6 Destructive Carrot Pests To Look Out For (& How To Stop Them)

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Carrot with cutworm eating it

For those who’ve by no means had a carrot recent from the backyard, you actually don’t know what you’re lacking!

The sweetness and crunch of a recent carrot can’t be beat, and after they are available so many enjoyable colours, it’s no surprise this backyard veggie is a favourite.

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Carrots growing in the garden

Carrots are fairly straightforward to develop and might be grown efficiently in virtually any yard backyard. Some folks even develop them in planters on patios and balconies.

The issue is that carrots might be decimated by a lot of insect pests. A few of these pests assault the leaf, and a few eat the foundation, however both method, these downside pests could possibly be the tip of your carrot crop if you happen to don’t take the time to stop and deal with them.

4 Methods to Forestall Carrot Pests

1. Until within the Fall

Man tilling garden

Quite a lot of the insect pests that assault carrots lay their eggs or go dormant within the soil over the winter, then assault when spring and summer time hit. With a purpose to keep away from this, it pays to spend a while cleansing up your backyard within the fall and eliminating as a lot of them as you’ll be able to.

When it’s time to place the backyard to mattress, make time to wash out all spent vegetation from the backyard and put them within the compost pile. Until the soil and depart it open for native wildlife to eat the pests and their eggs. Birds and small rodents might be joyful for the deal with, and so they’ll enable you stop pest points within the spring.

If in case you have chickens, geese, or guinea hens, that is the right time to allow them to into the backyard to allow them to feast on the pests and weed seeds within the soil.

2. Put in Vegetation that Draw Useful Bugs

Not all bugs are dangerous, actually, a lot of them are fantastic in your backyard as a result of they eat harmful bugs. Bugs like ladybugs, lacewings, and parasitic wasps are nice deterrents for different pests that may eat your carrot crop. They’re drawn to gardens which can be filled with flowers, as they not solely eat pest bugs, they feast on nectar too.

Draw these bugs to your backyard naturally by planting the next:

Dill flower with a hoverfly on it
  • Buckwheat
  • Sunflower
  • Yarrow
  • Dill
  • Black-eyed Susans
  • Cosmos
  • Marigold
  • Coneflower/ Echinacea
  • Mint
  • Borage
  • Chamomile
  • Nasturtiums

Be aware: Don’t purchase bugs and launch them into your backyard. It could appear to be a simple repair for a pest downside, however can result in different issues. Quite a lot of the bugs you should buy on-line are usually not native to your area, and introducing them to your backyard and surrounding habitat might be harmful in your native ecosystem. It’s higher to concentrate on drawing the useful bugs already residing in your space to your backyard.

3. Insert Floating Row Covers

Generally one of the best ways to stop pests from consuming your carrots is to bodily maintain them out of your backyard. Row covers are an effective way to maintain house between your valuable vegetation and bug pests.

Floating row covers in a garden

Floating row covers are often made with wire hoops and light-weight material or plastic that’s loosely draped over your crops. For those who put row cowl in, make sure that it’s secured all the way in which right down to the soil, as many carrot pests assault from the bottom.

Ensure you depart greens that require pollination by way of bugs uncovered.

4. Observe Companion Planting

Companion planting is likely one of the finest methods to naturally and organically defend your crops towards pests and illness.

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Planting carrots with fragrant crops may also help to stop pests as a result of a lot of them search out the carrots by means of their sense of scent, just like the carrot fly.

Carrots and onions laying on top of the dirt

Plant these crops with carrots:

  • Mint – beware mint can unfold like weeds, however Cheryl reveals you how you can develop mint so it received’t take over.
  • Onion
  • Leeks
  • Parsley
  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Chives
  • Nasturtiums

Frequent Carrot Pests

So now we all know how you can stop carrot pests from turning into an issue, however what if you have already got an infestation?

Step one is figuring out which pest is attacking your crop, then you’ll be able to kind a focused assault towards them.

There are a selection of insect pests that particularly goal carrots and different root greens. Take a look at the listing under to see what could also be attacking your crop.

1. Cutworms

A cutworm curled into a ball

Cutworms are a quite common backyard pest and may assault all kinds of greens. These worms roll right into a C form when bothered and may are available all kinds of colours, from inexperienced to brown, to black or grey.

Cutworms assault by feeding on the stem, which cuts the plant on the soil floor, killing it.

For those who suspect cutworms are attacking your carrots, search for them within the afternoon and night. Run your gloved arms alongside the soil round your carrots, if any cutworms are current, they’ll roll into a decent ‘C’ form and you’ll simply eliminate them in soapy water.

Eradicating all weeds within the backyard and feeding your vegetation with compost as an alternative of manure can even assist to maintain cutworms at bay. If in case you have a serious infestation, you can even place collars round your carrot vegetation utilizing foil or cardboard to stop future assaults.

