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Welcome to the Mobalytics Predictive Tier Listing for League of Legends for Patch 12.10!

Able to hit your ranked targets for League of Legends Season 12? Our panel of consultants has you coated for each position and rank.

Under, you’ll discover our two League of Legends champion tier lists, one for basic ELO (low ELO as much as excessive Plat/low Diamond) and one for excessive ELO (excessive diamond up).

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For everyone else, we’ve ready rather more:

Leap to Basic Tier Listing

Leap to Excessive-ELO Tier Listing

In case you have any questions on our decisions or course of, ask us on Discord!

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We even have a greatest decks tier record for LoR and an agent tier record for Valorant.

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Methodology TLDR: This record was curated in collaboration with our League Specialists: Adam ‘Moriarty’ Isles, Dan ‘Aux’ Harrison and Phy, and our Position Specialists: Shikari, Solely, Command Assault, and Yen. Not like most tier lists, we publish ours earlier than, or as a patch goes reside, in line with the predictions of our in-house consultants.

  • Our first tier record geared toward decrease elo, particularly gold elo and the encompassing brackets. These picks are efficient when utilized in decrease ranks and are one of the best instruments for serving to you to climb the SoloQ ladder so far as Diamond.
  • Our second tier record is for prime elo, geared toward Diamond 2 and above. These picks are curated by our consultants and are an indicator of the champions inherent energy when performed on the highest degree. For lots of the consumer base this data isn’t tremendous related for his or her video games however gives invaluable perception into the sport itself.
  • We made the choice to return to 2 tier lists after closely reviewing the suggestions from our customers. Finally we agreed {that a} basic tier record geared toward Plat+ wouldn’t serve a majority of the playerbase and we had missed the mark.
  • Our problem system depends on “Ability Ground”, which means {that a} Easy champion will yield outcomes quicker (round 5-10 video games of studying)
  • If a champion has a better talent ground (Laborious or Extreme), it’ll take extra time to be taught them (20-50 video games +) however you’ll be rewarded with higher outcomes over time whereas a Easy champion might fall off as you climb greater.

For a extra in-depth rationalization for our methodology, head to the underside of the article.

Leap to Excessive-ELO Tier Listing

Basic LoL Tier Listing for Patch 12.10

LoL Tier List Patch 12.10

Leap to Excessive-ELO Tier Listing

High Lane Tier Listing:

Tier Champions Optimum (S-tier) Lillia, Ornn, Darius, Kayle, Mordekaiser, Sett, Shen, Urgot, Dr. Mundo, Garen, Malphite, Quinn, Shyvana, Wukong, Yorick Nice (A-tier) Riven, Fiora, Vayne, Illaoi, Poppy, Singed, Tahm Kench, Cho’Gath, Jax, Nasus, Sejuani, Teemo, Trundle, Warwick Good (B-tier) Akali, Camille, Gangplank, Gnar, Irelia, Yasuo, Aatrox, Gwen, Kled, Vladimir, Yone, Akshan, Kennen, Sion, Tryndamere, Volibear

Jungle Tier Listing:

Mid Lane Tier Listing:

ADC Tier Listing:

Assist Tier Listing:

Professional choose commentary

To see all the reasons for our skilled picks and extra, head to our tier record characteristic!


High – Darius

  • Darius is the king of these prolonged fights and in the event you don’t kill him fast sufficient he’ll heal again up and bleed you down together with his passive and True harm.
  • He has maintain, % lacking well being harm, stable bleeds together with his passive AND loopy burst too which is all simply a lot to supply this patch. Our consultants have been testing Darius on the PBE and with the HUGE sturdiness adjustments coming on this patch this man has develop into an absolute monster.
  • Mix that with the truth that this champion at all times pops off at decrease ranks and also you’ve received your self a improbable high lane alternative in 12.10.

Jungle – Rammus

  • Tanks might be a lot stronger this patch with all these loopy adjustments and who else however the king of the tanks within the jungle himself? Rammus.
  • This champion has boasted one of many highest win charges throughout decrease ranks all season and now that the meta and sport is shifting to make him much more viable you’ll be able to anticipate him to develop into even stronger.
  • Rammus has an enormous quantity of sturdiness and crowd management that may infuriate and punish gamers simply and may gank early, usually and really rapidly attributable to his stable map mobility too. In case you are a tank fanatic then now’s a greater time than any to select up Rammus.

Mid – Viktor

  • One of the vital in style champions within the mid lane this season is simply going to get stronger with the adjustments this patch. Viktor actually is among the greatest all rounded mid lane picks to go for having so many favorable lanes and may nearly at all times discover a approach to make it by way of any matchup you set him towards.
  • With prolonged fights turning into extra prevalent this patch and constant harm output popping out on high quite than simply pure burst, Viktor goes to have an absolute blast with these updates.
  • Viktor additionally scales like a monster so much more purpose to make him top-of-the-line picks to go for within the mid lane this patch.

