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10 Most Famous Spanish Songs Within the Last 10 Years

by Assessor

As German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Latin music is fun, creative, energizing, and inspiring. Today, we’ll discover 10 of the most famous Spanish songs from the last decade, meet their singers, and find out why people love them so much!

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Famous Spanish Songs in the Last Decade

1. Waka Waka (2010) by Shakira

The incomparable Shakira released this song in 2010 for the World Cup in South Africa. It’s about how players get ready for their matches and how capable they are of achieving their goals (literally!). She expresses that despite their stress, excitement, and nervousness, we can still enjoy this beautiful “battle” (and have lots of fun while in Africa).

This was one of the official songs for the event, and everybody loved it! Some parts are sung in Cameroonian. Yes, she literally sings in an African language! Plus, the way Shakira dances (and her natural beauty) captivates all who see her perform. Also, this song has an English version, which makes it even greater! It’s so good, so if you haven’t heard it yet, go ahead and listen to the song here:

Knowing certain vocabulary words will help you understand these famous Spanish songs better. You’ll find a mini vocabulary chart for each song so you’ll understand more words in the songs!

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To access all the lyrics to the songs on our list, download this FREE Full Lyrics PDF!

Waka Waka: Useful Spanish Vocabulary


2. Danza Kuduro (2010) by Don Omar ft. Lucenzo

This one’s a must-listen! Don Omar knocked it out of the park with this song in 2010. Kuduro is a music and dance genre from Angola, Africa. The rhythm has an intermediate step, which means it’s not too fast or too slow. In the song, Don Omar explains the Danza Kuduro like he is dancing it with a woman. He sings, “Hand up, waist loose, turn around, and DANCE KUDURO!”

This song was played everywhere! Its rhythm, melody, and beat are brilliant. In fact, if you were at a party and this song played, everybody would stand up and dance! It’s a famous Spanish song that all Latins know, and I’m sure you’ll love it too!

Listen to the song:

Danza Kuduro: Useful Spanish Vocabulary


3. Hasta que salga el sol (2012) by Don Omar

Don Omar was super famous during this decade, and this song is proof of it! It’s about how he wants to party until the sun rises, so he invites people to celebrate, raise their hands, jump, and dance with him. He’s excited about how the party can last for seven days and how everybody dance and have fun.

This Spanish song has a tropical rhythm that will automatically make you want to dance, too! It’s the kind of song you’d listen to at a carnival. People used to shake their shoulders and hips to this song and it was a must-have at parties. If you decide to listen to it, you’ll definitely feel the Latin spice running through your veins!

Hasta que salga el sol: Useful Spanish Vocabulary


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4. Bailando (2013) by Enrique Iglesias, Gente de Zona ft. Descemer Bueno

This song is definitely one of my favorites! Both Enrique Iglesias and Gente de Zona are amazing artists, and their duet is just amazing! Of course, Descemer Bueno adds lots of Latin spice to it, too! They sing about how in love they are with the idea of dancing and spending time with a woman.

This song has the best rhythm and melody. It’s not too tropical like some other Latin songs, but it isn’t too slow either. It’s a song that you can enjoy in the car, in restaurants, while spending time with your friends, when getting ready for a party, and at the party itself! It was one of the most famous Spanish songs in 2013 and 2014 and loved by people of all ages. Listen to the song:

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Bailando: Useful Spanish Vocabulary


5. Vivir mi vida (2013) by Marc Anthony

This salsa-style song was popular back in 2013. Marc Anthony is a famous singer, so when he released this song everybody listened to it. It’s about how he wants to live his life laughing, having fun, and enjoying every moment. He says it’s not worth it to cry and be sad about what we think is bad, there’s always something good that can make things better and we should pay attention to that!

This song is fun to dance to; it has a rhythm that awakens your Latin side (even if you don’t have one!). I remember that I heard it so many times at social events that I didn’t want to listen to it anymore! That’s how popular it was. So, although it isn’t that famous anymore, you should listen to it and see how Latin blood suddenly appears and runs through your veins!

Vivir mi vida: Useful Spanish Vocabulary


6. Nota de amor (2014) by Carlos Vives, Wisin ft. Daddy Yankee

The most amazing thing about this song is the incredible artists behind it! Carlos Vives, Wisin, and Daddy Yankee are some of the most recognized singers in Latin culture, and although their music genres are completely different, they managed to put them all together and create this amazing song. It’s about how they live on the moon because of a girl, how they can fly without wings because of her, and basically how madly in love they are.

This song has a little bit of everything in it: romance, rap, and even reggaetón! Some parts are sung by Carlos Vives, others by Wisin, and others by Daddy Yankee. If you listen to it, keep in mind that it’ll be like riding a roller coaster, but you’ll definitely enjoy it!

Listen to the song:

Nota de amor: Useful Spanish Vocabulary


7. La gozadera (2015) by Gente de Zona ft. Marc Anthony

This song is simply awesome. What makes this one so special is that they sing about a huge party in Latin America, and they mention every single country in it! So it’s like they’re inviting all the countries to celebrate, one by one.

This is one of the most famous Spanish songs not only from this decade but from this century, too! Every Latin American country felt identified with it and waited to hear their name on the list. Once you hear it you won’t want to stop dancing. I once went to a Gente de Zona’s concert, and when they sang this song, you can’t imagine how the crowd exploded! And imagine when they said the name, Guatemala! If you’re waiting for my top Latin music recommendation, this song is the one.

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Stop what you’re doing and listen to it!

La gozadera: Useful Spanish Vocabulary


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8. Échame la culpa (2017) Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato

Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato got together and created this famous Spanish song in 2017. It’s about a guy telling a girl that he’s the one to blame for the end of their relationship. He says “échame la culpa for everything that happened; I just realized I’m responsible. It’s not you, it’s me.”

Demi Lovato is from the U.S., but she sings in Spanish. However, she also sings in English so it’s a song that most people can understand and enjoy. The rhythm is very Latin, and I’m sure both Spanish and English speakers who have listened to it experienced the beauty of both languages at the same time.

This was one of my favorite songs in 2017, so I highly recommend it!

Échame la culpa: Useful Spanish Vocabulary


9. Robarte un beso (2018) by Carlos Vives ft. Sebastián Yatra

Once again, Carlos Vives created another fantastic song, this time featuring Sebastián Yatra. This song’s about how they want to “steal a kiss” from a woman although they haven’t seen each other for years. They say they feel butterflies and at the same time try to trick their hearts into not liking her, but it’s impossible to not want to kiss her.

All the radio stations played this song in 2018. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to have the perfect voice to sing along to it all day!

Listen to the song:

Robarte un beso: Useful Spanish Vocabulary


10. Simples corazones (2019) by Fonseca

Last but not least, the amazing Fonseca released this song in 2019 and stole our hearts with it! Fonseca is my favorite Spanish singer; his music is the best! This song is about how he’s willing to put the cards on the table to make things work with this woman. He’s madly in love with her and wants to dance with her until she falls in love with him.

The lyrics are extremely romantic, but the rhythm is Latin and you won’t fall asleep or cry while listening to it (unless you’re at his concert and hear him sing it live; then you’ll definitely cry, just like I did!). This famous Spanish song is on most people’s playlists. You can listen to it pretty much everywhere and enjoy it every single time.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and listen to it!

Simples corazones: Useful Spanish Vocabulary


¡Viva La Música!

Now that I’ve shared 10 of the most famous Spanish songs in the last decade with you, it’s your turn to tell me what I missed.

Which other famous Spanish songs should be added to this list?

Let me know in the comments!

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