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“Renting Wombs: The Series Everyone is Watching”

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Netflix has recently captured the attention of viewers with its top-ranked series, “Renting Wombs.” This Mexican telenovela delves into the controversial topic of women who rent out their wombs to carry children for others. With its intriguing storyline, this series sheds light on the complex issue of surrogacy, making it a popular choice on the streaming platform.

Directed by Aída Guajardo, “Renting Wombs” consists of 24 episodes starring Shaní Lozano as Yeni, a young woman from an impoverished background who is forced to rent her womb to a wealthy family. Her ultimate goal is to save her father from prison and seek justice.

The series sheds light on a hidden yet prevalent reality in Mexico, where young women, especially those from poor and indigenous communities, rent out their wombs to affluent families in exchange for financial gain. The telenovela incorporates elements of psychological thriller, exploring the complicity of the state and corruption within the storyline.

In Argentina, surrogacy is not regulated by law. In “Renting Wombs,” a wealthy couple, Carlos and Julia, played by Luis Ernesto Franco and Marcela Guirado, desperately search for a woman to carry their child in exchange for a substantial sum of money.

Yeni, the young protagonist, reluctantly agrees to the deal. However, after giving birth, she wakes up in a hospital, where she is handed a baby with a physical disability. Years later, she discovers that the family has been hiding a significant secret and that everything she experienced during her pregnancy was not what it seemed, as revealed in the synopsis of “Renting Wombs.”

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To complicate matters further, Carlos is under pressure from his powerful family. Nora Huizar, portrayed by Leticia Calderón, serves as the malevolent matriarch and leader of a pharmaceutical company. Dark revelations unfold as the series progresses.

Surrogacy involves a person willingly choosing to carry a pregnancy and fulfill the desires or needs of those who will assume responsibility for raising the baby. How does surrogacy function in Argentina?

Fernanda Borche, an Argentine actress who is part of the cast of “Renting Wombs,” recently expressed her thoughts on the topic. She stated, “Surrogacy is not a widely discussed topic in our society, but it definitely exists. I believe that this project aims to shed light on it.”

Borche continued, “In Europe and the United States, surrogacy is legal, and there is much more information available. In our Latin American society, everything is quite confusing, and it’s challenging to form an opinion. The unregulated nature of surrogacy creates fertile ground for misinformation and abuse of power.”

In Argentina, an increasing number of couples and individuals who are unable or choose not to carry or complete a pregnancy are turning to surrogacy. Celebrities like Marley and Florencia de la V serve as prominent examples.

Although there is no specific law prohibiting or legalizing surrogacy in Argentina, there is a barrier. According to Article 562 of the Civil Code, the person who gives birth is legally recognized as the mother. Therefore, individuals who wish to pursue surrogacy must initiate a legal process.

In the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA), there is a collective protection order allowing babies to be registered under their intended parents’ names, provided that a surrogacy contract and clinic consent are obtained. However, outside of CABA, a judicial ruling is required.

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Beyond the pending legislation regarding surrogacy for pregnant individuals in Argentina, “Renting Wombs” has brought attention to the dark reality of exploiting poor women in Mexico who rent out their wombs for financial gain. How will this fiction series continue to impact the Netflix Top 10?

Cast of “Renting Wombs”

  • Shaní Lozano
  • Luis Ernesto Franco
  • Leticia Calderón
  • Marcela Guirado
  • Camila Selser
  • Alejandro de la Madrid
  • Emanuel Orendain

Trailer of “Renting Wombs”


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