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Upnow Lyrics

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In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the lyrics of the song “Upnow.” DD Osama, the talented artist, brings us a catchy and energetic track that has gained popularity. Let’s delve into the lyrics and explore the different themes and expressions used by DD Osama.

Fame and Success

DD Osama starts the song by confidently asserting, “Now that I’m up, I can say that I’m famous.” The lyrics depict his rise to fame and the privileges that come with it. The mention of hitting the “yams” during vacations suggests indulging in luxury and enjoying the fruits of his hard work.

Affection and Generosity

DD Osama emphasizes his loyalty to his loved ones, mentioning how he flies out his friends when he loves them. The lyrics also include a reference to a stripper who admires how he celebrates her through his actions.

Confidence and Stardom

The artist compares himself to a superstar, feeling invincible and successful. DD Osama’s self-assuredness shines through as he questions anyone who doubts his superstar status. In the club, he feels like he’s in a different dimension, just like in “The Matrix.”

Party Atmosphere

The lyrics highlight the lively atmosphere in the club, with women dancing and shaking their bodies. DD Osama encourages them to keep the energy high and showcases his signature dance moves that captivate those around him.

Relationships and Desires

DD Osama expresses his romantic side through the lyrics, mentioning a partner who makes him feel nervous but also excited. He hints at the possibility of buying her a luxury Birkin bag. The lyrics convey his dedication and the effort he puts into his relationships.

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Unapologetic Confidence

The artist asserts his confidence and uniqueness, stating that he does everything the best. DD Osama refers to his fashion sense, tattoos, and his ability to satisfy his partner’s desires. The lyrics exhibit his boldness and the pride he takes in his individuality.

Luxurious Lifestyle

DD Osama portrays a lavish lifestyle, with mentions of expensive jewelry, such as Aviani Diamonds. He describes himself as a trendsetter and expresses his satisfaction when his partner appreciates his affectionate gestures.

Self-Perception and Success

DD Osama compares himself to the renowned rapper “Baby” and feels like he’s on top of the world. The lyrics suggest that he has achieved financial success and enjoys the perks that come with it.

Empowerment and Celebration

The song celebrates women who possess strength and confidence. DD Osama acknowledges the presence of his “bad bitches” and the loyal gangster friends who support him. He invites everyone to join him in dancing to his signature moves.

Triumph and Determination

DD Osama reflects on his journey to success, acknowledging that it hasn’t been easy. He mentions overcoming obstacles and the doubters who didn’t believe in his potential. The lyrics express his perseverance and drive to succeed.


“Upnow” by DD Osama is a vibrant and uplifting song that showcases the artist’s charisma and talent. The lyrics reflect his journey to fame, his relationships, and his unapologetic confidence. Through his music, DD Osama invites us to join him in celebrating success and embracing our individuality.

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