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The Official Top 40 Biggest Songs of 2023 so far

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According to the latest data from the Official Charts Company, the year 2023 has already witnessed some incredible musical talent and chart-topping hits. From viral anthems to experimental bangers, here are the top songs that have dominated the charts and captured the hearts of music lovers across the UK.

Flowers by Miley Cyrus – The Reigning Champion

Taking the top spot on the list is Miley Cyrus with her sensational hit “Flowers.” Since its release in January, the song has accumulated a staggering 1.2 million UK chart units. With over 147 million streams and more than 80,000 downloads, “Flowers” has become the most-streamed and most-downloaded song of the year so far. It also made history by claiming the biggest week of any track in 2023, racking up 126,000 chart units during its second week at Number 1. Miley’s chart-topping prowess is undeniable, as she joins the ranks of Whitney Houston and Rihanna in achieving a remarkable 10-week run at the top.

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RAYE and 070 Shake’s “Escapism” Holds Steady

In second place, we have RAYE and 070 Shake’s electrifying collaboration, “Escapism.” This experimental, electronic banger not only became RAYE’s first-ever UK Number 1 single but has also garnered over 850,000 chart units in the year-to-date rankings.

SZA, PinkPantheress, and Taylor Swift Make Their Mark

The Top 5 is completed by SZA with “Kill Bill” at number 3, PinkPantheress’s viral anthem “boy’s a liar” at number 4, and Taylor Swift’s former chart-topper, “Anti-Hero,” at number 5. These incredible artists have enchanted audiences with their unique styles and powerful lyrics, securing their positions among the biggest songs of 2023.

Newcomers and Afrobeats Dominance

Making their debut in the year-to-date Top 10 is Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding’s trance banger, “Miracle,” at number 7. This collaboration marks Calvin’s 11th and Ellie’s fourth Number 1 single, solidifying their positions as chart-topping superstars. Additionally, the Afrobeats genre has showcased two massive hits in the year-to-date Top 10. Rema’s high-energy track “Calm Down” sits at number 6, while Libianca’s infectious “People” climbed to number 2 on the Official Singles Chart and spent an impressive 12 weeks at the top of the Official Afrobeats Chart.

TikTok’s Influence and Viral Hits

TikTok continues to play a significant role in shaping the charts, with several viral hits gaining renewed success. Miguel’s timeless track “Sure Thing,” originally released in 2010, finds itself at number 10 on the year-to-date list. David Guetta and Bebe Rexha’s catchy hit “I’m Good (Blue),” which was first demoed in 2017, secures the 12th spot, while The Weeknd’s 2016 release, “Die For You,” takes the 13th position. These songs prove that great music knows no time boundaries and can captivate listeners for years to come.

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Ed Sheeran’s Lasting Impact

Ed Sheeran’s former Number 1 single, “Eyes Closed,” continues to resonate with fans, placing it at number 23 on the year-to-date list. The slow-burning dance smash, “React,” by Switch Disco and Ella Henderson, also maintains its popularity at number 26.

Rising Stars and Breakout Hits

The year 2023 has seen emerging talents make their mark on the charts. David Kushner, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from the US, scored his first-ever UK Top 10 single with the haunting ballad “Daylight,” landing at number 28 on the year-to-date list. Likewise, Dave and Central Cee enter the Top 40 with “Sprinter” at number 35, boasting the biggest first-week sales of the year and the most streams for a rap song in UK Chart history.

A Grand Finale

Wrapping up the Official Top 40 Biggest Songs of 2023 so far is Stephen Sanchez’s “Until I Found You” at number 40. This TikTok sensation caught the attention of none other than Elton John, who handpicked Stephen to perform the track live during his headline set at Glastonbury. Stephen’s rise to fame exemplifies the power of social media in shaping music trends.

For the most up-to-date music rankings and chart information, visit Ratingperson. Stay tuned as the year unfolds, and more incredible songs emerge to top the charts and capture our hearts.

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