Backside – Vayne

  • Each single individual on the planet immediately considered Vayne once they heard in regards to the adjustments coming on this patch and you understand what? We couldn’t agree extra. Prolonged fights? Tanks? Extra well being and resistances?
  • Vayne will completely thrive in these circustmances as she will be able to actually destroy any sort of goal together with her silver bolts it doesn’t matter what and with extra utility targeted crew gameplay, she’s going to be even stronger than she already has been all season.
  • Sure, Vayne will nonetheless battle towards sure aggressive matchups that may put her behind early, however we’ll probably see far much less of these for a begin, and if she makes it by way of lane? There’s going to be no stopping an excellent Vayne one trick this patch.

Assist – Lulu

  • Utility goes to be the secret from the help position with these adjustments and Lulu is just the queen of it. Lulu brings a lot to supply together with her slows, harm, poke, polymorph, shields and naturally her Final that she’s simply improbable in all phases of the sport.
  • Scaling hypercarries are going to be again in full swing and Lulu retains them alive higher than anybody else within the sport.
  • Lulu additionally has unbelievable partnerships with among the champions we anticipate to see dominate the sport this patch like Jinx, Kog’Maw & Twitch so be able to see a ton of this champion over the subsequent few weeks.

Excessive-ELO LoL Tier Listing for Patch 12.10

High ELO Lol Tier List Patch 12.10

Leap again to the final tier record

Finest High Laners for Excessive Elo:

Tier Champions Optimum (S-tier) Camille, Gangplank, Irelia, Riven, Aatrox, Fiora, Gwen, Akshan, Darius, Shen, Jax, Olaf, Quinn Nice (A-tier) Azir, Rengar, Yasuo, Ornn, Yone, Illaoi, Kayle, Mordekaiser, Sett, Singed, Swain, Urgot, Malphite, Tryndamere, Wukong Good (B-tier) Akali, Gnar, Sylas, Kled, Vladimir, Gragas, Graves, Kennen, Poppy, Tahm Kench, Cho’Gath, Dr. Mundo, Garen, Sion Teemo

Finest Junglers for Excessive Elo:

Tier Champions Optimum (S-tier) Lee Sin, Nidalee, Kha’Zix, Kindred, Lillia, Taliyah, Rek’Sai, Fiddlesticks, Graves, Viego, Diana, Volibear, Wukong, Zac Nice (A-tier) Qiyana, Rengar, Evelynn, Ivern, Shaco, Kayn, Karthus, Nocturne, Nunu + Willump, Olaf, Trundle, Vi, Zac Good (B-tier) Zed, Ekko, Elise, Talon, Gragas, Mordekaiser, Poppy, Hecarim, Jarvan IV, Rammus, Sejuani, Shyvana, Warwick, Xin Zhao

Finest Mid Laners for Excessive Elo:

Tier Champions Optimum (S-tier) Qiyana, Sylas, Yasuo, Zed, Zoe, Anivia, Orianna, Viktor, Fizz, Zilean Nice (A-tier) Akali, Aurelion Sol, Azir, Irelia, Cassiopeia, Taliyah, Talon, Vel’Koz, Vladimir, Ahri, Akshan, Kassadin, Swain, Annie, Diana, Veigar Good (B-tier) Katarina, LeBlanc, Ekko, Syndra, Twisted Destiny, Xerath, Yone, Galio, Kayle, Pantheon, Vex, Cho’Gath, Lux, Neeko, Tristana

Finest ADC for Excessive Elo:

Tier Champions Optimum (S-tier) Draven, Kai’Sa, Lucian, Samira, Vayne, Jhin, Karthus, Kog’Maw, Twitch, Jinx, Veigar Nice (A-tier) Ezreal, Zeri, Yasuo, Cassiopeia, Swain, Ashe, Miss Fortune, Tristana, Ziggs Good (B-tier) Aphelios, Kalista, Caitlyn, Varus, Xayah, Model, Seraphine, Sivir

Finest Helps for Excessive Elo:

Tier Champions Optimum (S-tier) Renata Glasc, Thresh, Bard, Lulu, Senna, Blitzcrank, Janna, Nami, Sona, Soraka Nice (A-tier) Pyke, Rakan, Alistar, Braum, Zilean, Karma, Nautilus, Rell, Zyra, Yuumi Good (B-tier) Shaco, Vel’Koz, Xerath, Galio, Poppy, Tahm Kench, Taric, Model, Leona, Lux, Morgana, Maokai, Seraphine

High – Fiora

  • Excessive talent ceiling? True harm? Good in prolonged fights? Already performing exceptionally effectively and solely going to get stronger this patch?
  • You simply know that Fiora goes to develop into the Queen of the highest lane once more with the adjustments coming on this patch and she or he’s going to hitch a pool of comparable champions who’re simply indestructible in the precise palms.
  • Gifted Fiora gamers are having numerous success in excessive elo proper now and that is solely the start as with these large updates in 12.10, Fiora will simply develop into even higher.