2. Aphids

Aphids are likely to assault tender younger carrot vegetation and are significantly dangerous as a result of not solely can they kill your carrots by consuming them, they will transmit illnesses to your crop too.

Carrots covered in aphids

Aphids are comparatively straightforward to manage by spraying them off the plant with a jet of water. It’s possible you’ll have to repeat this a number of occasions to get them to maneuver on, but it surely does work effectively. In case your carrots are critically infested with aphids, or water isn’t deterring them, you’ll be able to spray gently with neem oil, and spray the soil surrounding the plant too.

3. Carrot Rust Fly

The carrot rust fly is likely one of the greatest risks to your carrot crop, as they’re a widespread downside and may trigger huge harm. The grownup fly isn’t a difficulty in your carrots, however the larva of this fly like to tunnel into carrots, leaving a rust-colored gap. These bugs additionally goal celery, celeriac, parsnips, and parsley.

Carrot rust flies can assault within the spring and within the fall, making not solely your weak younger carrots inclined however your absolutely grown carrots as effectively.

One efficient method to determine in case your carrots are being attacked by the rust fly is to position yellow sticky traps on the soil degree within the early spring. Verify them weekly and if you happen to see grownup rust flies on the playing cards, it’s time to behave. One other straightforward technique to kill carrot rust fly is to make use of neem oil.

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To stop them from attacking your crops you should use row covers or obstacles. Floating row covers are the most effective methods to stop assaults.

It’s additionally good to observe crop rotation in addition to companion planting to maintain this pest at bay.

4. Carrot Weevils

Carrot weevils are beetles that like to eat carrots, celery, and parsley. The adults eat the carrot leaves and lay eggs within the roots, the place their larva eat their method by means of the tuber, ruining the crop.

It’s essential to observe crop rotation to maintain carrot weevils from turning into an issue as a result of they overwinter within the soil after which assault once more the subsequent 12 months.

Larva of a carrot weevil

For those who’re battling carrot weevils, you’ll be able to set traps to catch the larva after which eliminate them. Put a reduce carrot within the backside of a jar, then poke holes right into a paper cup and place this within the prime of the jar. Bury the jar close to your carrot crop so the highest of the paper cup is on the soil degree. Verify the lure each day and kill any pests inside with soapy water.

You can too spray the larva with neem oil to kill them off.

5. Wireworms

Wireworms are well-known for destroying their fair proportion of backyard vegetation. They tunnel into the stems and roots of vegetation, consuming them from the within out. Sadly, these pests love consuming carrots, and even worse, they will stay within the soil for as much as 5 years, wreaking havoc 12 months after 12 months.

Carrot with wireworms eating it.

Rotating your carrot crop yearly will assist reduce down on issues with wireworms.

You can too set a lure to kill these worms, and you are able to do so with carrots! Stick a totally grown carrot into the soil (you should use one from the grocery store) putting them each 2 ft. Each few days, pull up the carrot, scrape the worms off right into a cup of soapy water, and put the carrot again into the soil. Preserve repeating this course of till you don’t have any extra troubles with wireworms.

Set board traps for wireworms and slugs

Board traps are straightforward, low-cost, and efficient technique to eliminate a lot of backyard pests. They work effectively to seize wireworms and in addition work effectively for slugs. Whereas slugs aren’t a giant risk to carrots, they are going to decimate many different vegetation in your vegetable backyard, so eliminating them if you discover them is vital. This course of lets you kill two bugs with one board.

To set board traps merely lay down picket boards (any measurement) in between your plant rows within the night. The following morning choose up the boards and if any wireworms or different pests are connected to them, pluck them off and both relocate them or simply eliminate them by placing them in a cup crammed with soapy water.

6. Celery worms/ Carrot caterpillar

This caterpillar is the larva of the black swallowtail butterfly and generally eats celery, carrot tops, and parsley tops. Butterflies are fantastic pollinators in your backyard, and whilst you do need them to go to of their mature state, you don’t need them consuming all of your crops of their larval stage. The easiest way to cope with carrot caterpillars is to handpick them and relocate them to someplace apart from your vegetable backyard.

Larva of an Eastern Black Swallowtail butterfly on a carrot fronds

Whereas the listing of pests that may assault your carrot crop is virtually infinite, those lined listed here are the probably you’ll cope with. Now that you’ve got the instruments and information you want, you’ll be able to eliminate your carrot pests this week.

Large harvest of carrots from the garden.

Bear in mind, if you happen to’re having bother with pests this 12 months, be sure to not solely deal with the pests however work to stop them from coming again subsequent 12 months too. That method, yearly’s carrot crop will simply get higher and higher.

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