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60 Wedding Wishes For Son & Daughter-In-Law |Truly Experiences

by Moon
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Wedding wishes for son and daughter in law

It’s always a cause for celebration when your family has the pleasure of welcoming a new daughter into the fold and you can’t wait to write a wedding wishes for your son and daughter-In-Law. Whether you want to send them something religious, something short and sweet, or something that recalls memories of good times, you’ll find the perfect wedding wish for your son and daughter-in-law here!

Short and Sweet Wedding Wishes for Your Son and Daughter-In-Law

May you both be blessed with love and an abundance of all you need, for all the days of your lives.

Congratulations dear ones, on joining your hearts and lives together.

What a blessing to welcome such a loving addition to our family. Congratulations you two!

Dear son and daughter-in-law, I hope that the years you share will be filled with lasting joy.

May your love always be a source of comfort to you both. Wishing you both a beautiful wedding.

Wishing you happiness and love on your wedding day dear children.

Today is the first day of your new lives together. I trust it will be both joyous and peaceful. Much love.

What a beautiful blushing bride our son has wed, we wish you all the best and a world of joy ahead.

Congratulations on your wedding! May your forever-after be filled with nothing but joy.

May your future together stay bright, and in reach, and your love for each other remain continuous.

I hope you both will always keep alive the vows you have pledged today. Congratulations, little loves.

As you build your life together, remember that we are here for you both. Best wishes and love!

May you both be rewarded with harmony and a happy family life, never knowing strife.

Congratulations on your marriage – I couldn’t be prouder of you, my boy and new daughter.

Today is the best day yet – for it is the start of your new adventure. May the love you share continue to grow.

Welcome to our wonderful new daughter-in-law. We are so blessed by you two. All our love.

Step by step you found your way to each other and today that culminates in a celebration of joy. Congrats!

Darling son and daughter-in-law, may you be richly rewarded by the love you share.

Today not only have I seen my son wed, but I have a new daughter who I adore. Thank you both!

Religious Wedding Wishes for Your Son and Daughter-In-Law

Religious Wedding Wishes for Your Son and Daughter In Law

May the Lord on High bless you both with love and abundance. May our dear son and daughter-in-law never need to strive or go through terrible hardships, for with the Lord beside them, none may stand against them.

As you are joined together in holy matrimony, we ask that God stay beside you and remain in your hearts. May you always be pleasing to him in both your actions and your words. As you dwell together in perfect faith and love, we trust that you will draw ever closer to Him.

As God has stated in I John 4:18, there is no fear at all in love, for a perfect love will cast out any fear, so too I hope you are blessed to have a marriage that is both loving, and fearless. Congratulations, my darling, on your wedding day.

Congratulations to you both; may you have a world of joy and meet every challenge that comes your way with bravery, and prayer. For nothing is so great, that the good Lord will not prevail, so call on him in your hour of need for He will never fail.

What God has brought together in perfect harmony and love, may no one tear apart. Congratulations!

Dear son and daughter-in-law, we ask that God grant you the blessing of eternal life. May you walk with Him all the days of your lives and receive His ultimate gift upon passing from the face of the earth: to join Him in heaven one day.

May the Lord watch over and keep you both. May you continue to bless Him in all you do. May he reward your faithfulness by providing precisely what it is you need – even if you don’t realise it at the time.

Dear children, may the good Lord watch over you both, as you join hands and hearts today. May your knowledge and peace grow with each passing year, and may you always receive God’s blessings in your lives, today and forever more.

Happy Memories Wedding Wishes for Your Son and Daughter-In-Law

Dear son, it seems like you have grown into a man who is now wed in the blink of an eye. Congratulations on your wedding day. May you always cherish your incredible bride.

To our son and daughter-in-law, congratulations! It seems that our little boy has grown up far too fast, but we couldn’t be happier with the man he is today. From helping injured creatures, and falling off his bike, to finding and wooing the most amazing girl who is now part of our home and hearts, we cherish each day and the blessings they bring.

Wishing our son and daughter-in-law the most wonderful wedding day. We wish both of you a lifetime of happy memories – as we have had the gift of making them with our little boy and can’t wait to make many more with the two of you side by side.

It seems like just yesterday that our little boy was splashing in the river, digging in sand pits, racing off on mountain hikes, and learning to read. Now, he has become well-versed in being a generous, kind man, who has won the affection, admiration, and love of an incredible young woman. Congratulations!

To our son and daughter-in-law, may you both make happy memories together, as you share this path that life has gifted you.

From a crying baby to a young man filled with fire, and finally, as a young adult who is ready to tackle the world on his own terms. My son, how you have grown and made us proud!

Dear son, our memories of you will always have you as an earnest little lad who couldn’t wait for dessert after supper and always wanted one last romp around the house before sleep. We couldn’t be happier that you have found a partner to share your dreams and hopes with.

To our son, we can’t believe that our messy little man, who would sit for hours doing puzzles, has stood up and found a beautiful bride to stay beside you and support you in all you do. We hope that in turn, you will also support her in her endeavours. Our deepest congratulations to you both.

Heartfelt Wedding Wishes for Your Son and Daughter-In-Law

I wish you all the happiness and joy as you are joined together as husband and wife. May your marriage be successful, as you support each other in all you do.