Jungle – Lillia

  • Lillia has been surprisingly sturdy for some time now after buff after buff and there are fairly a couple of individuals who have realised how abusable she is very in excessive elo. Nicely, the sturdiness adjustments coming on this week are simply going to make her much more not possible to beat.
  • She completely loves prolonged fights as she will be able to kite round ceaselessly together with her motion pace passive and simply burn individuals down because the struggle goes on till there’s merely nobody left.
  • Lillia has extremely versatile itemization with a number of harm routes and even a tanky setup for when the sport permits it.
  • She has a lot versatility due to this and also you simply can’t beat the sensation of touchdown a 5 man sleep. Significantly, attempt it!

Mid – Orianna

  • Orianna is among the greatest champions with regards to crew targeted gameplay the place she will be able to thrive as she at all times traditionally has together with her scaling, AoE harm and utility. She has been pretty quiet for the previous few seasons however people who know find out how to carry out on her effectively sufficient have nonetheless been having numerous success.
  • The adjustments coming on this patch are going to learn scaling mages tremendously and because the sport leans in the direction of prolonged fights and teamplay quite than simply who bursts who first, she’s positively going to make an enormous comeback.

Backside – Karthus

  • Excessive elo gamers have been abusing Karthus bot for almost all of this season and in the event you can pull it off, it’s already unbelievably sturdy.
  • Karthus is a scaling powerhouse that simply will get higher as the sport progresses together with his insane constant harm output and there’s not many video games an excellent Karthus participant gained’t high these harm charts.
  • With fights being drawn out longer this patch, teamfights occurring extra usually, longer video games normally and fewer burst harm to take away him from play, Karthus goes to simply be one of many strongest champions within the sport in the event you can play him effectively sufficient.

Assist – Bard

  • Bard is among the greatest helps in excessive elo already with the sheer quantity of utility and outplay potential that this man provides when being performed by one of the best of one of the best.
  • His limits are countless and his talent expression is thru the roof already however with these adjustments, nerfing shields and heals, leaning in the direction of longer fights and fewer burst harm, his utility might be much more impactful.
  • Bard’s package can permit him to utterly determined fights and even video games if you should use it appropriately and because the sport and meta adjustments with these updates, Bard might simply be a pivotal choose in any draft.

Format and Methodology

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Our problem scores deal with how lengthy it might take to begin seeing a champion’s energy degree on our record when it comes to the variety of video games invested.

Let’s say you’re debating between studying and climbing with Jax (A-tier | Easy) or Rengar (A-tier | Extreme) – you’re going to need to go along with Jax. Why? It is because Jax has a decrease talent ground and would require much less video games to play at an A-Tier degree in solo queue. If you happen to tried to select up Rengar, you wouldn’t get the complete worth of A-tier till after about 15 matches of observe whereas with Jax, you’ll get that full 15 each time you play him.

One other instance could be between Nidalee (S-tier | Intense) vs Xin Zhao (B-Tier | Easy). Let’s say you’re about to play your final match earlier than promos and also you get auto-filled to Jungle (a task you’re not too accustomed to). Regardless that he’s decrease on the record, you’d be higher off selecting Xin since you don’t have the required variety of video games to interrupt the talent ground of Nidalee.

Larger talent ground champions will scale higher with time funding – Extreme champs will outperform Easy champs in the long term as a result of Easy champs typically have their weaknesses uncovered the upper you climb.

So in case your query is, “How lengthy till I’ll begin seeing outcomes?”, the reply could be more durable = longer time, simpler = shorter time. In case your query is. “Will this champion nonetheless be sturdy as I climb in ranks?”, the reply could be more durable = moreso, simpler = much less so.

Disclaimer #1: If a champion isn’t on our Tier Listing, it doesn’t essentially imply that you may’t climb with them. You’ll simply should put in additional effort to get comparable outcomes as our Optimum, Nice, and Good decisions for climbing.

Disclaimer #2: This record is supposed to guage the champions that we imagine are greatest for climbing Solo Queue. Though there can definitely be some overlap, we’re NOT seeking to title the champions which can be one of the best in pro-play or organized, aggressive 5 on 5. This is the reason champs that require a ton of crew coordination akin to Ryze, will not be included or ranked extremely.

As at all times, we welcome all dialogue and suggestions. In case you have any questions on picks that we didn’t develop on or want to tell us how you are feeling about Patch 12.10 and our predictions normally, be part of us in our Discord! If you happen to’re questioning how we make our tier record, try our video rationalization.

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