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These Are the Top 24 Must-Watch Lesbian Web Series

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There’s an abundance of captivating web series created by, for, and about queer women worldwide. Below, we’ve listed 24 of the absolute best, including some hidden gems and newer releases that you might have missed. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey into the world of lesbian web series!

30 30

This brand-new sitcom, set in Las Vegas, revolves around two best friends who embark on an exciting journey of living together. Although they identify as lesbians, their relationship remains strictly platonic. With a hilarious cast, this original series from LGBTQ streaming platform Revry guarantees to keep you entertained.


From Brazil comes “Septo,” a hit show that delves deep into a unique love story. Jessica, a promising triathlete, has dedicated her entire life to training for the Olympics. However, when she encounters a mysterious and confident surf instructor, she realizes her life feels suffocatingly predictable. Brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster! “Septo” is another fantastic original series from Revry.

Lovers & Friends L.A.

Follow the lives of a group of friends in Los Angeles as they struggle to make it in the city of dreams, facing challenges ranging from career aspirations to homelessness. This series offers a poignant glimpse into the raw reality of life in the bustling city.

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Brown Girls

“Brown Girls,” similar to the web wonder “High Maintenance,” has gained such popularity that it was eventually picked up by HBO. Set in Chicago, this delightful series perfectly combines comedy, seriousness, and the awkwardness of real life.


Join the adventures of a young woman who faces enormous challenges while maintaining an unwavering sense of hope. Dealing with borderline personality disorder, she navigates life with incredible resilience and showcases the power of the human spirit. This remarkable series features a soulful musical score that touches the heart.

Riley Parra

Witness the journey of a rookie detective who finds herself entangled in a battle between good and evil within her corrupt police department. Little does she know, her actions will have a far-reaching impact beyond what she could have ever imagined.

Gayborhood Dallas

Straight from the Lone Star State, “Gayborhood Dallas” brings action-packed storytelling and a sense of style. Discover why Dallas has become a thriving gay Mecca through the eyes of this captivating series.

Girl Seeks Girl

Prepare yourself for laughter with this edgy and super-hot soap opera filmed in Madrid. “Girl Seeks Girl” has earned its place as one of the most successful lesbian web series worldwide.

Pot Luck

Billing itself as New Zealand’s first lesbian web series, “Pot Luck” revolves around three friends who gather for interesting pot luck suppers while discussing their lives and loves. Join the gang and find out what delicious surprises await!

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Between Women

Step into the lives of a circle of queer women friends based in Atlanta. “Between Women” offers a captivating glimpse into their stories and experiences, highlighting the strength and diversity of their bonds.

Cowgirl Up

Meet three female friends who position themselves as “the good, the bad, and the pretty.” This comedic series will lasso you with its charm and humor.

The Peculiar Kind

In this unscripted series, real women discuss various interesting topics, shedding light on the lives of queer women in America. Brace yourself for eye-opening perspectives and valuable insights.

Notas Aparte

When art history tutoring takes an unexpected turn, the lives of these girls will never be the same again. Filmed in Spain, “Notas Aparte” guarantees a thrilling and transformative journey.

Into Girls

This unconventional web series tackles essential questions within queer life through the eyes of inexperienced women. Explore topics like deciphering whether a particular outing is a date or not. “Into Girls” has made waves and become a fan favorite.


Challenging stereotypes with wit and humor, this Italian web series boasts a loyal following. Get ready for a delightful and thought-provoking experience.

Her Story

“Her Story” has become one of the most renowned lesbian web series, presenting a fun and authentic exploration of the dating lives of trans and queer women. Prepare to be captivated by its realness and relatability.

BAES Welcome

Embark on an intimate journey into the lives of two lesbian filmmakers as they struggle to make it in Los Angeles. This series offers an insider’s perspective, complete with some remarkable musical sequences.

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Producing Juliet

Welcome to the world of theater, where lovelorn playwright Juliet and her unconventional producer navigate the complexities of messy relationships. Get ready for a captivating and entertaining ride.

The Other Love Story

From India comes a heartwarming tale of two women in love and the challenges they face within their traditional families. Experience the breathtaking music and sensational style that make this series shine.

Boxed In

“Boxed In” delves into the complexities of identity, exploring whether we confine ourselves within strict labels or strive to break free from societal expectations. Prepare for thought-provoking observations about how we define ourselves, right down to what we wear.

The Newtown Girls

This Australian dramedy follows the absolute determination to find true love coupled with the struggles of never-ending indecision. Brace yourself for an energy-filled series that exudes great charm.

K & A

Set in Boston, this comedy revolves around two dysfunctional, codependent, drug-addicted young drunks—one gay, one straight. As they navigate their own colorful lives, they yearn for real love but remain intertwined in a tight friendship. Prepare for an entertaining and heartfelt journey.

3 Way

These glamorous girls wish their lives were different from the way they’ve become. This enticing series explores the trials and tribulations of their captivating world.

Anne & Lena

Indulge in this Dutch web series that has garnered a large following, partly due to showcasing its cast on various bikes and scooters. Brace yourself for a unique and visually stunning experience.

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This article was last modified on November 25, 2019.

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