust a clickbait headline.

Science Vs

For fans of podcasts like “You’re Wrong About,” Science Vs is a show that aims to uncover the truth amidst fads and opinions. Whether the topic is fasting diets or hypnosis, host Wendy Zukerman and her team dive deep into the scientific literature to provide the best answers. This show has its fair share of critics, as any podcast claiming to present “the truth” does. However, Science Vs stands out for its rigor and mission. Zukerman’s Australian accent adds an enjoyable touch, and the show’s puns make it even more delightful. It’s the perfect choice for those who don’t let conspiracy theorists off the hook.

Recommended for:

People who enjoy questioning popular beliefs.

Well… That’s Interesting

Well… That’s Interesting is an independent podcast that uncovers the quirky side of science. Host Jill ChaCha, with her endless curiosity, covers topics ranging from astronomy to archaeology. This podcast has gathered a dedicated fanbase by building an enthusiastic community around its endearing content. ChaCha’s monologues, sprinkled with zingers, make for an enjoyable listening experience. With improved production quality, Well… That’s Interesting has the potential to be even more captivating.

Recommended for:

Podcasters who make you feel like you’re their friend.

The Disappearing Spoon

A hidden gem in the science podcast genre, The Disappearing Spoon takes a historical approach and doesn’t shy away from the dark and gory side of science. Host Sam Kean takes listeners on narrative journeys, transporting them to places like polar wastelands and the Demilitarized Zone in Korea. Kean’s somewhat melodramatic presentation adds a touch of intrigue to the stories. True crime enthusiasts will appreciate the shock-and-awe storytelling style. Just remember not to listen while eating lunch!

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Recommended for:

Fans of dark tourism, ghost tours, and other creepy but interesting pursuits.


Unexplainable is the podcast dedicated to the mysteries of science – the things we don’t yet have answers to. With a journalistic approach, this show addresses topics that appeal to a broad audience. It makes science accessible through high-quality production and abundant pop culture references. Unexplainable is the ideal accompaniment for those seeking effortless listening while clearing their inbox.

Recommended for:

People who prefer the science section over the sports pages.

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe painstakingly scrutinizes pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, and scientific breakthroughs. The hosts approach everything with a critical eye, relying on evidence-based reasoning. The show’s collective dedication to questioning subpar ideas sets it apart. Not only does it satisfy the intellectual side of science enthusiasts, but it’s also infused with humor. For those who enjoy feeling superior, this podcast is a perfect match.

Recommended for:

People who enjoy feeling intellectually superior.


Considered the grandfather of science podcasting, Radiolab has been an instant classic since its inception in the early 2000s. With a perfect balance of scientific rigor and empathetic storytelling, Radiolab explores a wide range of topics – from science to legal history and ethics. The combination of hosts Lulu Miller and Latif Nasser’s energy, along with the show’s top-notch production, keeps listeners engaged for hours. Despite some recent changes, Radiolab continues to deliver high-quality content and compelling tales that leave a lasting impact.

Recommended for:

Fans of podcasts with immersive sound design.

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Houston We Have a Podcast

Houston We Have a Podcast lives up to its name as the official podcast of the Johnson Space Center. It provides updates on the latest missions, shares NASA’s history, and features conversations with astronauts. Whether you’re a space enthusiast or simply looking for an inspiring podcast, this show is a great choice. It’s an out-of-this-world experience that appeals to all ages.

Recommended for:

People who love going places, boldly.

The Infinite Monkey Cage

Uniting generations across the UK, The Infinite Monkey Cage is a lovable science show from the BBC. Comedian Robin Ince and physicist Brian Cox host a panel of scientists and comedians to discuss various topics. With over twenty seasons, this show has proven its staying power. The hosts’ enthusiasm, combined with the banter-filled format, makes it enjoyable for everyone. A Jammy Dodger biscuit and an episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage – the perfect combination for a delightful weekend.

Recommended for:

Fans of dad jokes and British humor.


If you’re looking for engaging and informative podcasts, these top 10 science podcasts are a great place to start. From exploring various “ologies” to scrutinizing pseudoscience and uncovering the mysteries we have yet to solve, these podcasts cover a wide range of topics. They offer an enjoyable way to learn about science while combating disinformation. So grab your headphones and start listening to these fascinating shows, because knowledge has never been this entertaining.

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