It’s a little overwhelming to see you get married today – but we couldn’t be more pleased to see that you’re wedding the woman of your dreams. All our love and support, always.

My heart is full of love at welcoming a new addition to our family. I couldn’t be prouder watching you both together, treating each other with respect, kindness, and compassion. May this always be so.

Congratulations on the start of a blissful new adventure my dear son and daughter-in-law. May you spend your whole lives enjoying each other’s company and wanting for nought.

I cannot believe how incredibly proud I am of you today, son, as you wed the most incredible woman. We cannot wait to welcome her into our family.

To two of the most phenomenal young people I know, congratulations! We absolutely adore you both and hope the foundation of love and trust that you’ve built holds firm through all the years to come. Our love and blessings to you.

I hope that as you stand before each other today, you realise precisely how precious and fragile marriage is. It does not depend on daily gifts but rather, constant acts of kindness, as you choose each other each and every day forwards, from here on out.

As you and your beautiful new bride embark on a new chapter of your lives, always remember that I am here for you. To house sit if you go on holiday, to cook up batches of food if you’re ill. I’ll always be there for both of you as I love you both still.

Our heartiest congratulations to you both, dear son and daughter-in-law. May you have a friendship that withstands all obstacles in its way, with a love that never fades.

To our darling son and new daughter, we wish you both the best of all things. We hope that you will always turn to us when things get tough and know that we are there for you.

Joy At Having A Daughter-In-Law

To our son and daughter-in-law, we couldn’t be happier for you both today. Our joy is doubled at not only seeing our son married but because we are gaining a beautiful new daughter too. Many blessings for your wedding day and your life together.

Dear son and daughter-in-law, what a magical day it is today. We want you both to know how happy we are that you two found each other and feel so blessed that we are gaining such a kind and caring daughter.

We couldn’t dream of anything more wonderful than seeing the two of you binding your hearts together and walking side by side through life. We are so thankful that we now not only have a wonderful son but a gracious daughter now too. All our love on your wedding day.

Dear son, you have always been the sun in our lives, a ball of light and happiness which you’ve generously shared with all. Today, we are thrilled that you’re marrying your equal partner – your moon – as she will help to ground you and share her patient kindness and gentle beauty with you, and with us too.

Dear daughter-in-law, the love you’ve shared with us has made you feel as though you’ve always been a part of this family – we couldn’t be more pleased that it’s official! May our son always be in your corner, and may you always bless him with your honesty and love.

To our son, thank you for giving us the gift of a loving daughter-in-law. May she always find in you a partner worthy of protecting, loving, comforting, and sharing all the ups and downs life brings. May you always work at life goals side by side, striving for the same outcomes. Congratulations to you both.

While today is your wedding day, dear children, we want to say how blessed we feel to have such a kind, generous new daughter added to our family. She quietly slipped into our hearts and we couldn’t be more ecstatic that you’re officially joining hands, and hearts, as husband and wife. May you always be blessed with an abundance of love from those around you who care.

Simple Wedding Wishes for Your Son and Daughter-In-Law

As you join hands today in marriage, I wish you both well. Please remember that you always will have a home with us if you’re ever in need.

Standing as a witness today, for the two of you, I can say I’ve never seen my son so exceptionally happy. I am thrilled that I’ve gained such a wonderful daughter-in-law.

We absolutely adore and love you both. This special day will remain one of the most memorable celebrations for years to come – take in every moment!

Dear son and daughter-in-law, we hope that you both will remain levelheaded, kind-hearted, and honest in your marriage. With good communication in place, we know that you’ll never go wrong. All our love.

We cannot wait to welcome our new daughter into the fold. We hope that it won’t be long before the children come (after all, we’re getting old!). We wish you every blessing, and every joyous thing, our hearts are filled with happiness now you’ve exchanged your wedding rings.

May your house become a home, your shared love a blanket that you can draw over you in good and bad times. May your sorrows be few and your joys many. Wishing the happiest wedding day to our son and wonderful daughter-in-law.

Today is not about us, but in a way it is. After all, we got you to this point, and now you leave us on outspread wings. To take your place beside your bride (she’s our new daughter, too) as you build her a new life and we bid farewell to you. Just know that if you ever need a helping hand or two, we’ll cross the world to meet again, to help the two of you.

Being a part of your special day has made me so happy. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be with you both, and see my wonderful son stand next to the girl he adores. May you both be forever blessed with love and prosperity.

To the happiest couple we know, congratulations! Seeing our little boy so happy with the girl he loves, means the world to us.

Dear son and daughter-in-law, we hope your life together is one filled with meandering pathways that lead to beautiful views. With few thundershowers and plenty of flower-filled summers.

Dear daughter-in-law and son, we hope you remember that while life isn’t always smooth, it’s easier to traverse with the one you love beside you. Congratulations on making your love official.

As day turns to night, and dark to light, may you two always be the beacon guiding the other home. May your love be a haven out of the rainstorms, where gentle arms await to gather you close and whisper: I love you no matter what.

There’s nothing more special than having a son marry the woman he loves, and it’s a double blessing if you are adored by her in return. A daughter-in-law will bless a household with a gentle disposition, as she gathers close to you and shares the many joys and sorrows life brings.

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